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The next two hours passed uneventfully, mindless chat about this and that. As the night grew later Gabriel had the room cleared and they finally got down to business. I of course just sat there and looked pretty. My suspicions were correct (about Justinian remembering me) when he asked if Gabriel had "had" me yet. Although he dropped the subject I could still trace the hint of want there. I considered this as they kept talking.

"So Jaguar needs to be dealt with? We are both in agreement on this point, correct?" Justinian looked over the top of his glass at Gabriel.

"Of course I would be willing to provide an entrance and a chance to escape. The rest however is up to you." Gabriel leveled his gaze to justianian's before continuing "You will have to gather your own weapons. I will pay what I feel is appropriate at the end of your mission."

As he finished negotiations I tried to study Justinian's attitude. He was hiding something I could tell. I, Kira was the only friend he had had when growing up and knew him very well. The way his face was a blank mask was one indication, he always showed his emotion. He believed that not to was a lie. The other was how tense he was, Gabriel of course didn't notice but I did. Justinian never showed his fear if he could help it and he never allowed his resolve slip.

Finally the night ended. Gabriel and Justinian shook hands, and Justinian departed. After a moment Gabriel extended his arm. "It's getting late and you look exhausted." I allowed my surprise to show there were very few times when Gabriel allowed concern to slip into his voice.

"I'm fine, just confused, how the hell did you remember he was my cousin?"

"Good memory." Gabriel smiled at me before gently brushing a kiss on my hand. "You're room…" Gabriel paused for a second before dropping the masquerade we so often played.

Before I could react he kissed me. I think I resisted for a fraction of a second before giving in. He must have sensed my change because as he deepened the kiss he pushed his hand into my lower back. After a moment he broke away and sighed. "Kira, After your chores do you want to go somewhere tomorrow? You fulfilled your part, and now I have to fulfill mine." Gabriel grinned as though it were painful but I knew he didn't mind the treats. Usually I would just push him away but right know I felt adventurous, and I was bored of the four walls that surrounded me.

"Alright, sure." Gently brushing a last kiss on my hand he disappeared. Sighing I turned away and walked into my room and got ready for bed.


I'm surprised two hundred sum years and she still recognizes me… This could turn into a problem. Kira why are you with him? These thoughts threatened to drive me crazy as I walked into my room. As I entered I dropped the knife on my bedside table before taking off my shirt. Laying down I allowed my mind to travel the road back, back to the day I thought I had lost my cousin forever.

I was a Triste, I could fight vampires and did so on a daily bases. I should have been ready for the attack. The slaves had been rumoring of revolt, and their leader was definitely strong. Why did I drag my cousin of course she would be a casualty… the blood claim law, I should have remembered why didn't I stop him? I watched him take her, I watched them disappear, why didn't I stop him?

"So I know you recognized your cousin, would you like to see her?" A taunting voice mocked me in my head.

"OF COURSE!" I seethed with anger as Gabriel's form coalesced from the shadow. "What did you do to her, how did she live this long?" I glared at the vampire but at the same time feared his answer. Had he turned my beloved cousin into a monster, or had this been something she had done on her own?

"I blood-bonded her to myself, in order to save her life. Or don't you remember?" Gabriel smirked at me forcing me to recall the scene.

"Stop it Justinian! You've made your point leave him alone!" Her voice rang through my head as if I were there, as she pleaded me to stop beating the slave, and then crying at the scene. Before I could react Gabriel had healed, and I knew. Without hesitating he had grabbed the whip and smartly snapped it so that it cut my for arm. With my wound I was not able to fight as he claimed his blood-right. I tried to stop him and he moved to fast, I sliced open her side, and Gabriel had disappeared. I had not seen her since.

"I'll take that as a yes." Gabriel strode towards me and forced my eyes to meet his. "Know this I LOVE Kira, and will do whatever it takes to defend her from you. Also know if you try to kill me I will kill you, and force her to watch." For a split second I thought I heard remorse in the words, as though Kira didn't know.

Before I could question him on this theory, he dissolved into the shadows. As soon as he was gone I suddenly fell into a deep sleep.

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