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"Er...Hermione?" Ron said as he entered the livingroom at the Burrow.

He sat down in the chair beside her.

"Yes, Ron?", She replied.

"Do you really think that Harry will do this?"

"Do what?"

"You know... Leave Hogwarts?", He said, hesitating.

"Yes. You know that he and Ginny broke up, right?"

"What? Who was it? I'll get that git!", Ron shouted, standing up.

"Oh, come on Ron! It's only until Voldemort is gone!"

"What? Why?"

"Harry doesn't want Ginny to be hurt because she is with him."


Ron sat down again. They were silent for a long time.

"So... Was there something else?", Hermione asked after about five minutes.

"Er... Yeah, I thought... Since one of us might...", His voice trailed of.

"Die?", She said, in a low voice.

"Yes. Die." Ron said seriously. "Hermione, I wanted to tell you that... I think I like you..."

"Oh you prat!", she said, making him a bit nervous.

"Eh... I didn't dare to tell you... I mean, if you don't feel the same..."

"What took you so long?", Hermione said, smiling.

Then she kissed him. Ron felt as if his head were going to explode.


"Hey, Ron! What are you so happy about?", Harry said.

"Eh... Nothing..."

"Oh... And 'nothing' doesn't have anything to do with you and Hermione making out in one of the armchairs in the livingroom?"

"How did you know?"

"I was in the other corner of the room."

"Oh, hey! Hermione said you dumped Ginny!", Ron said, suddenly angry.

"Yes, I heard that. I also heard that she told you that I'm just trying to protect her until Voldemort is gone, right?"

Ron opened his mouth when he heard the name, but then shut it.

"She deserves to come, you know."

"No! She will get hurt!"

"She is a Weasley, Harry. We are bloodtraitors you know."

"Yes but...", Harry started.

"No but, Harry. She can take care of herself even better then most people at our age that I know."

"I know. But she accepts the decision I have made, and..."

"I'd sooner call it 'suffer silent', really.", Ron said.

Harry stared at Ron. When did he get so smart?

"Yeah... I will try and talk to her... Maybe...", Harry said, his voice low.

"Not maybe. Do it. Now!", Ron said, and scuffed Harry against the stair.

He slowly decended down to the lower floor. Then he turned to the left, and found himself standing outside her door.

He raised his hand and knocked.


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