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--- - - - - - - -

"Hello and welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful summer. Now I told everyone last year but seeing as the first years weren't there I will say again, head girl is Hermione Granger and head boys are Draco Jenson and our own hero Harry Potter!" Dumbledore said with a huge grin. Hermione watched as the hall went wild, she rolled her eyes at Draco who was doing the same at her. "Now please tuck in and will the heads see me after dinner."

Hermione and Draco were the first ones up there as both of them only wanted a little bit of food. It took another half-hour for Harry to join them and for everyone else to leave. "Time to walk and talk kiddies. Now your password will be BWL, stands for boy-who-lived you know, you may change it in a month and every month therefore, rotate who picks the password, first Hermione then Harry then Draco. Now you will all have a door to the heads bathroom, Hermione is the room in the middle. Now because Hermione and Draco are muggleborn and Harry grew up with muggles I have taken the privilege to supply a home theater. Use it wisely. You may have friends over but each of you have the maximum of only two friends in here; And only same-sex sleepovers on the weekends. If you have anymore questions then ask your painting or come see me, my office password is Dots, I moved on to muggle candy," Dumbledore said with a gleam in the eye that resembles the sun. He gave all three of them a small box of dots and walked off.

Hermione walked foreword and said the password to get in. once in she went to her room to set up for classes tomorrow. Draco was the next to walk in and Harry right behind him but Harry couldn't see in because Draco was standing in a daze in the entrance. Fed up Harry pushed him out of the way and stopped in shock once he saw the room. On every wall and any empty space was pictures of Harry or Harry and Ron, on the mantle was action figures and the furniture all had big HP's on them with the lightning bolt for the P. Harry Grinned and strutted to his room, Draco ran to Hermione's room.

"Did you see the Common room?" Draco asked. Hermione just nodded. "You're not going to say anything?"

"What's there to say? You know as well as I that everyone loves him and it doesn't shock me that Dumbledore is one of them. You can live with it if I can..." she said softly and Draco looked down.

"Sorry Mi, I didn't think about what this could be doing to you…" Hermione turned and gave him a hug.

"Go and check out your room, I will see you tomorrow." Hermione gently pushed him towards the door.

- - - - - - - That – Night - - - - -

Hermione sat up in bed and looked at the clock, 4 A.m. Hermione only got a few hours sleep ever since last summer when Harry and Ron dropped her. She sighed and got up to go to the common room. No use staying in bed. Halfway to the couch Hermione stopped because Harry was sitting there, she was turning around when he spoke.

"You can sit, I won't hurt you..." she nodded and walked to the end of the couch away from Harry. He started to speak some more. "You know you look really well. I'm sorry about last year…I was just so confused. I-I... I always had this big crush on you and I was scared that you would reject me…so I rejected you first. Pl-…"Hermione cut him off.

"You want me to believe that you "The Boy Who Lived" liked me the frump?"

"Yes Hermione…I even still like you…I dreamt about you," Harry blushed. "I was always wondering what you had on under all those clothes…what your lips would taste like…" Harry leaned towards Hermione and took her lips in a soft kiss. They closed their eyes and Hermione scooted closer to Harry who put his arms around her. She moaned softly and broke the kiss.

"Harry….I don't think if I shou…."Harry started to kiss her neck and she let her head fall back with a gasp.

"Don't think Hermione…I love you."

"Oh, Harry."


She pulled Harry's head up for a deep kiss and lay back with Harry on top. They kissed for a few minutes then Harry moved his hand to Hermione's side and moved it under the tank top she had on. Hermione gasped and closed her eyes while Harry took off her tank. He then leaned down for a hot kiss before starting to kiss down her neck towards Hermione's hard nipples. Once there he started to suck and pinch on them making Hermione move with pleasure.

Hermione pushed Harry up and started to take his clothes off while kissing his body everywhere. Once they were both naked Harry laid down and Hermione got on top. She reached down and grabbed his hard penis and moved it to her center. Harry put his hands on her hips and forced her down hard making her cry out in pain and pleasure. Harry gasped up at her, "You didn't tell me you were a virgin." He gave a sinister smirk and started to thrust. Hermione moaned and moved her hands up her body to her tits and started to ride faster moaning harder as she neared her orgasm. Harry reached between her legs and pinched her clit making her cum. Feeling her walls tighten around him made him cum hard as well.


For a few minutes they just laid there cooling down, then Harry stood up knocking Hermione to the floor. "Thanks frump, you were better then I thought you were going to be and now I get out of potions homework for the whole year. You see Snape told me that I wouldn't have to work if I fucked you. So thanks." Harry smirked.

Hermione gathered her clothes and ran to Draco's room with tears streaming down her face. Once in there she dropped her stuff and jumped into Draco's bed waking him up.

"Wa…Hermione? Its only 5 what are you doing in here…are you naked? Why are you crying?" Hermione started to sob in his arms getting the story out in between sobs. After she was done she cried till she fell asleep.

- - - - Draco's - - P.O.V. - - - - -

'She slept with him…I can't believe she slept with him' Draco thought as a lone tear made its way down his cheek.

- - - - - - - -

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