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Kiss and Make Up

Theme: #16: Invincible; Unrivaled

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Naraku was dead to begin with. After a long, fierce battle, the evil half demon was finally destroyed thanks to the combined efforts of Sesshomaru, Koga, Kikyo, Kohaku, and Inuyasha and his group. Due to injuries sustained by a few of them, though, they all quickly lost track of each other after the battle, leaving the Shikon no Tama still not complete.

This had left the Inu-taichi with an interesting decision before them. Inuyasha and Kagome had originally been hunting for the shards, although Miroku and Sango's main purposes for joining up with them were to defeat Naraku. Seeing as this was now accomplished and they were the only ones who had made any sort of plans for what would happen after this, they had a rather hard time deciding whether or not to stay together at this point. They eventually decided to remain as a group for the time being; all the shards were accounted for, and Kohaku still had one of them the last time they saw him.

Two months had passed since then, and they had been in Kaede's village for several days resting from their latest trek to find either Koga or Kohaku. There really wasn't much of a rush anymore, and Kagome was constantly insisting on going back to her time so she could catch up on her "school," much to Inuyasha's chagrin. They were now enjoying a few peaceful days before starting off again.


Well, almost peaceful...

Their decision to stay with Inuyasha and Kagome had not stopped Miroku and Sango from getting married a few days after Naraku had been defeated. Their relationship had been quickly evolving for the last few weeks, but it didn't stop Sango from getting mad at him every once in a while. Or, more precisely, every other day.

It was really quite common for one to walk by and hear her shouting at him, generally followed by a slap and her storming away from wherever they were. In fact, she had just left Kaede's home in a huff, followed a few moments later by Miroku who was rubbing his sore cheek. He stopped near the steps and watched her until she was out of sight, finally sighing and turning to go back inside.

"Why do you put up with that?" he heard a voice say above him.

"Put up with what, Inuyasha?" he replied, backing up so he could get a better view of the hanyou sitting on the roof.

"Why do you let her smack you around like that?" Inuyasha asked, frowning. "No matter what happens, you never stand up for yourself."

"Well," Miroku replied, thinking for a moment, "I've never felt it necessary. If someone is upset with me, they're usually absolutely correct. Besides, anger is not a good emotion on the path to enlightenment," he finished, bowing his head and closing his eyes to emphasize his last statement.

"Keh, since when were you worried about that, bouzo?" he answered with a snort. "I'm not saying you have to get mad, I just think you should try to stick up for yourself before she slaps you and runs off."

"Well, she always comes back," Miroku said, laughing a little and heading back inside.

"Don't I know it," Inuyasha grumbled, settling back on the roof again. "Speaking of coming back, where the hell is Kagome? She said she'd be back today."

Miroku, in the meantime, sat down with his back to the wall. Inuyasha had a point, even if it wasn't the best one. Sango tended to get mad at him for one reason or another ever since they first met, and his reaction was always to let her get it out of her system without complaining. It obviously wasn't helping her temper any, but it was still the best thing to do in the situation. Right?

Sango came back silently about an hour later and sat down at the near wall, stroking Kirara and looking into the fire pit. Miroku assumed that she had gotten over her anger, but that it was also one of those arguments that would peter off into oblivion with no real reconciliation (much to his disappointment). They sat there in silence for a long time, as Inuyasha was still on the roof waiting for Kagome, while Shippo had been at the well all day. As the sun began to set, they heard the hanyou mutter something that sounded like "Finally" as he leapt off. Sango glanced at her husband, who looked back at her for a moment before they quietly stood up and began walking toward the well.

They met Kagome and the others as they were returning, since Inuyasha was not one to sit around and do nothing. The group returned to the village together. As they got near Kaede's, a woman came to them asking for help from them because her daughter was sick, and although Inuyasha complained because he wanted dinner, they went to look at the girl before coming back.

After they ate, Miroku and Sango went to the small empty house they would share when they were staying in the village. Miroku went inside first and went to start a fire. Just then, though, he heard a voice behind him. More specifically, his wife's voice.

"Houshi-sama" she said coldly. For whatever reason, Sango still referred to him as this. It was almost as though this usually distant name had become her term of endearment for him. Now, however, it didn't sound very endearing.

Miroku knew what this tone meant. Some sort of pain was about to be inflicted on him. And pain hurt.

"Y-yes, dear?" he said nervously, still trying to keep about his business.

"I saw you in there," she replied, still not sounding pleasant.

"What do you mean?" he asked, finally looking at her. Oh, that was not a good facial expression. He was surprised she could still see since her eyebrows were so low.

"When we were in that house," she answered. "I saw the way you were talking to that girl's mother."

Miroku blinked in surprise. She usually wasn't one to wait until a few hours later to express her anger. Sango had been known to smack him with Hiraikotsu in the middle of a crowded village. Why she had waited until now to bring this up, he didn't know.

"Sango," he began, trying to get over his initial shock and hoping to find a way to get out of this accusation, "you know I would never..."

"I saw you, Houshi-sama!" she interrupted, starting to head toward him.

"Please, Sango, I was just letting her know that the child would be perfectly fine as long as she used the herbs Kagome-sama and I gave her, and that was all."

"I'm tired of your excuses," she retorted. "We're supposed to be married. How can you keep on doing this?"

This was generally the point where Sango went off on a long rant, usually including shouting toward the end, followed by some sort of bodily harm to the monk. However, at this point, Inuyasha's words came back to Miroku.

"I just think you should try to stick up for yourself before she slaps you and runs off."

"Should I...?"

"...and I just think you should have a little more respect for me!" she said, obviously finishing one thought for the moment.

"Sango, I do respect you!" he exclaimed before he realized what he was doing. "Maybe you should stop suspecting everything I do as something I'm doing to pull myself away from you, because I'm not! If anything's thrown a wedge between us, it's your yelling!"

Apparently at some point in his exclamation, he had stood up and was now staring her right in the face. He was rather upset with himself for allowing his emotions take him over like that, and yet something inside him would not allow him to back away at this point.

Sango looked completely taken aback. Miroku had seen looks like this one before. It would lead to one of two things. Either she would start screaming at him and leave him with several lumps on his head, or she would become eerily calm as she began to "talk things out" with him. No matter which it was, he was going to lose this argument. Again.

Therefore, Miroku was very surprised when, after a few moments, Sango picked the third option.

She took a few steps backward before running out the door, a loud sob very evident. Miroku watched the doorway in complete shock for a few moments before racing after her.

"Dammit, why did I do that?" he thought as he made his way in the direction he thought she had gone. As he neared Kaede's he saw Inuyasha and Kagome standing outside and staring in the direction he was going. Apparently he had guessed right.

As he came closer, Kagome frowned at him and exclaimed, "What did you do?"

"I don't know," he replied, planning on running by. However, Inuyasha grabbed his shoulder as he passed, stopping him in his tracks.

"Well, it's fairly obvious that something happened," he grumbled, still holding on to him.

"I-I'm not sure," Miroku stammered, worried that he would lose track of her if he didn't get going again soon. "I mean, I... I did what you told me to do!"

Inuyasha seemed taken aback, allowing Miroku to dash off again. "What did you tell him?" Kagome finally said, frowning at him.

"I just told him that he should try standing up for himself instead of letting her have control over him."

"You did what!"

"He can't let some woman tell him what to do."

It was at this point that Inuyasha felt a rather foreboding aura coming from Kagome. Apparently she had been talking lessons from Sango. "I cannot believe you would think something like that, much less give Miroku-sama that crazy idea!"

"What?" Inuyasha exclaimed, realizing that this was now a matter of his self-defense. "I had to do something. They always drive my ears crazy! I mean, they're either fighting or-"


"Well they are!"

"Inuyasha," Kagome growled. He knew what was coming next. His fate was now inevitable. Very quickly, he tired to think of something to appease the angry girl, but unfortunately she beat him to it. "Osuwari!"

Miroku raced through the village, periodically glancing around the area to see if there was any sign of Sango. As he neared the edge of town, he heard a choked sob coming from his left. He stopped in his tracks and looked, only to find her sitting on the far outside corner of the currently empty house with her knees drawn up to her chest. Miroku sighed and began walking toward her, wondering if she would stay where she was or run off before he got there. Sango didn't move, so he slowly went to her side and sat down. "Look, Sango, I..."

"No," she said quietly, turning her face away from him. "Don't say anything."

"But Sango, I just-"

"I don't want to hear it!" she exclaimed, a few tears rolling off her cheek. Miroku stared at her in confusion. How was he supposed to apologize if she wouldn't even let him speak?

They sat like this for several minutes, the only sound being a periodic soft sob from Sango. Eventually, she broke the silence. "Houshi-sama?"


"Do... How do you feel about me?"

Miroku blinked in surprise. "Sango, you don't have to ask me that. You should know by now."

"I just..." she began, still trying her best to stop crying, "I get angry at you so much, and even though it's not without reason, I thought you might..." She paused for a moment. "Houshi-sama, do you hate me?"

Miroku was once again taken aback. "I could never hate you," he replied, tentatively putting his hand on her back. "Why would think that?"

"Well, I had always wondered if I was making you upset, and with the way you struck back at me tonight, I just thought..."

"Sango," he said softly, moving his hand to her shoulder and pulling her in toward him, "I'm sorry for what I said tonight. I wasn't thinking. I guess I just wish you would listen to what I have to say before you completely explode at me."

She sniffed and slowly nodded her head. "You don't hate me, then?"

He smiled a little and turned her face toward his with his other hand. "Of course not. I love you, Sango." He pulled her in closer for a soft kiss.

After a moment, they broke apart, Sango resting her head on his shoulder. "So, does this mean you're going to stop yelling at me?" he asked after a few moments.

"No," she answered coldly, although there was a slight grin on her face.

Miroku sighed. "Good."

The two walked back to their cottage hand in hand a few minutes later. Kagome, Inuyasha, and Shippo were still standing outside of Kaede's waiting to see what had become of their friends. Upon seeing them, Kagome smiled and went back inside with the little fox demon. Miroku shot a strange look at Inuyasha, almost a mix of annoyance and of happiness. The hanyou only sighed. Once again, this would not be a good night for his ears.

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