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The Day You Died

I laughed the day you died. You heard. I laughed.

It was so ironic... of course you would die. Why did I believe anything else?

You went out in battle, a blaze of glory. Of course you would.

But it wasn't the last. Why did I believe you would be there?

The powers that be chose one reality where 'we' would never be. It was this one.

All those years we avoided it. We could've been doing something, screwing the regs, literally. Retiring, resigning, transferring.

But no, we waited, believing we would get our chance. Then you died.

I laugh at how ironic it all is, as bitter tears fall down my face.

Jack O'Neill, I laughed the day you died.


AN: If you didn't guess it was Sam's POV. Scary! What a weird story to come to me while I'm brushing my teeth. Oh I thought of adding a little extra. If you want it ask, a slightly different ending.