Something So Human

Disclaimer: I unfortunately own nothing of "Supernatural".

When Dean woke up that morning, it was to the smell of egg and cheese sandwiches and hash browns sitting on the hotel room table. Sam was sitting at the table, flipping through a newspaper, one of the sections already lying crumpled in the trash can.

"Thanks Sammy," Dean said, yawning and making his way to the table, immediately grabbing two of the sandwiches and three hash browns. He flipped through the paper. "Where's the front section?"

"I threw it away," Sam answered, handing Dean the comics. "I thought we could use a break from all that depressing news." Dean snorted, glared at him, and reached for the section in the trash. Sam slapped his hand hard. "I said no, Dean."

"Sam, you are being weirder than usual, let me tell you that." Sighing, Dean settled into the chair and finished his breakfast, standing up upon completion. "C'mon. We gotta go to the bank. We need some funds."

"We have a bank account?" Sam asked in confusion, standing up also and grabbing his coat.

"Well, if by we you mean Luke Ford, then yes, yes we do," Dean answered with a grin, heading towards the car. Sam followed, and within moments the boys were at the local branch of Express Bank.

"Sammy, my boy, why don't you wait in those chairs over there?" Dean said with a smirk, already striding towards the cute female teller at the nearest window. Without waiting for Sam's reply, Dean leaned on the counter and flashed the teller a smile. "Hi…Daisy," he said, reading her nametag. "I need to withdraw some funds. You look like the kind of girl who could help me with that."

Suddenly from the front of the bank came screams, and then a deep voice barking, "Alright this is a holdup! Just give us the money we want and the boy goes free!"

Dean knew. For a moment he stood frozen, hands clasping the counter, feeling irrationally that if he just never turned around, none of this would actually be happening. But his body rotated on its own, and Dean found himself facing his own nightmare. A man in a dark blue ski mask held a gun pressed to Sam's temple.