This story is dedicated to all hard workers of Zatch Bell fanfictions. This story is also dedicated to Twilight Memories, Zeno Bell, Rahkshi500, and Sphey Sei.


Main Characters

Book Owner Mamodo Name First Spell

Jason(me) Zatch Zakar- lightning shoots out of mouth

Kayla Kolulu Zeruk- transform into a monster with claws

Chelsea Tia Seoshi- rounded sphere like sheild

Ralph Rops Rigron- shoots hooked ropes to lift objects

Rahk Zaoron Erudo- staff he carries grows

Minor Characters (more than one episode appearances)

Twilight Brago Reis- Dark ball is fired

Mike Esthros Groundam- causes ground to crush opponent

Caleb Zeno Zakar- dark lightning fired from hand

Chris Kido Zegar- fires small energy cannon from mouth

Now for the story!

"AHHHH! BUGS!" screamed Ralph at the top of his lungs. He grabbed the lysol and sprayed everywhere in the boys bathroom and they all scurried away. Then he saw a lady bug and screamed. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he ran out of the bathroom screaming still with his towel.

Everyone laughed at him as he ran. Then he ran to his locker.

One of the people laughing was his friend Jay. He had a towel around his neck and chuckled at the sight of his best friend afraid of bugs. He went over to talk to him about after school when he saw his arch enemy Mike making fun of Ralph and his other friend chris.

Jason's POV

-Not again. I'm gonna beat the shit out of that kid if he doesn't stop making fun of my friends.-

I walked up to Mike.

"Hey Loser. Why don't you pick on someone your own size." I said.

"Hey look! It's loser number three."

"Wow! You can actually count to three!" i said scowling at him.

"You better watch it big boy. Cause I got a weapon now that no one can defeat. He's unstoppable." He gave me a dirty look and just walked away.

"I hate him so much!" said Chris. Chris grabbed his bookbag and walked out of the locker room.

After me and Ralph changed we started to walk to science.

"Did you watch Zatch Bell the other day?"

"Yea. I felt bad for Apollo. Rops was so cool." I said.

"No. I hated Rops. I hate bugs." said Ralph.

I laughed and said. "Ralph, you need to get over the bug thing."

"Yea... But they bother me, I bother them."

The next 42 minutes were dull... The science teacher gets more boring each day.

After school I walked home alone. As I passed Ryder Road I saw a garbage pail shaking, and I heard grunting inside. I grabbed a branch that was there beside the pail. I stuck it in the pail and started poking and yelling.

"Die! Die Die!"

I heard "Ow! Stop it! Please! OWWW!"

He poked his head outside the pail and I gasped.

"Hi there! I'm Zatch..."

"Bell..." I said cutting him off.

He looked at me strangely and said. "Do I know you from somewhere?"

"No... But I know you... no... no way... look kid. I think it's nice you want to play dress up but stop joking. Go home." I said as I started to walk away. He jumped out of the garbage pail and started to follow me while whistling.

"Kid. Go home." i said stopping him.

"But I don't have a home. I'm serious. And my name really is Zatch Bell!"

"Look. When we get back to my place we'll put up some flyers and call the police."

"Uh.. Ok... Are we going to get kiyo?"

I looked at him oddly. "Maybe we need to call the mental institution instead..."

He pouted at me. "Listen here! I am Zatch Bell! I even have my book."

"What is it? The little card game book?"

He gave me a confused look. "Card game... anyway... Looky here." he said as he pulled out a red book from under his shirt.

I gasped upon seeing this. It was an authentic spell book. The cover wasn't cheap cardboard and the pages inside were all blue strange symbols. And then... I saw one page with red letters. I read it. It said First Spell: Zakar.

I immediately shut the book. "No no no no no no. This isn't happenin." I said as i dropped the book. Zatch caught and kept walked with me.

"Did you just read it?" he asked.

"I thought I did. But I think I was seeing things..." I said to him.

"But Kiyo's my spell... Now I know!" he said happily. He ran up to be and handed me the book. As soon as we both touched it together it glowed like it had never. It opened itself to the last page. There were some more red symbols on the last page.

It read: To all remaining mamodos. There has been a alter in the time stream sending you all to a different universe. You are to find a new book owner as soon as possible and protect yourself from anything else that could have crossed over from any other universes. Remain safe and enjoy the rest of your battle.

I thought for a minute that this would be awesome. But then... In the anime series... they all do get hurt pretty bad. Maybe I should just burn his book and not get in trouble... No. Zatch was practically the main character in the show and I wouldn't let him down.

I took him into the house. Immediately he ran into the house and started jumping everywhere. By the time I took the key out of the socket the house was already a mess. That night I washed him, fed him and ... had to read him a bed time story.

The next day as I get ready for school I saw him in my dad's dark blue gym bag.

"Ready to go to school JAy?"

"Zatch... I'm sorry but you really can't go to school with me. Don't you have Volcan or something?"

"No... He's not here with me anymore..." he said sadly.

"MERUMERUMEI!" yelled something from outside.

I opened the door and Ponygon was standing right there jumping around.

"O brother..." i said sighing.

Ponygon jumped up and bit my hand.

"OUCH!" i screamed in pain.

"Zatch. Watch Ponygon. I hope you'll be responsible enough to not wreck the house while I'm gone."

-Then again... maybe i should take him to the park.-

"Zatch. Nevermind. Come on. I'll take you and Ponygon to the park."

"Hooray!" yelled Zatch.


When we got to school I saw Ralph hiding behind some trees. He would run quickly to one and then duck. I walked over to him.

"Ralph. what are you doing?"

"Hiding! There's a giant ladybug following me! It looks exactly like Rops!" he yelled scared.

"Ralph. Calm down. I have Zatch and Ponygon with me." I said calming him down.

"Your crazy too? How is this happening! There cartoon characters!" he said. Then we both heard Rops yelling while running down the street. A few people screamed.

-Hmmm... Maybe if Ralph and Rops both touch the book at the same time it'll flash like it did for me!- I thought.

"Mi Mi mi mi mi!" said Rops. Rops handed Ralph the book and when they both touched it, it lit up like mine did yesterday.

"Flip to the back page." I said.

Ralph did and there in sky blue letters for him was the same note I hand gotten.

He closed the book and was as astonished as I was. Then we both heard an explosion from the back of the school. Everyone was running away screaming monsters or something like that.

It took us about a minute to run to the back of the school.

We were going to have to make another big turn and take about another 30 seconds but we were going to slow.

"Everyone stop!" said Ralph. "Rops! Rigron!" he yelled and Rops grabbed Ralph, Zatch, Ponygon, and me onto the roof. Boy that bug is strong.

We ran to the other side of the roof to see in the distance Mike with the mamodo Eshros and Chris with Kido.

We started to jump down little by little and we ran towards Chris. We were about 50 feet away now.

"Zegar!" yelled Chris.

"ClaySheild!" yelled Mike and the Zegar was blocked.

"Mike! Use it now!" yelled Eshros.

"Right. Groundam!" and the earth from underneath them came on them like a sandwich.

"Rigron!" yelled Ralph and Rops managed just in time to get Chris and Kido out of there.

Then Mike and Eshros saw us.

"Give it up Mike! You'll never beat us." I said out loud.

Eshros was astonished by this sight. "Mike. We must be careful. He is very strong."

"Don't worry Eshros. These guys are losers. We'll crush them."

"If you say so."

"We'll deal with you losers later. But now. Take a parting gift. Groundbao!" he yelled and the ground beneath us exploded. We all flew back and a giant rock was about to crush us.

I grabbed my book. "My turn!" I pointed my finger at the rock. "Zakar!"

Zatch blasted thunder out of his mouth. It exploded the rock and only sand fell on us. When the dust cleared Mike and Eshros were gone. And half of the school was blown up.

I helped the others up.

"How did he already have three spells?" asked Ralph.

"Well yesterday he did say he had a weapon. He could've had him for awhile now. and we don't know when the mamodo's got here." I said. Then I turned to Zatch.

"How long have you guys been here?"

"About a month maybe." he replied.

"Well that explains it." said Chris.

I looked at both Chris and Ralph's books.

"Eventually were gonna have to fight." I said.

"But until then were not." replied Chris.

After that we left Zatch, Kido, Rops, and Ponygon and another park down the street.

At school they annouced that the school year would end because of what happened. It was June first anyway.

After school we all went back to my house. I got on my computer and went to fanfiction. I first called my friend Kayla and she told me she had a little girl name Kolulu with her. I told her to come over. After I hung up I search my fanfiction friend who's name is Sephy Sei. I read her profile and saw the place.

I spun around my chair.

"Guys. Were going to Shelby, Ohio."

I wrote her a private message telling what happened so far. I told her she probably would think I'm crazy but I told her I would meet her someplace and would try to get in touch with her when we got there.

"She might call the police guys. But I think I trust her."

"Guys. I'm sorry but my dad is taking me to Russia this summer." said Chris upset.

"RUSSIA?" yelled Ralph and me.

"Yes. I'm really sorry guys. I hope to guys win the battle or whatever. I'll call you at the end of the summer." he said as he walked out my room and left the house.

"Well that leaves You, me, and Kayla."

Then the doorbell rang. Kayla let herself in with the spare key I gave her.

I told her where we were going. Kayla got her parent's to book us some tickets to Ohio. We told them we were going to visit a camp friend.

"I told my Dad I was going to visit a camp friend too so we're all ready to go."

We got to airport and boarded flight 150.

We were about to start the biggest adventure of our lives.