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Up in the room he pulled out the locket tossing it on his bed, "So that's the thing we've been looking for?" Ginny asked touching the smooth surface.

"Yes now we have to figure out how to destroy it," Harry said picking it back up.

"I don't suppose we could just smash it could we," Ron suggested taking it from Harry.

"Don't be silly Ron it houses a part of Voldemort's soul," Hermione sighed snatching it from the red head looking it over carefully.

"Well how do we know that it wasn't already de-souled," Ron asked getting funny looks from the others, "What? It made sense to me."

"Anyway I'll look some things up in the books around here," Hermione said ignoring the red heads horrid grammar skills.

Harry nodded taking the gold object putting it in his pocket. Now that a major piece had been found Harry's mood started to change over the next few days, he wasn't so much on edge. True Hermione hadn't found out much about how to destroy the damn thing but Harry had faith in her. If anyone would or could it would be her. Harry was starting to get antsy with no news from Malfoy he knew getting worried about the blonde wasn't of any use, but he still couldn't help it the dream was starting to bother him. A week went by and still nothing from Malfoy, one night Harry and Ron were out with Moody and Kingsley. They were making rounds of some areas that where people have been seeing strange dark figures lurking about. Though it mostly seemed to be a wild goose chase and Moody was starting to get agitated, "I swear these people need to be sure of what they are seeing before calling us out here."

"Come now Alastor people are scared," Kingsley sighed, "The lest we can do is just look."

Moody just kept walking grumbling under his breath, Harry and Ron just ignored the cranky man. Potter had been looking around the dark broken down areas smiling to himself as he could still here Mad-Eye mumbling to himself. When he heard something moving in the over grown bushes, he looked to see the others but couldn't find them. Still moving closer looking for the source of the noise. As he rounded a part of the broken wall a strong hand grabbed him by the throat slamming him into the crumbling brick. He tried to call out for help but the grip was to tight not letting a sound threw. Clawing at the hand around his neck trying to keep at lest air getting threw.

"How foolish you are Potter, if the Dark Lord didn't want to kill you himself it would be so easy," the masked man pointed his wand between the boys green eyes, "but I suppose if I wanted to hurt you it might be a little more effective to deal with young Malfoy," Harry stopped fighting at the mention of Malfoy, "Oh seems it would now wouldn't it."

Harry could hear the twisted delight in the man's voice, and his vision was going dark. Before the man could say anything else Ron yelled, "Harry!" and Potter just saw a flash of red before he blacked out.

Harry woke up back at the house with a slight headache, but he for got about it remembering what the Death Eater said. "Harry, you alright?" Ron asked moving over to Harry Getting Hermione, and Neville's attention. Potter sat up feeling his head spin, "What happened to the Death Eater?"

"Mad-Eye stunned him then he and Kingsley took him away, and I brought you here," the red head patted his friend on the shoulder, "Gave us a bit of a start, but its good that you made it."

"I need to get a hold of Malfoy," Harry said getting up stumbling slightly.

"Harry I thought he only could get a hold of you?" Ron asked.

"But I need to talk to him," Harry's voice took on a desperate tone.

"Why Harry, What's going on?" Hermione couldn't keep the accusing tone out completely.

"He's just in danger, and its all my fault," Potter had to sit down again he still wasn't completely stable on his feet.

"What's going on?" the red head asked.

"I think they know that he's spying on them," raking his hands threw his hair.

"But that's not your fault it was his choice," Hermione's voice softened, "He had to know what could happen."

"No Hermione he didn't have a choice," Harry snapped, "It was either this or Azkaban, and it's all my fault I never should have…," He stopped speaking, moving from the bed to the door thinking of the first time he kissed Malfoy.

"Never should have what Harry?" Hermione asked grabbing his arm.

"It's none of your concern Hermione," Harry tore his arm loose from the girl, "I have to warn him." He just got to the door before she spoke again.

"Is there something going on between you and Malfoy?" Hermione's voice was soft.

He didn't even know if she really asked the question, but the sunken feeling of his stomach made him sure she asked it. Turning on her seeing Ron and Neville giving her confused looks, but he couldn't look from her brown eyes.

"Hermione what are you playing at," Ron gave a nervous laugh feeling the tension in the room, "I don't really think this is the best time to be joking around like that."

Harry sighed not wanting to answer her, but with a sad look he gave a curt nod that the other two missed still shocked that she asked that. "Alright Harry," she gave a small smile.

He couldn't help but grin as he left he room, running down out of the house ignoring the questions the older occupants of the house were asking, he apperated to the Leaky Cauldron making his way to the room he always met Malfoy in. Rushing into the room stopped dead in his tracks, he saw the blonde hunched over a parchment quill in hand. The sound of the closing door caused Malfoy to jump up looking at Harry with a surprised look.

"I was just going to send this," Draco said waving the piece of paper. Potter strode across the room moving upon the blonde quickly grabbing Malfoy's arms. After a second of Potter not saying anything only staring at the confused blonde Draco made a move to get out of the brunette's grip.

"Draco they know," was all Harry could say.

Any color the blonde had left at those words left, "What do you mean, who?"

"I was attacked tonight, and he was threatening me with you," Harry's voice was braking, "you have to get out of there."

Malfoy moved out of Potters grasp, "I can't they still have her."

"Can you get her out?" HArry asked not looking from the blonde.

"I can try, but I don't think its very likely," Draco sighed running his hand threw his hair.

"Where is he?" Potter asked evenly. "I can't tell you that," Malfoy snapped, "If I tell you that and you show up he'll kill me or my mother."

Harry just sighed frustration building in him, "This is so stupid!" The shout surprised Malfoy, but he didn't move he just kept watching Potter. "Why can't I ever help the people I care for?" Harry asked defeated looking to Draco's pale eyes as if the answer could be found in them. He could feel the burn of tears in the back of his eyes, as he moved closer to the blonde, "Why can't I help the ones I love."

Draco looked as if he couldn't move his eyes never looking away from Harry's as he moved closer. Potter raised his hand moving blonde hair from Draco's eyes letting his hand rest on the back of the blonde's neck, thumb brushing against the pale jaw. Dark green eyes were searching pale blue finding what he needed to bring his lips to the others.

The kiss started of slow tender washing away the frustration, and desperation to only letting them wanting more of each other. Draco moved flush against Potter pulling him closer Harry deepened the kiss his tongue seeking entrance to the others warm mouth. As their tongues met everything shifted their movement became more fevered Harry fisted the blonde's hair pulling from the blonde's mouth assaulting the pale smooth neck earning him a moan from the other, and feeling hands on his neck and hair. Moving back to the blonde's mouth sucking his bottom lip causing Draco to gasp clinging onto Harry digging his fingers into his hair tightening his grip on the boys shirt.

"Harry," Draco moaned pushing his hips forward.

Potter groaned sealing his lips over Malfoy's again their tongues moving against each other in ways their bodies couldn't. Moving across the wood flooring trying not to break apart more then what was needed to pull off a shirt or take off pants. They made it to the bed were Draco laid down pulling Potter over him having their bodies in full contact. Harry straddling Draco's thigh moving in rhythm to his tongue in the blonde's mouth, Draco had to pull away from the kiss gasping for air arching his back. Harry started kissing down the blonde's neck biting and sucking gaining a heady moan from Malfoy. The blonde reached up behind him holding as if for life to the pillow wrapping his free leg around Harry gaining leverage to met the movements of the boy atop of him.

Potter moved away from the abused neck supporting himself with one arm using the other to cup Malfoy's face, "Look at me."

The blonde turned his head back to the brunette their eyes locked. Their labored breathing and moaning were the only sound in the room. Harry moved his hand down to the blonde's hip as Malfoy's hand needed Harry's back pushing closer his breathing was hitching, "Harry….I'm…." Groaning digging his nails into Potter's back causing him to move faster tightening his hold on the slender hip. Then they were falling over the edge neither breathing while the force of completion wracked their bodies though their eyes never looked away. Breathing hard Harry collapsed on the blonde, they both just laid there their sweating panting bodies not wanting to move.

"Draco, I.." Harry began.

Malfoy cut him off, "Please Harry don't."

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