Summary: Can you hear the music calling? A symphony of poems dedicated to the characters of FFVII, spanning love, hate, angst and despair! R n R!

Genre: Poetry/General

Rating: All

Authoress's Notes: I've wanted to start a collection of poems in this fandom for ages now, but for some reason or another I haven't… but now I have! I've just completed disc 1, and even though I knew what was going to happen I still wasn't prepared for the actual cinematics! Many tears were shed, and hopefully when I'm not too busy I will continue with the game.

Flower Girl of my Heart
Sakina the Fallen Angel

If angels could sing a thousand songs
They would all be about you,
My sweet darling
The girl whose hair flows like pure honey
Who dreams golden notes
And sings into the wind
She breathes candy floss
And runs like no tomorrow.
How her eyes light up my world!
Fireworks dance when you walk past.
The cherry blossoms whisper
Behind their delicate cheeks
The princess is here,
The breath of the earth!
When you smile I can see only you,
Your vision plays my senses
Like the games of hide and seek.
We would've played if we'd had a past
Dewdrops mist over your soft fingertips
How I miss you ever so!
And as I post my letter to the stars
I only fear you are not there.

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