Chapter 25: Craftsmanship

She had to go away and she had to go away fast. After the not so well going reencounter with her first love, Jerry and the way she felt about her weakness for Christian whenever she saw him, staying definetely wasn't an option, not even till the christening as she had previously promised to her sister. Funnily, she could use her love for Christian to get away somewhere he couldn't find her. Back when she was afraid he was stuck in India she had visited a Red Cross centre and enrolled herself as a volunteer in hope she could go after him. Now this came in handy as the only thing she needed to do is say yes to where they were wanted to send her to help improve safe sex awareness among young people. It was Kyrgyzstan. Pushing the luggage trolley at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport she was looking forward to the couple of days she would spend in the capital of Russia exploring its famous cathedrals and hyperboloid towers before taking a long bus journey to the Asian country of Kyrgystan. Coming out the automatic doors she was looking for her link who should've had a piece of cardboard with her with her name on it. Instead, right by the last barrier she saw a man standing holding a paper with the name Dr. Troy on it! Again, for a milisecond she wondered if there could've been another Dr. Troy, but that would've been too much of a coincidence. So she looked back and there he was, a few steps behind her, Christian in a polished and perfectly suiting grey suit and holding a similarly styled suitcase.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw her turning, waved at her with an artificial smile as he was nervous as hell. You can't escape me sweatheart, I hope, he almost blurted out, but he didn't want to aggravate her in any way, so he took his sunglasses off and just stood in front of her waiting for her to react.

"How...did you get here?" Kimber was so sure she covered her tracks this time, not even her sister knew where she was off to. Besides, she wouldn't have expected him to come after her even here. She was very surprised and impressed at the same time. He cared about her that much?

"I talked to your Jerry. I mean, again. Your sister called me and told me you left a letter saying she shouldn't worry, but that you couldn't stay cause you loved me too much? What idiotic non sense is that? Your sister said it was repeat history and you left one of those letters about Jerry once. So I went to him and asked him if he had any clues. And I was lucky! He already knew where you were because the Red Cross worker is in close relation with the church and is his friend and he already let him know about you, he thought he'd be interested cause apparently he's such an old friend he knows everything about you two. So all I had to do is catch a plane. Well, I hired one cause I couldn't get to the airport in time. Don't do this again please cause I'll be in great financial trouble."

"Nobody asked you to hire a plane," Kimber gave a little laugh, even more impressed.

"I'm only asking one thing. Just consider the possibility I have changed. Didn't I just prove enough? Okay, I don't feel in my depth at a small town hospital, but I don't have to be a plastic surgeon either if you don't want me to. I could be a surgeon though, any surgeon. Start fresh? Let me try."

"I dunno if you can, Christian."

"I dunno if I can either, but is our happiness not worth a try?"

Kimber, amazed, with her eyes getting slightly wet at the enormous effort Christian had made, nodded a little uncertainly. She had been anticipating she couldn't resist him anymore and that was exactly how it was. Then she nodded once more, a bit more confidently this time, "yes, it is," she stepped close to him and put her arms around his neck, "I think we have some unfinished business," she whispered into his ears, nuzzling it with her lips.

Christian smiled, "but we don't have to stay in Moscow forever do we? Because you see I didn't have time to take much luggage."

Kimber shook her head, "I don't care where we live as long as we're not playing extra for Julia and Sean. Besides, why is it you need clothes?"

Christian embraced her and now they could turn to the man holding the cardboard with his name on it. Even if they didn't stay long they did need a hotel. "Thanks Abby," he whispered as he held Kimber close becoming one in soul.

"Who?" Kimber looked up at him confused.

"Abby? Oh Abby. I'll tell you all about Abby."

The End.