Title: No Matter What Happens...

Author: Monica Edwards

Pairings: Elliot and Olivia, Olivia and Other

Part 1 rated PG-13

Disclaimer: Though this Fic is based LOOSELY on The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood the plot idea isn't mine it's hers. The characters of Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson aren't mine either. Just repeat to yourself it's just a story, and I really should relax.

No Matter What Happens...

It all happened so quickly, too quickly, almost as if it had been planned for years a head of time. The president had been assinated, then the dictator took ahold of the country. Laws were quickly put into place, women couldn't work, couldn't hold bank accounts, or own property. The night that they came for her, Olivia was barracaded in her apartment along with her partner Elliot. Kathy had long since left him and taken the kids, so they only had each other. Olivia sat on her couch looking at the door, Elliot was right next to her, arm around her protectively. They could hear the screams of other people in the other apartments, and the noises were getting closer and closer.

"Remember," He said suddenly, and she turned to look at him and he put his hand on her cheek, "No matter what happens I will come and find you and we'll get the hell out of here." She was scared, he was scared but the terror didn't register in his eyes like she thought it would. They had tried to leave the country together about a week before. When they got near the boarder to Canada there was a blockade of men with M16's, and as far as they both could tell the men were conducting random searches of each vehicle. If they would have tried to continue then Elliot probably would have been shot and she would have been taken away to one of their "reprogramming" centers for women. He didn't want to leave her like that, alone, knowing that he was dead. This way they both had a fighting chance of escaping, he wasn't going to die, he would live and he would find her, he promised.

"I know you will." She replied and then pulled him into a kiss. Over the months since Kathy had left him and things had gone to hell they had found shelter in each others beds. They were absolutely perfect for each other, why they hadn't seen it before was a mystery to both of them. The kiss was passionate, filled with love and hope. They didn't have their weapons, those had been taken away from them also, the police stations were closed and the new army had taken shape. Suddenly the door was kicked in and Olivia looked up. Two men, armed to the teeth with weapons and ammo, stood there looking at the both of them. They then did the only thing they could think of to do, they surrendered.

When she woke up she was in some kind of gym in some school, somewhere. Where she was she didn't know, she had been to just about every school in New York City but this place was completely alien to her. She knew she had been drugged, and she had been out, but for how long? She was laying on an army issued cot, with a sub standard pillow and itchy wool blanket to cover her. She started to retrace the steps on how she had gotten there.

After they broke down her door and pointed their weapons at them they were seperated. Elliot was ordered to stay in the apartment as she was pulled out through the door. She took one last look at him, he looked calm and collected almost as if he was already planning his escape. They brought her down to a black van and shoved her in the back. There were three other women sitting in there and one of them handed her a bottle of water. She wasn't crying or anything but she was in shock, she couldn't believe how quickly all of this was happening. She opened the bottle of water and took a few drinks and then closed it. Then she leaned up against the wall of the van and she felt it start to move. She closed her eyes, just for a minute she thought, and when she woke up she was here. It was the water, she concluded, they had drugged her water.

The gym was rather large with big florescent lights above them, that hurt her eyes to look at. There were other cots in the room, with the same standard pillow and off white wool blanket. Most of the women were asleep. The ones directly next to her were asleep, some of the women were just waking up looking around like they too were seeing this room for the first time. Guards blocked every possible exit there was, and men in some kind of black and red uniform patrolled the room too. She was starting to wish that when they came and got her she would have put up some sort of a fight, but at the time she didn't see that as helping her cause so she just did what the men told her to do, after all they were the ones with the guns. The woman on the cot behind her sat up and groaned, she too was feeling the after effects of whatever drug they had given her.

"Where the hell am I?" She heard the woman mutter after another moment of silence. Olivia turned to look at her. She was a very attractive woman, with waist long brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a black turtleneck sweater and black slacks with high heeled black boots. It almost looked like she was planning on some sort of heist before she was brought there. Olivia was wearing a lavendar shirt with some old jeans and tennis shoes. She was glad she had her tennis shoes, just incase she decided to actually run for it.

"I don't know." Olivia replied and then swung her legs over the cot and to the other side so she was facing the woman, "I'm Olivia Benson."

"Monica," She replied and held out her hand for Olivia to shake, "Monica Edwards." She shook Olivia's hand and then brought her hands to her hair and started to braid it. She then pulled her hair over her shoulder and continued to braid it like that. She had thick but perfectly formed lips, in a way she reminded Olivia of Lara Croft. She didn't know why she even thought of that, she had never played the video game but she had seen part of one of the movies before they started burning DVDs and VHS tapes.

"Where are you from?" Olivia asked her after a moment of watching Monica's skilled hands play with her hair. She was trying to gauge where she was by asking Monica where she was from, maybe in that way they had something in common.

"New York City." She said and then tied her hair off with the rubberband that was around her wrist. She pushed the braid back over her shoulder and then laid back down on the cot, her eye lids started to flutter. Olivia was starting to feel tired again too, whatever they had given her probably hadn't worn itself out yet. So she laid down on the cot, facing her new friend Monica and smiled at her slightly, "What did you do before all of this crap happened?"

"I was a detective," Olivia yawned slightly feeling her own eyelids starting to flutter, "With the special victim's unit."

"Hmmph," Monica uttered and then yawned, it was contageous, "I was a novelist. I wrote about things like this happening not once stopping to consider that this might actually happen." It was true, two years ago everything was fine. The country was running, democracy was in play, everything was just as it should be. Olivia still had her job, her bank account, and her dignity. All she had to be concerned about was bringing justice to those who were sexually abused. She closed her eyes again and this time she didn't open them back up.

End Part I