Cyborg charged at the villain, nothing but negative thoughts going through his brain. The images of Raven crying on the floor surrounded by debris. The memory of Robin telling him about Laon hurting one of his best friends. Never before in his life had he ever felt so much hatred for one person, not even Slade, Brother Blood, or Trigon.

"You really think you can defeat me Cyborg? Don't make me laugh!" Laon taunted, as the fight was starting to unravel at the pier.

Cyborg fired his sonic cannon, only to miss when Laon jumped out of the way.


Before Laon could move, the huge weight of a green elephant landed on top of him, before changing quickly into a cheetah and biting his pale flesh. Laon hissed and threw the cheetah off of him. Beast Boy transformed back into himself, and watched as Starfire released a fury of star bolts at the villain. Laon laughed as he jumped in and out of them.

"I never knew that Raven could even make friends! Being the heartless demon that she-"

"Shut the hell up!" Cyborg threatened, punching Laon in the gut and face. Sadly, Orion decided to step in, and corned Cyborg at the edge of the pier, whilst Laon was being kept busy by Beast Boy and Starfire.

"Bring it."

"If you insist."

And with that, Orion sent an electrical beam straight at Cyborg, sending him flying into a nearby stationary ship.

"Cyborg!" Starfire called, but was punched by Laon in the back of the head. She crashed into the side of a warehouse, and was unconscious.

Laon laughed. "Bunch of weaklings!"

Beast Boy swooped down speedily from the sky, preparing an aerial attack on Laon. Unfortunately for him, Laon had heard him, and counterattacked by pulling out his sword and slashing Beast Boy's 'wing'. He quickly changed back into himself and saw a fresh gash on his arm leaking out blood. He looked to find Cyborg, but he was preoccupied fighting Orion.

"You're sick! You won't get away with what you've done to Raven!" Beast Boy said in a monotone.

"Oh please. Do you really think that you can stop me, when the others couldn't? Face it Beast Boy, you're the weakest of the lot. You have no chance!"

"You don't know what I can do!"

Beast Boy's overwhelming feelings of anger for Laon, and fear and worry for Raven became to much to bear. He fell down on all fours, and winced as claws burst out of his shoes, fur flew out covering his green skin, and his canine teeth lengthened, transforming into vicious jaws. He roared, and charged at Laon, his determination to kill the man fuelling the beast on.

For a moment, Laon was actually scared. The little rut growing into a beast wasn't what he was expecting. Thinking quickly, he used his sword to block the beast's punches and scratches. Neither of them were tiring. Beast Boy found a gap in Laon's defences and head butted Laon into the wall of the warehouse where Starfire was recovering.

Beast Boy roared once more, charging at Laon again. Suddenly, the beast stopped, panting furiously as he looked at the sight before him.

Laon had grabbed Starfire and was using her as a human shield. He smirked when he saw Beast Boy stop running. Starfire was more awake now, and realising her situation, started to struggle against Laon's strong grip. It was useless.

From the other side of the pier, Cyborg saw the scene with Laon unfolding, and was about to go over and help, when Orion sent another attack his way. Smoke was coming out of his circuits, and parts of his mechanical body were giving off sparks from where Orion's electrical energy had struck him.

"I'm getting real sick of you man." Cyborg breathed as he got up from the floor, charging his sonic cannon up to maximum power and aiming it at Orion's head.

"Well then just let me finish you off and I'll be on my way." Orion retorted, getting into a fighting stance.

"Not gonna happen."

"Your choice."

"Lets end this."

Orion paused.


Then his hands crackled with electrical energy. Cyborg's human eye widened when he saw a dangerous flash of light heading towards him. Smiling to himself, he ran while the smoke would still hide his figure, and looked back at Orion lying face down on the ground.

Starfire continued to struggle, and was still failing miserably. Laon thought he'd have a little 'fun', and tucked a wild strand of her long, vibrant hair behind her ear. Starfire gasped at the contact.

"Put. Her. Down."

"Don't worry. I won't hurt her. I prefer my women to be more… dark…"

Laon looked up, into a pair of dangerous eyes… hidden behind a black and white mask.


Next to Robin, Beast Boy transformed from the beast back into a human.

"Let her go Laon!" Robin threatened. He was not prepared to let another member of his team get hurt in the hands of this demon.

"She's not my type anyway. Too happy!" Laon threw Starfire to the side, where she was caught by Cyborg, who had come out of hiding after being saved by Robin's exploding disk.

"You freaks are really starting to get on my last nerve!" Laon shouted, picking his sword up off the floor. "Especially you Robin."

"I tend to do that when one of my best friends gets raped and abandoned by a supposed friend." Robin spat.

Beast Boy shuddered, and Starfire stiffened in Cyborg's arms. Both of them had a good idea about what had happened between Raven and Laon, but their suspicions were never confirmed. There had been no time from when Laon had locked Raven in the infirmary, to this present moment, to ask Robin or Cyborg for the story. Hearing Robin say that sentence made everything seem more real.

"You were meant to be her oldest friend! You and that other bastard! Yet you abuse her to the point where she's sick with exhaustion and fear! What kind of friend would ever do that!?" Robin continued, venom poisoning everyone of the words coming out of his mouth.

"She's a filthy half demon. She caused the end of the world. She's a monster!" Laon smirked. All the Titans surrounded Laon in a circle. Anger was apparent on all of their faces, and the four teenagers were using all their willpower not to kill the man right that moment.

"Plus, she has a hot bod-"

They never let him finish. Robin sent 5 birdarangs flying towards Laon. Cyborg sent the most powerful shot of power towards Laon that his sonic cannon could muster. Starfire's eyes glowed green as she fired her eyebeams and star bolts. Beast Boy changed into a snake, and spat venom at his target.

There was huge explosion as all the attacks met in the middle, and the Titans were sent flying backwards. Sitting up, rubbing his now sore head, Robin saw the silhouette of Laon lying on the ground. He and others stood up and took a step forward.

Evil laughter filled the silent night air. The Titans looked, wide eyed, as the smoke cleared, and they saw him surrounded in a orange aura, similar to Raven's. The laughter continued, sending shivers down each of their spines, as Laon stood upright, turned around, and faced his foes.

"I'm invincible Titans! No one can stop me! And with your precious Raven powerless… you have no hope of surviving this battle!"

The Titans regrouped, facing the villain, as they withdrew their weapons.

"Laon must be destroyed! He has caused so much hurt to Friend Raven. He shall not live!"

"Raven is the strongest person I know. If she can survive against this dude, then so can I!"

"No one hurts my sister and gets away with it! Laon's gonna pay… with blood!"

"This man has destroyed Raven's life. He has made her lose her trust in us. He has broken her down in more ways than one. We haven't lost a battle, and this one isn't going to be an exception! I love her too much. We're gonna win… for Raven!"

"For Raven."

"For Raven."

"For Raven."