Title: Fair Dealing
Author: Wicked R
Disclaimers: Ryan Murphy is the genius.
Genre: G/Drama/Angst

Rating: PG.

Summary/Set/Pairing: continuing with the last scene of the season 3 finale. After Kimber's rejection, Christian is going back to his unusual ways to find solace. Abby.

Annie seemed very experienced at finishing setting the dinner table, so Christian and Matt just let her do it.

"So, what have you been up to today?" Matt asked his sister. They hardly met these days and Matt didn't know what Annie's latest concern was, her history teacher's unfairness or making up the latest secret code with her best friend.

"Just school," the girl shrugged, "it's really boring lately...but mom let me to go to school by bike!"

"Do you remember what happened the last time walked you to school?"

They looked at each other, bursting into laughter. Looks like Matt didn't completely forget how to speak the child's language.

It had amused Christian countless times to see the two siblings interact. Matt seemed to be the most comfortable around Annie, who was also happy with her older brother's attention. It was a secret world nobody else could really enter that despite Matt's major absences lately, still existed, "why, what happened on the way?" Christian asked.

Annie giggled, "he was swinging like a moron on the baby swing."

"Ah, we'd all like to do that sometimes," Christian noted, imagining himself. Yeah, it seemed like a good idea. Only it doesn't work without a child. But when is he going to have one? With Kimber gone...

"Will you come with me tomorrow?" Annie interrupted his thoughts by addressing her question to her brother.

"I can't. I have other..."

"Things to do," Annie frowned. It was always the same with too much adult acting Matt these days, "things you don't even tell me what they are," she said huffily.

"Well," Matt said, understanding the girl's discontent and deciding to treat it head on, "now and again shit happens and it's easier to forget them than talk about them."

"Erica says you should talk about it when something occurs that troubles you," the little girl said, growing up to the conversation his brother had with her in a millisecond. The serious child she usually was, nobody was surprised. Their high profile messed up lives was taking a toll on her too.

"Now you can your grandmother Erica as well?" Matt grinned.

Annie shrugged, "I'm hungry."

"Seems like mom and dad are having one of those conversations in there so we'll have to wait. If I didn't already know we are going to have a sister or brother, I would think they are making one now," Matt said quietly to Christian.

"I heard that," Sean said, instead of the little girl Matt intended to keep quiet from, entering the room hand in hand with Julia.

"Let's eat," Julia said as she realised everything was overready till they had their little private reconciliation talk, and walked over to sit down at the dinner table setting the example, "I bet it's getting cold."

Relieved after the Carver experience, good conversation and laughter was shared around them with the bread they passed round.

Julia was smiling, listening to the voices of all the people she loved most. It was nice to hear Sean's relaxed voice. She loved that, the way it evoked so much emotion in her when he talked. She almost completely forgot that feeling, she definitely didn't experience it for years. She was quite surprised it still existed. He spoke proper, with care and respect, not just for the words themselves, but also for the people who he talked to. It was what ultimately made him a good doctor, it was what she fell for once. And now he was back to that state of mind where he was capable of it, and not to a small extent that was due to her. When he was like this, it made her feel special as well, just by being with him. It was that why she didn't need to work for over a decade. She needed to raise her self esteem a bit eventually, but now that she was a successful business woman she would be quite happy going back being a mom. She laughed to herself.

"Why are you laughing?" Annie turned back from looking at her father.

Julia shook her head, "nothing."

"Come on, it must be something," Sean joined in with the probing.

"It's you," she said.

"Me?" Sean played the confused as Annie enjoyed watching her parents fool around, "what did I do now? Hold my glass a funny way?"

"No. It's just you seem to have these two personalities. And guess what, I have two personalities too. I guess it depends on which one comes out to play when we understand each other or when we don't."

"Now everybody is playing Erica around here?" Matt lifted his glass of wine.

Christian listened to their conversation best he could. He watched the two lovers together holding hands, Annie's eyes sparkling from joy and Matt coming back to this family to feel better. Christian didn't say a word, feeling out of place in this happy little family setting. It was almost like these people had adopted him, but he didn't belong, and it was all a lie. And he didn't think he wanted to belong there anymore. There were times when he kidded on this was his family, and at times he really felt it was. But now he wanted a family he could really call his own. With Kimber.

"I should go," Christian said quietly without much explanation, pushing away from his place at the dinner table

Julia bit her bottom lip and then let it go, realising they have completely ignored him. The scenario was repeating itself during the last couple of decades, "please don't...you don't want some apple pie? It's not a la Sean transient concoction, I made it myself yesterday."

"No thanks, I've had enough," Christian answered, rubbing a hand over his stomach, but meaning something entirely else he had enough of, "I gotta go see how Kimber is doing," he lied so he could get away. But he did intend to see Kimber anyway. So far, he had backed off as she wanted him to, but now he had to let her know how seriously he meant giving up plastic surgery for her. He could just work as an ordinary surgeon, it wasn't the money he really cared about, it was her. But Sean and the others didn't have to know about his plans, neither did they have to know about him not even talking to Kimber for a couple of weeks now.

"Is she willing to accept you back? She able to see the real world as it is yet?" Julia asked hopefully and concerned, having had seen the ex model when she was staying at her De La Mer.

"This is more like a doctorly house call," he specified, and that was what his excuse was going to be when Kimber asked him as well. The rest was just hope.

"Tell her we wish her to get better soon as well," even Sean took the bite.

"Let us know how she is," Julia joined in, nobody seriously believing that Kimber's current state of mind of avoiding to strive for, or at least understand beauty will last very long.

Christian nodded his head curtly and touched Sean's shoulder as a good bye. He turned back for a moment and flashed a small smile before he left the room, closing the door behind him and leaving those for behind to play temporary happy families. No matter how much he didn't belong, it was nice to see them in high spirits.

Then he was on his way. Whatever Kimber wanted, no matter how many conditions she has got, he would fulfil them all. Nothing could stop him to realise his dreams. Or so he hoped. He didn't contemplate being wrong. It wasn't something he could easily live with, so, practical he was, he avoided it as much as possible.