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Charm School for Ninjas

A Naruto Fanfiction

Chapter 1. The Briefing.

Sakura was staring at Sasuke, again. Naruto tried to take his mind off his crush's incessant mooning over the brooding ninja and tried to find something else to think about. He failed miserably. This was the early morning, before he had to think about anything even remotely serious, well not that Sakura wasn't a serious topic, but it was when he spent most of his time daydreaming about her and he could pass his lack of attention off as still being sleepy.

Sasuke was his usual brooding self and Naruto was just getting ready to start the day's sparring match of words when the unthinkable happened. They arrived at the bridge to find Kakashi waiting for them.

The three of them stopped in their tracks exchanging uneasy glances. There he was, waiting on THEM and looking dead serious. Kakashi had never been early. There were times when the training was critical, and he was a little less late than usual, but he was never early.

Naruto squinted his eyes expecting Kakashi to transform into a log or something with one of his replacement jutsus, but he never did.

"If you three could get a move on, I'd appreciate it." Kakashi said impatiently.

"Didn't you go home last night?" Sakura asked their sensei. "Why were you out here all night."

"I wasn't." Kakashi said seriously. "We have a big mission today and I want to get started as quickly as possible.

The three ninjas looked at each other. "Are you SURE you're Kakashi?" Naruto asked quietly, you aren't some sort of enemy ninja trying to POSE as Kakashi are you?"

"No Naruto, it's me. We've got to get over to the school. We've got to meet with the other team that's going to be assisting us on this mission." Kakashi said seriously. "So let's get going."

Naruto huffed all the way to the school. It would be the ONE day that Kakashi would decide to be early. He was having SUCH a nice daydream about Sakura too. Ahhh Sakura-chan…

"NARUTO!" Kakashi scolded. "Stay focused."

Naruto jumped and then nodded seriously. It must be a big deal if Kakashi was being this serious and focused.

The three young ninjas walked into the meeting room and had a seat. Kakashi was tapping his foot impatiently until the other team arrived. Kiba, Shino, and Hinata all wandered into the room followed by Kurenai.

"It's about time you got here." Kakashi said impatiently.

"Sorry, had to help a little old lady across the street." Kurenai said impishly.

Most of what was transpiring was over Naruto's head, but he knew Kakashi was seldom this serious without a very good reason.

"On to the mission briefing." Kakashi said finally. "We're sending the six of you out for a very important mission that's going to require some very intense and special training." Kakashi said taking charge of the group with military command.

"Yes!" The young ninjas nearly cried in unison. "What's the mission?" Naruto cried enthusiastically.

"We're sending you to charm school!" Kakashi said with aggressive ferocity.

"WHAT!" They all cried with astonishment. Except of course for Hinata who just looked on in confusion.

"The village has been given a mission to infiltrate a finishing school for young girls. This mission will require sacrifices from each of us, but I'm expecting 110 from both teams on this one." Kakashi said emphatically.

"Well, that explains why Kakashi-sensei is so enthusiastic." Sakura said under her breath next to Naruto.

"Mm." Naruto and Sasuke grunted in reply.

"Are there any questions before we beginning giving out assignments?" Kakashi asked the group.

"Yeah! Why do WE have to get stuck with this kind of assignment?" Naruto said out loud.

"For once, Naruto and I agree." Sasuke said smirking.

"Well, for starters. This group is the only one available that has the necessary cross section of characteristics and abilities to complete this mission." Kakashi said sagely.

"That and Kakashi is probably wanting to play voyeur for the entire mission." Sakura said quietly to her two teammates.

"I still don't see why…" Naruto started.

"It's a "B" ranked mission." Kakashi threw in.

"…anyone would possibly want anyone but us to handle this." Naruto finished.

Naruto noticed that Kakashi now had Sasuke's undivided attention as well.

"You mean that there are going to be other ninja in this mission that we will be required to fight?" Sasuke said hopefully.

"We're hoping that this will not be the case, but yes, you will be going up against other ninja. A jounin to be precise." Kakashi stated bluntly.

Naruto and Sasuke both settled in to listen to the mission. This was going to be wonderful.

"First of all let me start by saying that we do NOT intend to let you fight a jounin. We want you there to spy. If a confrontation is to take place you need to get in touch with Kurenai or myself immediately." Kakashi said seriously. Naruto glanced at Sasuke who looked back at Naruto as if to say Yeah, right like that going to happen. I'm going to get him first idiot. Naruto couldn't blame him similar thoughts were running through his mind as well.

"Secondly, for this mission, Hinata is going to be temporarily assigned to group seven. Kiba, you and Shino are going to be with Kurenai on this mission." Kakashi was saying. Hinata looked ready to faint, but no one else really took it as much of an announcement.

"Finally we're going to be splitting up the groups. This is our target." Kakashi was saying as he handed out rather painstakingly detailed portfolios to the teams. "We are going to be investigating the Summer Lake Finishing School for Girls. We are also going to be watching the Lakeview School for Boys."

The teams took out their portfolios that had detailed maps and pictures of the areas around the two schools. The schools sat across from each other on a large lake deep in the seclusion of the forest. Naruto noticed that the floor plan for the girl's dormitory was EXTREMELY well made. "You made these yourself didn't you Kakashi-sensei."

"Why yes I did, Naruto. It pays to be thorough." Kakashi said appreciatively while Kurenai just snorted.

"Anyway, Kiba, Shino, and Kurenai are heading out today. They will be covering the Lakeview School for boys in case the jounin we're looking for is working out of that school." Kakashi said in a business-like manner.

"So do we know who this jounin is or what his target might be?" Sasuke asked.

"Very good question Sasuke." Kakashi complimented. "The answer is 'no' on both points. Government spies passed on the information to us that they had intercepted intelligence that a jounin was going to try to either take hostage or try to assassinate one of the girls. Summer Lake is a finishing school for some of the wealthiest young girls in the nation. Each of them has an affluent father who is either extremely wealthy, or is a high-ranking government official. Unfortunately, we don't know who their target will be, who the jounin is, whether they are male or female, or even what village they come from. That's where you six come in. Your mission parameters are this: find the jounin, protect the girls, and try to find out the jounin's target if possible."

The six young ninjas looked at each other. This was definitely going to be a big job. Finally, Sakura piped up. "How long before the jounin attacks?"

Kakashi sighed. "We don't know that either. We DO know that it is probably going to occur sometime during the upcoming semester. We intend to stay there until the problem is solved."

All the young ninjas nodded in agreement. Finally, Kurenai collected Shino and Kiba and they were off, leaving Hinata to Kakashi and group seven. "So what do we have to do Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto said earnestly.

"Well, we have a little more time as Summer Lake starts a couple days later than Lakeview. We'll meet tomorrow and I'll get you started on the training exercises you're going to have to master before we leave." Kakashi said seriously. "I suggest you go home and make preparations to be gone for a few months. We'll set out the day after tomorrow. In the meantime, Hinata please meet us tomorrow on the bridge for training."