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Summary: takes off after HBP and the final Battle between Harry and Voldermort, with of course the Harry Draco 'interaction' being at the center. so yes this is slach and spoiler for HBP.


Harry Hermione and Ron left for number four Privet Drive not to long after the funeral, Harry hadn't intended to stay longer then he had to at his uncle's home. When he had got there it was a shock for the Dursley's not only had Harry shown up early but he had brought two more 'freaks' with him as Uncle Vernon so eloquently put it. Ron of course had, had the pleasure of meeting the Dursley's back in 4th year, but Hermione was lucky enough to go this long with out meeting the last bit of Harry's family, and the experience wasn't with out excitement. When Harry had entered the house he was met with his shocked aunt that was alone in the house since Vernon was still at work, and Dudley was still off at school.

"Wait till Vernon gets here he wont stand for trespassers," Petunia tried to sound threatening but her fear was showing through to much.

"Yes Aunt Petunia," Harry had just nodded and lead his two friends upstairs to his prison of a room.

"Goodness Harry your aunt is.." Hermione began.

"Horrid? Yes she is," Harry finished Hermione's statement flatly while looking for something under his bed.

Hermione and Ron took in the sight of Harry's small room the sporadic papers tacked to the walls along with some Gryffindor memorabilia. The two shared a look but kept their mouth shut. Ron leaned against the wall next to the window, and Hermione took a seat at the foot of the broken down bed watching Harry gather what looked to be random items. After a few moments Harry seemed to have gotten everything he needed. The three of them didn't talk much, mostly cause Petunia kept sneaking up (badly) to spy on their conversation. But at a certain point Petunia stopped coming upstairs.

"I'm thinking Uncle Vernon will be getting home soon," Harry said suddenly looking at the clock that was next to his bed. Hermione seemed to be getting nervous after he had said that.

"He wont do anything Hermione, right Harry?" Ron tried to reassure the girl.

"Yeah don't worry, you've got me and Ron incase if he was stupid enough to do anything." Harry grinned. The arrival of uncle Vernon was a rather noise affair.

"Where is he and those freaks he brought with him!" came the angry voice sounding all the way up to Harry's room causing Hermione and Ron to jump. Harry took a deep breath and went down to meet his angry uncle. "You, why are you here, and why did you bring your freaky friends with you?" Vernon asked shortly his fat face turning red, "Did they boot you out of that joke of a school?"

"No I wasn't booted out, there were problems this year and school was ended early this term, and I wouldn't worry about me and my friends, I just wanted to tell you that I wont be coming back here after this." Harry explained his temper rising.

"Finally, well get out, we never wanted you here to begin with, take all your abnormal nonsense out of my house," Vernon shouted pointing at the door.

The two people that were in Harry's room came out and stood behind Harry on the stairs Hermione stood behind Ron holding on to his arm as Harry shouted back at his uncle, "That's fine I never asked to be dumped here in the first place, and then to have to come back every summer, you we're terrible people to live with, and I'm glade to finally leave this place once and for all." Harry moved past his uncle opening the door, "Now I'm taking my 'freaky' friends and leaving, you got my bag Ron?"

"Yes Harry," the red head held a bag in his left hand, and took a hold of Hermione's hand and led her after him keeping his eyes on the large man till they were out of the door.

When they were finally out on the sidewalk Hermione spoke up, "Well that was interesting."

"Well I'm just glad I'm finally free of that house," Harry smiled looking from the house to his friends, "Here give me my bag." Ron handed over the bag, and Harry noticed that the two were still holding hands he smirked at the two. Ron, and Hermione looked questioningly to Harry then realized what he was looking at. They let go of each other Ron sticking his hands into his pockets, and Hermione's face flushed slightly.

"Well now it's off to the Burrow then," the red head grinned.

"Well for you two maybe, but mum wants me to go home for awhile so I wont see you till Bill and Fleur's wedding I guess," Hermione sighed.

"That's alright, we'll try not to have to much fun with out you," Ron smiled.

The sun was setting and they needed to get going if they were going to get back to the Burrow on time. The three of them took the Knight bus dropping Hermione off, and then headed to Ron's, when they got to the Burrow it was dark. Ron knocked on the door seeing as they were still doing the security questions, and Molly called through the door. "Who is it?"

"Me and Harry mum," Ron told the door.

"You know what you have to do," came Molly's muffled voice, "Who is it?"

"But mum..." He tried to keep from whining to much, but nothing opened silence fell around them. "Fine, it's your lil' baby boy and, your pride and joy," Ron got out quickly, hearing Harry chuckling behind him, "shut up Harry."

When Molly opened the door she was met with a glaring Ron, and a grinning Harry she pulled both of them in hugging them tightly as the entered. "I was starting to get worried, so I take it everything went well then?" She gave Harry a sad smile.

"About as well as I expected," Harry shrugged.

"Well go get cleaned up, supper will be done soon," Molly pushed the boys out of the kitchen.

The two made their way up to Ron's room that they would be sharing, "Oh its great to be in my bed again," Ron grinned flopping on his bed, "I see mum already put our stuff away."

It was true molly had put all of Ron and harry's things way, except for a few things that were placed on Harry's bed for him to take care of. Harry sighed and put the things off to the side for now and sat on his bed head in hands. Ron just looked on silently at his friend. After a few days Harry started to feel a little stir crazy he wanted out to do things, he had exhausted everything he had to find out the RAB mystery. He and Ron knew that the order was still encountering Voldemort's followers, and Harry and Ron wanted to help. After several heated conversation's on why they shouldn't Remus and Molly were the loudest in that debate, but it was Moody that gave a convincing reason why they should. "They can either join up now, and get what they need to learn how to do it right, or they get left behind and then one day get cornered and that would be the end of it."

Harry wasn't going to tell that he was sure it wouldn't be some Death Eater that cornered him that would kill him, but Moody seemed to have hit a note with it, so he and Ron had kept their mouths shut. Grudgingly Harry and Ron were allowed to join the Order thought they weren't going to let them go out on missions with out having a few others along with.

A few nights later, they were walking carefully around the dark room though they hadn't heard anything still caution was the best thing right now with Death Eaters lurking around. The warning had come in late that night, some of the dark lords followers had been seen around a presumed abandoned building. Voldemort has been tuning remote empty buildings into bases, but by the time the Order had found out about them the buildings were protected by charms and spells, so they had to start trying to watch more carefully of the outlining areas. When they had gotten to where the Death Eaters had been seen the was nothing just a broken down building, the eight of them broke into three parts to search the area.

Bill Tonks, and Moody went around the back, Arthur, and Kingsley covered the sides, and Ron Remus and Harry went into the front. They were mostly the diversion to flush the Death Eaters out to the awaiting members outside. When the three entered the poorly light building Remus lead the two younger listening carefully to what ever noise that sounded. Harry didn't hear so much as saw two figures move around a broken wall, and hid behind a crumbled support beam in a dark corner. He tried to not act as if he saw them trying to get Remus' attention but when he got close to the werewolf he heard the sound of someone's voice shouting a curse.

Harry yelled, "Get down!" at Ron pushing the other man down out of the way. The sound of bodies hitting the wooden floor, and two other running across the room.

"Go get out," one of the masked men shouted at the other aiming his wand and throwing another curse at the dodging Harry, "MOVE!" he shouted pulling the stationary Death Eater after him.

Harry tried to hit the apparent main Death Eater with a stunning spell but all the broken beams got in the way. The three chased after the two dark figures out of the building as they avoided hexes that were being flung at them as the ran for the woods. Before the two finally reached the wooded safety Moody hit the leading Death Eater bringing him down quick and hard. The other made the mistake of hesitating when his leader went down, and got winged with a hex that tore at his arm. The man ran for the cover of the woods again as the order closed in on him, running hard gripping his wounded arm the hooded man almost made it to the cover but lost his footing and tripped over a collection of rocks. Falling to the ground wounded arm, and a possible sprang ankle, but pulled his wand none the less holding out at the approaching group. "Exspelliarmus," Bill called knocking the wand out of the cloaked man's grip. Moody Kingsley and Arthur tended to the bigger Death Eater that was unconscience a few yards back. Harry Ron, and Tonks hung back a few steps behind Remus and Bill as they approached the defeated looking Death Eater as he laid down on the ground holding his arm breathing hard.

As they realized he was now basically harmless they stood over him as Remus kneeled next to the panting man, "Who are you?" the man shook his head, "Vary well then." Remus sighed reaching out pulling the white mask off the man turned his head the hood hiding his face. Lupin puled the hood back revealing the profile of the Death eater.

"Malfoy?" Harry whispered. Draco didn't look at him just kept his face turned frowning gripping his arm tighter.

"I still don't think that strong of a curse was necessary Moody," Arthur said following the strange looking fellow up to the group.

"Well it wasn't that strong, it didn't kill him," Moody chuckled sounding slightly disappointed, "And who is this one?" he asked pushing Ron to the side, "Why isn't it young mister Malfoy."

Harry turned his attention from Malfoy to Moody, "Where is the other one?"

"Oh Kingsley took him, and we should be getting him to join his friend," Moody grinned looking at the boy.

"Yes but we have to take him to St. Mungos first," Remus said looking pointedly at Moody.

"I'll take him," Bill offered kneeling next Draco holding on to his arm tightly handing Remus the boys wand, and he disappeared with a pop.

"You two should go back to the Burrow," Lupin stood tucking Malfoys wand into his jacket, "Moody and I will join Bill at St. Mungos." Before Harry could protest Moody and Lupin disappeared with the same pop Bill and Malfoy did.

"Come on boys, I'm sure Molly is working herself into a right state," Arthur smiled.

Harry frowned trying to keep his mouth shut till later. When Harry and Ron showed up at the Burrow Molly was waiting outside for them with a wrap around her shoulders. Arthur walked them up to the house, when Molly had enveloped the boys into a strangling hug, "I still wish you boys wouldn't go out with the others." she said forcefully not letting them go.

"But mum we're fine, it wasn't all that bad really," Ron tried to calm his mother, but some how had the opposite effect.

"Ron never think that it's never 'that bad' one spell that's all it would take," she held him out in front of her shaking the red head slightly to get her point across, and pulled Ron back into a crushing hug.

Harry thankfully dodged that one and he stood in the doorway, as Arthur got Ron free of his mum. Ron quickly joined Harry waving to his dad, "Bye Dad." "Bye mister Weasley," Harry waves as well.

"Night boys, see you in the morning," Arthur called out then turning to his wife.

The boys entered the house heading up to Ron's room in the attic. "I never would have thought it was Malfoy," Ron broke the silence as the went up the stairs.

"I don't know why not, he's no different then his father," Harry's voice was even. Their conversation was cut short by Ginny standing in her doorway, "I see you're back." There was a slight bit to her tone, "I heard what you were doing tonight, glad you both still alive." She turned quickly into her room, "Goodnight," closing the door a little harder then needed.

Harry huffed and continued to Ron's room. "You sure did get on her bad side didn't you," Ron grinned, "Though you did break up with her so I suppose it would be expected." the last part was dead pan.

"Ron I really don't wanna talk about it I just want to go to bed please," Harry sighed entering Ron's room.

"Fine Harry," Ron threw up his hands following the brunette.

That night Harry didn't have visions or anything like that but they weren't vary restful though all the same. Harry woke up sharply as he saw the flash of green, the sun wasn't quiet up yet, and the soft snore of Ron was the only thing that was distracting his thoughts. The thoughts of his dream, he dreamt of the night Dumbledore died, damn Malfoy, damn Snape even more, they haven't heard a thing from him since that night.

Rubbing his hands over his face it couldn't be healthy for him to get worked up this early in the morning. Grabbing his glasses off the night stand he got up to begin his day. As he got back into the shared bed room wearing a pair of jeans towel draped over his head, night clothes under his arm. Tossing the clothes on the foot of his bed toweling the rest of his hair dry pulling a shirt from the dresser, but the drawer got stuck and he slammed it shut. Turning quickly to see if it woke Ron, a resounding snore made it clear it didn't he pulled the shirt on and laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. He wasn't sure how long he was laying there but soon enough Mrs. Weasley called up the stairs for them to get up. Harry saw Ron's response was simply to roll over, then he grabbed his still wet towel and threw it onto the red headed boys face.

Ron shot up quickly pulling the offending object from his face glaring at his friend, "What 'arry?" came the half yawn as he threw the towel back.

"Your mum say to get up," he smiled as he watched Ron stumble out of his bed.

"Why are you up so early?" Ron asked as he was pulling clothes out.

"I woke up and I just couldn't go back to sleep," The brunette shrugged as Ron moved to the door.

"Well I'll be back and then we can have breakfast," the red head yawned again before he left the room.

The boys finally made their appearance at the breakfast table half an hour later, "I was just going to go try to wake you boys up again," Molly smiled grabbing two plates sitting them in front of the two boys, "Better eat up Arthur wants to talk to you this morning." While the boys ate Ginny came down stairs taking a seat across the boys. "Good morning dear," Molly grinned sitting a plate in front of the girl. The feeling in the kitchen was rather tense though it was all mostly coming from Ginny, and Ron noticing it and expecting Harry to do something.

All Harry did was eat and ignored them both when he was done he turned his attention to Ron, "You done?"

"Yeah I guess so," Ron pushed the plate from him, "So mum where were we meeting dad?"

"Oh he should be coming to get you soon." she wiped her hands on her apron looking at the special family clock where it said Arthur was lost.

"Fine," Ron stood from the table, "Come on Harry."

The boys walked out of the kitchen into the living area where they would wait for Mr. Weasley. Ginny walked through where the boys were sitting eyes fixed on Harry as she moved through till she disappeared up stairs. Ron saw this and finally said something, "Ok this is getting silly."

"Ron, I really.." Harry was cut off by Molly calling them.

"Yes mum," Ron called.

"Arthur should be here im a moment," Molly said heading into the room the boys were occupying.

Not a few moments after that was said Arthur came into the room dusting his cloak off, "Ready boys?"

"Yes sir," the boys said together standing. "Dad where are we going?" Ron asked as he followed after his father.

"Just going to the Leaky Cauldron," Arthur shrugged guiding the boys out.