Author's Note: Sorry for the super long wait. I had lost my outline of MTJA and my mom threw it out but then I found a picture of it... and so on. But anyway, have you ever noticed the most amount of spells a mamodo has had was around fifteen. Well the spell books are literally books... Big books! So maybe there are other spells but they don't get unlocked in the battle. Maybe different emotions effect the spells to be unlocked except the first. So that's what I'll be emphasizing in this. Kolulu might have some different spells:O And some of the spells will be out of order. Enjoy!

"Yea... OK... I gotta run now... I know! BYE!" screamed Chelsea slamming the phone onto its receiver. Jason and Ralph were arguing on the other line what to do in Canada.

Jason and Ralph were in Canada for four more days.

Chelsea and Tia walked to the park and had a little brunch. Tia was playing with a little doll while Chelsea used a nearby pay phone to call her mom in Ohio. She said that a little green boy wouldn't stop following Molly and always sang. Not only that but Mason and Ted had a little run in with Reycom...

Mason cleaned his bike in the garage with a rag towel. He finally finished polishing it! "Cool! Wanna go ride it?" asked Ted. "Sure!" replied Mason. "Lemme ask my mom first though."

Ted and Mason went to Mrs. Kyoto and begged her. In the end they'd won. A/N- Children beating adults? What kind of sick cruel world is this! Haha, alright now back to the story!

Ted got on the bike while Mason rode on a little cushion he originally installed for Ted... They stop to grab a bite to eat at the Pizza Parlor. When they walked out... "Gikor" said Randy... standing not to far away with Reycom. Ted grabbed Mason and flew out of the way.

"Mason! Read the book! Cast the first spell!" yelled Ted. Mason stuttered looking for the book. It was back at the parlor. He left it in there. Mason ran back in while Ted was hiding behind a bush.

Mason walked out and read aloud, "Doraguna! Narguru!"

Reycom looked over at Mason not seeing Ted. "Huh?"

"Oh Reycom..." said Ted. He punched him dead in the chin with a powerful uppercut. Reycom flew back a twenty feet. "Give up while you still can." taunted Ted. "Yea!" agreed Mason.

At the Kyoto Residence...

Molly walked around the living room with a boy wearing a green jump suit, carrying a green book followed her.

"What do I have to do to get you away from me!" yelled Molly. The boy smiled. "Yopopoi!"

Back at the Pizza Parlor...

"Gikor!" Ted ran up to the ice and punched through it. The ice stopped but didn't shatter. Mason watched Ted amazed. His spell book glowed. "Ted! I can read it! I can read the next line!" said Mason jumping with joy.

"SO READ IT!" yelled Ted. Mason grinned and called out, "Sekan Naguru!"

Ted moved super fast dodging all the Gikor spells Randy said. Ted punched Reycom many times. "Let's get outta here!" said Randy. Randy ran and Reycom shortly after admitting defeat followed.

"Awesome job Mason. I can't believe we already got the second spell!" mentioned Ted.

"I don't understand much about you manga guys except that Jason and Chelsea love your show but I do remember that horse guy getting his second spell quick too!" said Mason.

"Yes, maybe it has something to do with strengthening spells." replied Ted. "Whatever," finished Mason as he took a bite into his pizza in the parlor again.


"Yopopo?" thought Chelsea, "Nah..." Chelsea walked back and finished her sandwhich. Afterwards she packed up. They walked walked around the city visiting some sites. Then Tia wanted to run to the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge and Chelsea trailed her tracks. They read the middle little information section about the bridge.

"Akur," said a voice behind them. Chelsea quickly thought, 'Hey... isn't that...' a shot of water impacted Chelsea directly on her back making her fall forward and over the edge:O! Tia dove and caught Chelsea's hand while struggling to hold onto the railing. "Don't worry Chelsea!" said Tia. "I got ya!" Chelsea teared and saw Tia struggling for both their lives. Tia slowly got Chelsea able to grab onto the platform. They both were trying hard to hold onto the bridge. The mamodo came to the railing. Penny...

"Your dead Penny!" screamed Tia.

"Oh really?" said Penny.

"On the contrair..." said Anthony, Penny's book owner who walked to the railing.

"Akur!" he shouted. Tia and Chelsea slipped and began to fall to their doom.

Chelsea quickly pulled her book from her pack and yelled "The first spell! Seoshi!" Tia held out her hands as the dome like shield was sinter-grated on top of the water. Chelsea and Tia hit hard onto it but the spell power kept them from getting hurt. Penny looked over the side and laughed.

"Not one of your best ideas..." started Chelsea angry. "The Second Spell! Saisu!" Tia launched a non returning boomerang like blade and it caught Penny off balance. She didn't fall though.

"Jikier," a wave of air picked up Tia and chelsea. Chelsea looked up to see Alison and Hyde and smiled as they disappeared into the air right after they landed Tia and Chelsea onto to bridge.

"Akur!" yelled Anthony again. "Seoshi!" responded Chelsea as the water washed over the dome. "Saisu!" yelled Chelsea after the shield disappeared. "Ashield," called out Anthony and the saisu attack dissolved into the water spinning shield.

"Migron," shouted Andrew standing ten feet away. Chelsea and Tia were pulled out of the way. "Milago!" said Andrew and Reira began to control a giant water geyser. Cars on the bridge started to crash. Penny and Anthony literally dove into the geyser! They swam in it down into the bay. Tia and the others rushed to the railing to see Penny and Anthony swimming to shore safely. Andrew and the others got off the bridge before anyone arrived. While they were at a good distance they saw copters and cars parked all around the bridge. They hoped they weren't seen.


"Let's go Caleb, now..." said Zeno sternly.

"Shut up Zeno, I know," replied Caleb bitterly walked past Zeno even shoving him to the side a bit.

"Why you little!" said Zeno. The he put his hand and and his cloak extended to grab Caleb. Caleb immediately turned around and grabbed the cloak, then sending a electrical current through Zeno.

"Ah!" cried Zeno falling to his knees.

"Your not the only one." said Caleb maniacally, walking away. "I'm different now Zeno. That little piece of crap you called your book-owner is no more." Caleb grabbed Zeno by the tuck of his cloak. "You will not manipulate me ANYMORE."

"You do you think you really are?" asked Zeno generally.

"Someone with a screwed up destiny." replied Caleb.

Zeno rolled his eyes and sighed, "Caleb, you have no idea..."

"Why? What's your problem?" asked Caleb picking up a flower and watching it die in the palm of his hand.

"No problem, just creates a lot of unnecessary events. Like my brother Zatch, that little runt." said Zeno softly.

"Why are you so bent on destroying him? He's your brother... let alone your TWIN brother..." mentioned Caleb.

"You don't get anything, he stole my power. Father always liked him best. But I'll show the world, I'll show everyone how much better I am when Zatch is destroyed!" Zeno started to laugh evilly.

"Whoa there little dude. Little white flag floating up. Something tells me this stuff never works out..."

"What?" asked Zeno. "Being evil and all that jazz. Don't be a little prick Zeno. Have some respect, some pride in who you are." replied Caleb.

"What the (F curse inserted here) do you think I'm doing? Being evil is what I do you turd."

Caleb started to cough constantly. "No! Not yet! I don't want to go back yet!" he yelled.

"Alright, now what the hell are you doing?" asked Zeno. Caleb started going back in transformation into a frightened boy and a evil teenager.

Caleb quickly drank a silver liquid. He stopped coughing and remained an evil teen.

"That was a magic potion... Where did you get that?" asked Zeno.

Caleb quickly scorned at him. "Don't talk to me unless I talk to you. And if I told you, I'd have to kill you which I wouldn't mind."

"I'd like to see you try! You think your so tough! So let's now have a fight worthy enough so I can rub it in your big fat ass." said Zeno punching the air.

"If I did try, you wouldn't see much of anything but the back of your head." smirked Caleb walking away laughing.

"Your so weird," commented Zeno.

"I get that a lot. I guess I shouldn't be surprised when it would come from you."

"My God, I don't think I can describe what I'm thinking," muttered Zeno to himself. "Dufort has got some competition on his hands..."

They began to walk towards a city. Then from behind a tree... came Dufort...


Kayla and Kolulu didn't have much to do so they walked through out San Francisco seeing some sites and just taking a walk. Kolulu sang while pretending Tina could fly. They got to the bottom of Lombard Street and turned the corner. There stood Bari and his book owner named Neo. Kayla gasped and Kolulu got into a fighting stance.

"Hello, Kolulu," said Bari.

"Hello Bari..." responded Kolulu coldly.

"Kayla?" asked Kolulu


"Whatever you do... don't read the book."

"Zonis!" said Neo. Kolulu shoved Kayla out of the way and took the hit. "Zonis!" said Neo again. This time Kolulu barely dodged it. She jumped up grabbed onto a flagpole and flip kicked Bari. Bari laughed and smacked her to the ground before she hit him.

"Fools! You can't beat me!" yelled Bari. Kayla cried and reached for the pink spell book in her shoulder pack.

"No Kayla!" yelled Kolulu. Kolulu went to head-butt Bari but he kneed her in the face and she fell to the floor. Kayla grew sadder and sadder. Kolulu was hurt bad. Kayla wiped away a tear and turned to the first spell page in the book. Kolulu struggled to hold her arm up and say, "No... Kayla... please..." Kayla wiped away another tear and said, "I'm sorry... Zeruk"