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Child's Play

By Red Blaze 16

Chapter 1

Gotham City, a city of danger, would almost be unlivable without its hero. A dark shadow casts itself on the streets below as the Batman swings through the night sky. Though the duty of protecting the city is a lonely job, he is not alone in his work. Robin, the boy wonder, flies through the night next to him.

Bright in the sky, the Bat-signal beams from the top of Police Headquarters. On top of the building waits Commissioner Gordan, though he knows that his wait won't be long. Within minutes of the Bat-signal flashing across the sky, the Dynamic Duo land on top of the Headquarters.

"Commissioner?" asks Batman, with his deep voice.

Jumping only slightly, Gordan turns to face Gotham's protector.

"Batman, so glad you could get here so quickly," says Gordan as he strides over to the duo.

"What's wrong?" asks Robin, cocking his head.

Glancing once at the younger man, Gordan turns to look at Batman. "May I speak to you for a moment? Alone?"

Nodding his head, Batman motions for Robin to remain behind as the two men walk across the rooftop to the other side.

"Batman, I have some concerns about Robin being involved in this case," starts the Commissioner, before pausing for breath.

Batman waits silently for Gordan to continue.

"We've had a string of kidnap and murders, but even that does not describe the brutality that was committed. All victims were children between the ages of 10 and 15," explains Gordan. "All boys."

"I see," replies Batman.

"The only name we have is Henry Holdsworth," continues Gordan, while shaking his head. "But we don't know if he's the killer or not."

Glancing around, Gordan notices that Robin is no longer on the other side of the roof. In fact, he's not even on the roof.

"Batman, where did Robin go?" asks Gordan, glancing behind himself to see if the boy had snuck up on him.

Hearing no answer, Gordan turns around to find himself the only person on the roof.

"Damn," says Gordan quietly. "I hate when he does that."