My Final Hour

I sense him. He's coming. I sigh and lean back. I have been waiting for him. Waiting for when he would become tired of this prolonged battle and seek me out. The two of us, raging our battle for the Shikon-no-Tama, the sacred Jewel of Four Souls…soon our fight would be over. The two hanyous that have fought for so long will soon never fight again.

I'm glad, I suppose. I've become tired of this fight. The fight between myself and that hanyou. The fight between us over Kikyo. He loves her, I'm sure, but not more then I do. He'll get her. He'll win this fight. I've accepted it. I'm going to die at long last, and there's nothing I can do to stop him.

Looking back, I'm not sure why I ever started this fight. All over that damned jewel. I'm not even sure it would have been worth it if I could have won the jewel now. Kagome keeps finding shards, and Kikyo gets what she cannot. I think all the shards have been found now. It's just me and him now, and the winner gets all the shards. But I won't win.

I've seen my death coming for a long time now. I look back and see the events that have all conspired to kill me, to end this poor hanyou's life. Kikyo's resurrection, the revival of the Shinchinintai, the countless battles we've raged. All leading up to this, my final hour.

I'm not afraid of him. I never have been, mostly because I've always been sure I'd kill him with ease. Then I noticed he was growing stronger, gaining more and more power. I saw him grow to become a mighty warrior. I always thought him disgusting, that he was just a pathetic hanyou who was only half the fighter I was. So surprising now, that the reverse should be true.

He's hear now. I'm about to die. And I'll go to my death with honor. After 5 years of collecting shards of the jewel, my path ends here today. Today, I'll be killed. The battle between the two hanyous will close today with my defeat.

The shoji before me is ripped apart with a blaze of youki energy, and I stand, ready to face my destiny. I'm almost proud of him, were I not his bitter rival. He's become strong enough to defeat me, stronger then I ever thought her would. He sneers.

"This ends here Naraku." He snarls. I nod and draw on my last lingering shred of dignity and pride. I will not cower. I will die, but I will not run or hide.

"Yes Inuyasha. It does." I whispered.

Show hands, who all did I fool into thinking this was Inuyasha's POV, huh? Almost makes ya feel bad for Naraku…