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Me:OK ok..I do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT..own Naruto!

Gaara:That's a good girl.

Me:-Whacks Gaara on the head-

Sasuke:I didn't see that.Hit him again-evil smirk-

Me:...I DON'T OWN NARUTO OK!-sniffles-

Recall:"W-what are you doing"Gaara said with his eye twitching.Sakura sat on his leg as they were both on the ground.

"I do not know anymore.."she said with a smile.Gaara didn't understand anything.Yet..he sat there with her until they both started to fall asleep..until..


"KYA!"Sakura now wrapped her arms around Gaara's neck and he wrapped his onto her waist.

"'s ok..I'm here"He said whispering to her ear.

End of My Dream

Sakura placed her head on Gaara's shoulder.She stared at him staring back at her.

Gaara got out from under the table and took Sakura out also.

"Gaara?what's wron-"Sakura got interrupted when Gaara's lips pressed onto hers.Sakura placed her hands on his arms.She pulled away from him.

"Gaara?what are you doi-"Gaara kissed her again.

"I'm kissing you.."He said in a whisper.Sakura felt stupid.Of course he was kissing her.Her cheeks turned red." don't want me to?"Gaara said taking a step back.Sakura took one towards him.

"I never said that!I mean..I.."Sakura looked down to the floor.Gaara smirked and blew out the candle.Sakura started to freeze.

'...ok...Why did he turn off the candle...' Sakura thought.Gaara got the back of her neck and started to kiss her with more passion.

Sakura froze.Then she kissed him back.She let Gaara's tounge pass through.

With The rest

"...Soooooooooo...Where's Gaara?"Temari said hugging her pillow.

"Where's Sakura.."Sasuke said in a big brother way.Shinjite laughed.

"You think she's gonna get laid or something!"Shinjite said laughing.

Sasuke's eyes got wide.

"Whoa...Sauske I was just jok-"Shinjite got cut off when Sasuke shot up from his spot and ran through thr rooms.".-ing..."Shinjite smriked.

"He's out of control"Neji said with his eyes closed.Ten Ten scoffed.

"That was you,when you thought Naruto did something.."Ten Ten said poking Neji.

"True Neji"Naruto said.Neji glared at him.

"Where is she.."Sasuke said running down as he looked from side to side.

"Have you looked in the-"Temari got cut off by Ten Ten's hand.

"Shhhhhh"Ten Ten said.Sasuke walked to Ten Ten and removed her hand...

"Where"Sasuke said in a psycho voice.

"She...she said she was gonna get coffee-"Temari started to squeeze her pillow.

Sasuke ran into the kitchen.

"WAY TO GO TEMARI!"Ten Ten said whacking her with her pillow.

Sakura and Gaara BEFORE sasuke came

"Gaara.."Sakura said her voice thick with lust.

"Hm"Gaara said kissing her neck.Gaara's hands travled all over her back.

"I...I lo-"Sakura felt some light flash on her face.She opened her eyes to..see a light flashed on her face.Gaara looked back and saw a figure standing there.

"IT'S THE EVIL GUYS!FROM THE HOUSE OF WAX!"Sakura shouted.Gaara sweatdropped.

"..If they were...where's the other guy.."Gaara said.Sakura tought for a moment...

"...Nevermind.."Sakura said.

"Gaara!"yelled the figure.

"Yes"Gaara said.

"How dare you take Sakura down to the road of perversness!"The figure yelled.

"...Perversness?This girl has been perverted since 5th grade."Gaara said in his normal voice.

"...Since 4th..."Sakura said smirking.

"WHAT HAPPENED!did she actually get lai-"Shinjite walked in with a candle.She revealed the figure!Sasuke.

"Sasuke..."Sakura said.Gaara was confused.He thought it was Neji.

"Sasuke thinks your his little sister"Shinjite whispered...actually said in a loud whisper.

"...Explains things.."Gaara said.

Shinjite whacked Sasuke on the head.

"Sasuke!what about if WE were kissing and interrupted!"Shinjite said.

"I would kill him"Sasuke said glaring at Neji.

"How do you think Gaara feels?"Shinjite said.Sasuke looked at the ground.

Shinjite placed a hat on Sasuke that said 'I'm a cute baka'Sasuke glared at her.

Then..Sakura noticed something..other than she was on the table with Gaara on her it wasn't that...

"The storm stopped!"Sakura said looking out the window.

"It did?"Gaara said standing up to look out the window.He looked at the clock."It's 3 AM"..

"I told my parents I was sleeping over!"everyone shouted.Gaara smirked.Sakura got off the table and stood next to Gaara.

The lights started to flicker as they turned on.

"The lgihts are back on!"Shinjite shouted.

Someone threw the door open.

"Kakashi-sensei?"Sakura,Naruto,and Sasuke said.

"WHO TOOK IT!"Kakasi yelled.

"Took...what..."everyone said looking at their scripts..

"MY BOOK!"he shouted.Everyone sweatdropped.Sasuke kicked Kakashi out.

"I'm sleepy..."Sakura said leaning on Gaara.

"Me too.."replied the girls.

Half of the guys were already asleep...including Gaara.Gaara sat on the ground and Sakura was next to him.Everyone who was awake stared to fall asleep...

Beep Beep Beep..

"Gaara wake up!"yelled Temari as Gaara was sleeping peacefully.Gaara groaned.Then he felt a huge amount of weight on his back(He was sleeping on his tummeh).Turns out Temari sat on his back.

"Oh...god..please help me not kill a family member.."Gaara mummbled do to his pillow suffocating him.Fun.

"Just wake up!Sakura will be here soon"Temari teased as she got off.Gaara sat up quickly and glared at his sister.

"...Fine.."Gaara got out of bed yawning.He turned to look at his clock and his eyes opened wide.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP EARLIER!IT'S 4:00 IN THE AFTERNOON!"Gaara said staring at the clock.He turned around to see he was yelling at air.Temari ran out the room.

Gaara ran out the door to accidently knock someone down.Sakura.

"S-Sakura!"Gaara was..confused.

"Ga-..Gaara.."Sakura said still on the floor.Her cheeks were pink and looked away.Gaara was confused.He looked down to see he was only in boxers.'..Oh..crap!'Gaara stared at Sakura and helped her up.

'Wait...didn't this happen? was a dream..that is now happening..'Gaara thought.He smirked.'Let's hope I get to kiss her...actually.I fell like it right now..'Gaara got down to the floor where Sakura was still sitting on.

"Gaara-"Sakura got cut off by his lips.

Temari saw this and she smirked.She walked down the stairs for a little privacy.

"Gaara"Sakura said with a blush.He smirked.She tackled him to the floor and started to kiss him.

"Hey Gaara.."Sakura said.

"Yeah"he said.

"You smell like Axe..."she said laughing.

Gaara chuckled.

"I"Sakura said looking at the floor.Gaara stared at her.

"So do I...since I met you..."Gaara said kissing her.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWW"Naruto,Hinata,and Temari said.Gaara and Sakura gave them glares.

"Gaara.."Temari said.."you need this.."she threw him a shirt..

"STUPID DOG!"Ten Ten yelled.Neji started to twitch."Whoa...we interrupted something.."Ten Ten said looking at Gaara in his boxers.Gaara turned pink.

"PARTY!"Temari shouted.Everyone headed down the staris...except...

"Gaara"Sakura said kissing him.Gaara thought of his dream when they were on the table.

"You want some coffee?"Gaara said.

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