It was only nine o'clock in the evening but they were all tired. It had been an emotional day for all of them. Only Robin remained in the infirmary. He watched Raven's chest move up and down slowly. She was out of danger for now but she was asleep. Robin was still holding her hand, he hadn't let go for two hours now.

"Raven. Please wake up. I know you're mad at me but we need to talk." Robin said to the sleeping empath. He got out his letter from Raven from his pocket and read it over and over again.

'Thank you Robin, and I hope you can forgive me… love your team mate and friend for life… Raven xx'

"I forgive you Rae."

Hearing those four words made Raven slowly open her eyes. She turned her head to the Boy Wonder who had his head down, and appeared to be crying.

"Thank you." she whispered.

Robin quickly looked up at Raven. He smiled.

"Raven! Thank God!" he said hugging her and giving her a kiss on the cheek. Raven winced.

"Oh sorry. Your arm right?" Robin asked with concern.

Raven lifted up her arm with difficulty and examined the fine stitching Cyborg had done.

"You read the letter." Raven whispered.

"How did you know?" he asked.

"My father told me." she said now avoiding eye contact. There was silence. Robin glanced down at the letter again and read a section of it aloud to her.

"Robin. I'm sorry, truly, truly sorry for this. I know you're feeling guilty and confused, so I'm going to clear things up for you. You are the only friend I feel I can tell this too, my reason for dying. But before I do, I just want to assure you I'm in a better place."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Robin said in a sympathetic tone squeezing her hand.

"What more is there to say. You read the letter, the others read their letters, someone found me lying there. That explains it all."

Robin couldn't bare to see Raven hurting like this.

"Raven. I can't stand to see you like this. I promise you if I'd known about all this I wouldn't have stopped until you felt better. I'm sorry I let you down."

"I was hoping to never have this conversation. I thought if I just downed those aspirins then it would all be over and I could be free from him. But, I'm still here." Raven burst into tears. Her body ached as she shook all over. Robin couldn't take this any longer.

"Oh Rae." he said as he embraced her into a hug, careful not to hurt her even more. His shoulder absorbed her tears and she cried away.

"You're never alone Rae and never will be. Now we know what's going on we can help you through this."

She continued to cry and shake.

"Who found me?"

Robin looked at her tear stained, pale face. He remembered back to that morning…

Raven was lying on the floor in a pool on blood. He dropped down to his knees beside her lifeless body. He gasped as he saw loads of scratches on her arm and white foam coming out of her mouth.

"I found you."

Raven looked him straight in the eye. She could see the pain she'd put him through.

"I'm sorry Robin. I'm really sorry." she whispered.

"You were just lying there. I saw your arm and foam coming out of your mouth. You were crumpled on the floor. I thought you were dead Raven and I'd never been so scared in my life. We'd talked just ten minutes before. But when I felt your pulse I had never been so happy."

"Oh my God!" Raven gasped.

"Don't worry Rae. You're alive." Robin smiled. He looked at her. She was breathing deeply and looked in pain.

"No… it's… my… stomach!" Raven breathed.

Robin put the oxygen mask back on her pale face. She took deep breaths as Robin lifted up her cape and saw blood soaking through her leotard. He ripped a hole in it and saw the huge wound where Cyborg had pumped her stomach.

"Don't worry Raven. Just take deep breaths and I'll go and get Cyborg."

"Robin!" Raven said in the loudest voice she could muster as he left the infirmary. He turned his head round the door.

"I'm so, so sorry for this. I'm so sorry." she cried in pain.

Robin walked back into the room and went up to her bed. He leaned forward and removed the oxygen mask. He planted a kiss on her lips.

"Don't be." he said as he put the oxygen mask back. He ran out of the room leaving Raven to put up with the pain.

Robin ran down the corridor until he got to Cyborg's room. He banged on the door and watched it slide open.

"Robin? What's up man?" he said yawning. He'd obviously been asleep.

"It's Raven. Her stomach hurts." Robin said.

"She's awake. Thank the Lord." Cyborg sighed as he and Robin ran back down the corridor to the infirmary.

"Hey Rae." Cyborg smiled observing the pumping wound.

"It really hurts." Raven moaned. Usually, if she was hurt she would suffer in silence. The others had learned that over the years they'd known her. But she knew this could be serious.

"I had to pump your stomach of the aspirins to save your life. The wound has opened up. I'll get you some methadone to help with the pain." Cyborg explained.

"No pills. Please, not again!" Raven whispered panicking a little. Robin sat next to her.

"I'll inject it. Don't worry." Cyborg smiled and rubbed Raven's arm comfortingly as he injected the methadone.

"That will kick in a minute." Cyborg grinned. "You have to take it easy for the next week."

"I'm sorry Cyborg, for everything." Raven said removing the mask. Cyborg pushed it back on.

"Let's just try and forget about it." he said.

The methadone started to kick in and Raven felt herself falling asleep. Robin and Cyborg watched her slip in and out of consciousness.

"I can't believe she even considered it." Cyborg sighed.

"She really regrets it though Cy. We had a chat and she couldn't stop apologising to us all."

"Probably thought she'd never have to again." Cyborg said. He didn't know how to feel.

"Do you want to know why?" Robin asked.

Cyborg looked at him and sat down. "Tell me."

"Raven kept on having dreams about Trigon. He reminded her of how alone she felt and how he'd always be there in her mind. The nightmares kept her up at night and she was exhausted. This morning while you were making waffles, she fell asleep at the table. I woke her up and she left to get the… aspirins. She felt more alone than ever and was exhausted with life. She wanted it all to end."

Cyborg had his head in his hands. "So, she attempted suicide because of some nightmares?"

"Yes." Robin said monotonously.

"That's how fragile she is? I knew that ever since the whole Trigon incident she'd been quieter than ever, but, why didn't she tell me?" Cyborg questioned.

"She suffers in silence. That's the way Raven is and always has been and always will be. She didn't tell us at first about her being a portal, or the day it was 'the end of the world'. She doesn't like to make a fuss. You know that." Robin said.

"I could've helped her." Cyborg sighed feeling guilty.

"You still can Cyborg. Raven is alive. We found her and she survived. She's still here and now we need to be there more than ever, but go make to normal as well. I know she's like a sister to you and you know what she's like. The next few days are going to be difficult but she opened up to me and she will to you." Robin put a hand on Cyborg's shoulder. Cyborg reflected on what he'd just said.

"You found her. You saved her life Robin. Thank you." Cyborg praised Robin. "I told you to take her breakfast to her later, but you didn't listen to me. A minute later and she might not be here." Cyborg turned his head to look at Raven sleeping.

Robin smiled at the half man- half robot beside him.

"We need to get some sleep. Raven will be fine for tonight." he said helping Cyborg off the chair.

"Night Raven." they said as they left the infirmary.

"Sweet dreams." Cyborg whispered.


Sorry it's a bad ending but I was having serious writers block. Thanks for reading and look out for my other stories. Love Hollie xoxox