Title: Marie

Summery: He had no idea what had gotten into her but she had been like that all morning and half of the afternoon.

Disclaimer: As if I could own these characters

Rating: um, K?

He narrowed his eyes and his breath hitched as he watched her bring her thumb to her mouth and bit down on the long edge of a bare nail. She gave him a sly smile.

He gave a warning growl. It did nothing; it rarely worked with her anyway.

She gave a breathy laugh and turned quickly to run in the opposite direction, leaving him to stare at a long wave of brown and white hair and the sound of husky giggles echoing.

He threw the rag he was using to clean his bike on the floor and walked to follow her. No way was he running. He was a bad ass after all.

He had no idea what had gotten into her but she had been like that all morning and half of the afternoon.

He knew she could flirt and she could be sexy as hell when she wanted to seduce, he knew both first hand. He'd never been able to deny her anything anyway.

Besides why fight when he wanted it as well.

He took his gloves out and followed her sent to the pool house. She had been gloveless when she started messing with him in the garage. He was the one person she didn't wear her gloves around and it gave him a primal satisfaction to know that she trusted him that much.

He was pulling on the second glove when he heard the music. He gave a feral smile. Black Magic Woman, that's what he called her. She had to be a one to make him promise that he would take care of her when he had only known her for no more than half a day.

And to make him stick around long enough and give up Jean anything else that happened to look good in short skirt and a halter-top. But that was his taste of the past.

His taste now ran towards women that had long brown hair and read the classic authors and liked hockey (a trait from him he was sure) and football and learning inane trivia and liked rockabilly music and considered two of the main food groups to be sweet tea and fried chicken.

His girl knew how to cook.

He rounded the pool house and stopped in his tracks. She had changed her clothes.

Before she was wearing khaki slacks and a tank top, now she was wearing a charmeuse slip dress; at least he thinks that's what she called it when she saw it in the window at the mall the night before. It was the deep green one. He thinks he'll drool at any moment.

He was right before and he was right now. She looked damn good in it. It was shiny and glossy looking. It looked like either satin or silk, he couldn't tell which. Something he was damn proud of, he even found himself surprised that he remembered what she called the dress last night.

She stopped her dancing when she caught sight of him and gave another smile, this time a shy one.

"You like?" She asked and then did a half curtsy. And then she moved forward and instead of kissing his sides burn like she always did she kissed him on the mouth.

And nothing happened.

Two seconds go by and then five and three and half minutes later they're on a very thin line for public indecency and she breaks away.

He studies her, his Marie. His now touchable Marie and slowly takes one glove off.

Her lips are swollen and her hair is now mussed and disordered and her eyes are glazed, but what appeals the most to him is that she is studying him back as well.

He gets the second glove off and offers her the hand he stretches out to her.

This times she giggles happily and shakes her head and takes off into the woods that surround the pool house.

This time he runs, after all, it's not pansy like to chase after your prey.