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"Brainiack! Watch where you're going!" shouted a girl with brown hair.

"Can't you see where you're going with those thick glasses of yours?" sneered another with blonde hair this time.

There was a lot of them mobbing and surrounding one single person. All ganging up on her. Picking on her. Taunting her.

Suddenly a hand shot out and grabbed the girl's hair and pulled hard. The girl shrieked in pain.

"Serves you right loser."

They all cackled and sneered. The hand yanked on the hair and threw the girl onto the ground. Strands of hair were left on the hand but it was immediately shaken off.

"Gross her hair got on me!"

"Look at her! So disgusting!"

"She brings shame to our school!" another shouted and harshly kicked the girl onto her side.

Cheers were heard and shouts of more injuries to be inflicted on her was heard as well.

Again they harassed her until they got tired of it and went away.






A girl with blonde hair tied up into a high pony tail shouted for any sign of the girl. Her blue eyes cast a look of worry. Worried that something even worse than before had happened to her.

"It's okay. I'm over here Ino."

The said girl looked over to the small voice and saw her friend lying on the ground bruised and bleeding. Her vibrant hair was now dull and was messed up at ends. Her apple eyes showed no hint of sadness of being picked on or any tears of the attacks that was inflicted on her before.

Ino sighed and bent over to her friend.

"Sakura, when are you going to stop this act? When are you going to defend yourself?"

Sakura shot her a look.

"You know I only chose to dress like this. It was my choice and it will still be my choice when I decide to drop this façade."

"But look at you! You're covered in dirt, you're bruised all over, plus you're also bleeding in several places!"

"Stop worrying! It's under control!"

"No it's not! Look at you! Have you seen what you look like!"

Ino didn't have to tell her what she looked like. Of course she knew. Every morning she would look at herself in the mirror, fully transformed into one of the schools biggest known geek and nerd.

Her school uniform consisted of a white polo with a collar and a tie. Plus a pleated and plaid grey skirt that reached up to her knees and knee high socks. Of course the girls had two choices of skirts. One that went up to the fingertips or one that reached the knees. Ino had chosen the one that reached her fingertips and Sakura…well I'm sure you know.

Every morning she would take out her thick glasses and wear those ones instead of her contacts or small silver frames. She had curves all right but the way she dressed covered them up. Her cherry blossom hair would either be down, in a pony tail, or braids.

She studied hard and carried her books everywhere with her and was mostly always alone.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Sakura Haruno, full blown nerd.

"I know what I look like Ino!" Sakura snapped.

Ino flinched. How many times had she had this talk with her friend? Too many to count.

"Come on Sakura, let's get going." she said changing the subject.

Sakura got up and tried to clean herself up as best as she could. When she went to take a step forward she almost fell. Ino immediately shot towards her side to help her up.

"You sprained it again?"


Slowly with a limping Sakura they made their way into the school's halls. Lockers were lined up at the sides of the walls, posters advertising upcoming events were tacked up, the sometimes dull and sometimes waxed floors shined up on them.

"Your locker."

"Thanks Ino."

"No problem Sakura, what are friends for?" her blonde friend grinned.

"Are you ready for tonight?" she asked her.

"Yeah, but I'm going to have trouble getting out of the house this time." replied Sakura grim.


"Got grounded."


Sakura grabbed her books and closed her locker. Stumbling under the weight of the heavy texts she once again almost fell over until a person caught her.

Maybe he'll talk some sense into her.

"You shouldn't push yourself too hard." the person said.

"Why do you people keep telling me that!" groaned Sakura.

"If you get hurt, who's going to do the show?"

"Is that all you care about, the show?" Sakura raised her eyebrow.

"Sasuke that's mean!" Ino said smacking him in the arm.

The boy "Sasuke" had black hair jutted out in the back. His eyes were like dark tunnels but had some warmth and kindess in them if you looked hard enough. He had on the boy's uniform which consisted of a white polo, collared and a blazer. A tie was also in the uniform like the girls. His pants were like black suit ones.

He laughed a bit and righted the pink haired girl.

"Sakura, you're going to have to stop this."

"Ino just had a talk with me."

Try and persuade her!

Ino's eyes bore into Sasuke's and he understood what she wanted.

"If it goes any farther you're going to get hurt even more."

"Don't you think I already know that?" she glared.

"Then why do you still do it!" exclaimed Ino.

"Because I want to! How hard is it to get this into your heads!"

They both sighed. It was impossible. This girl was way too stubborn for her own good.

"Whatever." the black haired boy sighed.

"Are you going to need our help to get home?"

"No. I can manage." she said cheerfully.

"Are you sure." asked Sasuke.

"Yes, I'll be fine! Don't you have a meeting to go to?"

Ino panicked. Drama meeting today and they were going to be late.

"Sasuke come on. Let's go. Drama club meeting." Ino said as she tugged on the boy's hand.

"I'm coming." He gave one last concerned look to the girl at the lockers and took the girls hand and walked down the hall.

Sakura smiled a bit at her friends retreating backs.

How long has it been since they got together?

"A year…" she breathed.

Sasuke Uchiha and Ino Yamanaka. The school's representatives, president and vice president in the school's drama club and year book committee. There was one last thing. It made Sakura feel a twinge of sadness every time she thought about it.

Voted for Most likely to get married and Cutest couple of the year huh?

She kept reminding herself that it would never work. It would never happen. It's impossible. There's a fine line between best friend and being a person of affection and love.

Yes, Sasuke and Ino were her two best friends in the whole world and it hurt to see them happily together.


"Yeah?" she said snapping out of her little train of thought.

"I think you'll need help getting home." the voice drawled out lazily.

"I can manage, lazy ass."

The boy rolled his eyes and grabbed her books.

"Shikamaru! Give those back!"

"Not until you let me help you get home."

"No way!"

Shikamaru rolled his bored eyes once again and raised the books high in the air.

"Give. Those. Back!"



With a huff Sakura pulled at the small pony tail he had at the back of his head.


"Serves you right! Now give them back!"

"Nope." he said again rubbing his free hand on his black haired head.

"Gah! Fine!"

"Good, now hurry up and let's go."

"Ass hole." she muttered.

"I heard that."

Sakura hummed to herself as she fixed herself up for the night. She wouldn't be wearing a skirt this time. Her leg was covered in bruises and cuts. Sakura got up and walked over to her closet and picked out the items she would wear for the night.

Black low rise flare jeans with chains hanging down at the sides and around the legs.

She picked out her red Emily the Strange t-shirt that said "My Problem is You". It showed her stomach along with her belly button piercing. Lastly she picked up her favourite pair of skater shoes to complete her outfit.

Next was make up and jewelry. She put on eyeliner and mascara and other light bits of make-up. Sakura reached over and inserted the contacts into her eyes. She put on ear rings through her multiple piercings and spiked bracelets and silver bangles on her wrists. As for her hair, this time she let it down and added some red streaks into it. She looked into the mirror one last time. Her apple eyes were growing excited as she deemed herself proper for tonight's activities.

Slowly and quietly she headed to head window and opened it. Carefully she stepped out and maneuvered her way safely down the roof. She dusted herself off and jogged a few blocks away until she saw a gleaming black motorcycle along with someone leaning against it with closed eyes.

"Let's get going or we'll be late."

Sakura grinned and nodded.

"Will it really make a difference Sasuke?"

"Sharingan can't start without its lead can it."

Sakura thought for a moment and giggled.

"Guess not! Let's go!"

Sasuke tossed her a helmet and revved up the engine.



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