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"Hi Raven… it's me!"

"Go away!"

"Ah now Raven, that's no way to treat your father now is it?"

"You were never my father! I got rid of you… we did!"

"Who? The Teen Titans? Please Raven, I'd rather be dead than in your situation."

"What are you talking about?"

"You have no friends… you can't show emotions… you're lonely Raven!"

"You don't know anything about me or my friends!"

"Maybe not your 'friends' Raven, but I'm in your head forever and for always. I know what you think, when you think it and why you think it. There's no escape!"

"There has to be!"

"Ah, wasn't it Robin who said you were the most hopeful person he'd ever met? Well not for much longer!"

Trigon stared coldly at Raven as he raised his hands and laughed evilly, shooting flames of fire at his offspring. She screamed…


Raven screamed and jolted bolt upright. The empath breathed heavily with difficultly as sweat drops trickled down her pale face.

"Not again." Raven sighed with a frightened tone in her voice.

Raven had been having these occurring dreams for days now. Luckily, Raven's room was quite far from her friends rooms otherwise the rest of the Titans would have heard her screams. Too scared to go back to sleep, Raven sat up just stared out the window and slowly watched the darkness cease and the sun take it's place.

After hours of watching the skies, Raven had developed bags under her eyes. She was tired but was too scared to sleep. She heard footsteps walking outside her door and down the stairs. The person was probably going to get breakfast. Raven wasn't hungry.

But nonetheless, she got up off her bed and went to grab a uniform…

"Why is my life like this?"

She put on her dark blue leotard and matching cape with blue shoes…

"Why won't he just leave me alone?"

She brushed her violet hair and looked in the mirror…

"My fatigue is showing. Great, someone's gonna say something!"

And slowly made her way out of her gothic upholstered bedroom and down the stairs to the control room. She floated into the room. Cyborg was cooking breakfast, waffles. Beast Boy was as always complaining about Cyborg not making his tofu waffles. Starfire was watching a documentary about algae in ponds and Robin was sitting at the table reading a newspaper. She floated over to the table at sat opposite him.

"Hey Raven." Robin smiled. When he didn't get a reply he put down the newspaper and looked at her. Her eyes were closed and she was unbalanced in her seat.

"Raven?" he said getting up and walking round the table to her. He put his arm round her shoulders to keep her steady.

"Raven? Are you okay?" he said shaking her. He kept his voice to a whisper not to draw attention to her.

Raven slowly came around and looked at Robin.

"Are you okay?" he asked again as Raven yawned.

"I'm fine." Raven yawned. "I didn't get much sleep."

Robin didn't look convinced. He'd never seen anyone just fall asleep like that.

"Why not?" he questioned keeping his arm round her shoulders.

Raven looked at him, "It was just one of those nights." she replied removing his arm and getting up to go to the medical cabernet to grab some aspirin for the headache she could feel starting.

Robin sat back down in his seat still not convinced. Cyborg came over with the waffles and Starfire came flying over taking a seat next to Robin. Beast Boy had broken Cyborg and he was happy to have his tofu waffles. He sat opposite Starfire and chewed away with his usual cheeky smile on his face. They all tucked into waffles. Raven had gone to the infirmary to get the aspirin and came back into the control room to get a glass of water to take them with.

"Hey Rae. I made waffles!" Cyborg looked at her.

"Yes friend Raven. Come and enjoy the delight of the waffles with us!" Starfire smiled.

"I'm not hungry." Raven said nonchalantly, walking back towards her room.

"What's wrong?" Cyborg asked as she grabbed the door handle.

"Nothing, I just lost my appetite." she answered and she left the room.

"I'll save her some for later then." Cyborg said putting two waffles on a plate. After 5 minutes, Robin was still anxious and decided to take her her breakfast.

"I'll take them to her now." Robin said taking the plate.

"But friend Raven said she wasn't requiring the food." Starfire said.

"Just because she said it doesn't mean she meant it." Robin said seriously leaving the table and heading out of the room. Robin walked down the corridors and finally arrived at Raven's room.

"Raven?" Robin knocked.

There was no reply.

"Raven? It's me? I brought you some waffles." Robin knocked again.

Raven didn't answer. Robin pressed his ear against the door trying to listen out for her. Silence…

"Raven?" Robin began to shout a little. He began to get worried and was tempted to type in her access code to open her room. But he knew Raven deserved her privacy. Raven had made in clear on numerous occasions that no one was meant to enter her room without her consent. Robin gave in to his temptation and typed in 30353.

The door slid open and Robin peered in.