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'Blah'-Inner Sakura



-Blah- things they do

(Author notes)


Gaara-Meaning Sakura

Sakura-Meaning Gaara.

Only The Beginning

Sakura woke up due to the sun shining on her face" great...mornings.."she muttered and threw the covers over her head. Only, she couldn't find her covers? Where are her fluffy covers? Her eyes shot open and saw a room filled with sunlight, and red walls.

"Ok..this..isn' room "she said slowly as she got up and her warm feet met with the cold ground and she got consciousness. That voice..that..isn't my voice!

"What's wrong with me!"Sakura heard her very male-like voice and ran to the mirror on the door..and..met..Gaara.

"Oh..hell no.."Gaara's eyes widened and he gently placed a hand on the mirror. Sakura or Gaara squeaked, " on so many levels!"

Then she missed something so much on her face, she missed her eyebrows..'You know..this guy is weird having no eyebrows..'Inner Sakura said.'Tell me about it...I wish I had my pink hair..I miss it..!WHY -..wait..if I'm in Gaara's body..then..that means Gaara is IN -'

With Gaara or "Sakura"

Gaara was wide awake..but what he didn't understand was that he was awake in his room, and now he is still awake..but in a really pink decorated room and somehow found himself on a pink bed decorated with yellow flowers.'...I think..due to not sleeping..I have came to the conclusion of hallucinating..' Gaara got up and placed his hand over his forehead to see if he was warm and he felt something... He ran to the mirror in the white dresser covered in stickers and met,Sakura.

"Oh..shit"Sakura stood still..' A little whiny voice?' she flinched at her own squeaky voice and Sakura heard footsteps. She turned to look over at the door to find..Gaara.

"What happened!"Gaara shouted at her.Sakura stared at him.

"Whoa.."She said eyeing him.

"WHAT!"Gaara yelled in frustration causing Sakura to flinch.

"Someone must of done this..."Sakura look down and found himself wearing a pink dress. I will kill myself now…

"What are we going to do-"Gaara got interrupted when Naruto came in the room.

"Hey Sakura-chan!...Gaara..why are you"Naruto said to Gaara in shock. Sakura ran to Gaara and grabbed his shoulders shaking him.

"I DO NOT CRY!" shouted Sakura pausing after every word as she shook him. Gaara stopped his tears and stared at Naruto.

"Why are you in my house!" yelled Gaara and Naruto's eyes widened and a smile was plastered on his face.

"It..worked.."Naruto started laughing."I CREATED A JUTSU SO YOU TWO CAN SWITCH BODIES!MUAHAHAHAHAHA!"Naruto said laughing his ass off.

Gaara and Sakura both gave Naruto a death glare.

"I shall kill you!" Sakura yelled with rage in a really feminine voice. Naruto stopped laughing, only to hear that squeaky threat made him laugh more.

"Dude! threats don't work with that voice!"Naruto said calming down as he placed his hands on his knees to support himself.

"What are you trying to say..Naruto.."said an agitated Gaara with a cold voice.

"..scary..well, Kakashi is telling us to go on a'Sakura' let's go.."Naruto said.

"Get me into my own body Naruto" said Sakura as she stepped closer to him and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"Ok ok..but..let's make this interesting.."Naruto said in a sly voice as he brushed away Sakura's hands from his collar. Sakura and Gaara payed close attention at his offer.

"If you two can stand to be in each other's bodies for 1 week..I will give you back your bodies.."Naruto said"..But if you can't..I will..get you back to normal BUT Gaara will have to wear pink for a whole year and Sakura will have to shave off her eyebrows…"he paused and Gaara's jaw dropped, "AND if you don't do THAT I'll just switch you all ovaaahhh again."


"DEAL!" Sakura and Gaara yelled.' I would rather shoot myself than to wear pink for a year…Oh Temari would never let me live it down…'the real Gaara thought.

'Good Job! you would look weird without eyebrows!'Inner Sakura thought 'I know...'thought the real Sakura.

"OK!now..erm..'Sakura' not..the real one..come on..we have to get a mission" Naruto said dragging Sakura with him.

'...I ..guess..I'll go to Gaara's home then.. 'The real Sakura thought.

20 minutes later.

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke waited on the bridge for their teacher. Sasuke leaned his back on the bridge with closed eyes while Sakura peered over the bridge to stare at the rushing water.

"Hey Sakura-"Naruto didn't get to finish that sentence.

"Leave me alone you nuisance" said Sakura in a harsh voice and continued to look at her reflection in the water. This is going to be one hell of a week… she thought and grimaced. Sasuke heard this and stared at her...'Sakura is acting..different.' he thought.

"But you never let me finis-"Naruto once again got interrupted.

"I said..leave me alone you annoying boy " said an irritated Sakura. Sasuke could only stare at her, this is odd…she's not annoying me he thought but shrugged his shoulders, she's still treating Naruto like crap-so nothing has really changed.

"Hello! Sorry I am late..I was helping this girl-"Kakashi was starting to explain but Naruto ran to him and pointed his finger at him.

"LIE!oh..wait…that could actually be true?"Naruto said lowering his accusing finger. Kakashi and Sasuke were confused..Sakura didn't yell at him?

With 'Gaara'

"Gaara..are you feeling well?"Temari said staring at her little brother, who was singing a song called "love and joy"by love hina.

"Why yes I am!...I mean.." Gaara cleared his throat and made it deeper "yes I not worry about me,Temari..worry about our brother..he has a life-size Barbie" he said .' I hope I sounded like him! I don't wanna mess up!..wait...Gaara...doesn't jok-'

"'joke' in a way?"Temari said astounded.

"No"Gaara said in a frigid voice.

"...but I just-"

"I did not! I will never..dammit-I AM SABAKU NO GAARA!I think you just heard things.."said Gaara. 'OK ok...that sounded just like him..I could get her off my back now..'.' Yeah..that sounded like him...I guess' inner Sakura said.

"Right...well..I'll just" Temari said freaked out, as she ran out the room.

"-sigh-Ok...I'm hungry..does Gaara ever feed himself.."Gaara said looking in the fridge, and saw some chicken!"..Yes..I am starving-"

"-Are you hungry Gaara?"Temari asked coming back in the kitchen. Gaara closed the fridge shut in an instant.

"No..of course not..I am SABAKU NO GAARA! I am never..never..hungry.." hesitated Gaara, a bit unsure of himself.

"..You know..I could always make you something..."Temari said confused. Gaara looked up.

"I suppose..I do feel a bit famished"said Gaara. Temari smiled and was going to make her little intimidating brother something to eat.

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