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Sakura grinned as she left the stage. The bright lights had made her hot. Beads of perspiration were evident as they reflected off the glow of the luminous bulbs. She took in deep breaths of air as she had just finished singing.

"That was really good Sakura!" Ino commented as she bound towards her friend.

"You really think so?"


"I think we could have worked a bit on that bridge though." Neji said as walked over, carrying his bass with him. He frowned as his pearl eyes looked at the vending machine.

"Hey guys, do you have change for a five?"

"Yeah, hold on. Let me put my sticks away first." a loud booming voice called out. After a few minutes, a blonde was seen running towards Neji holding a green frog wallet.

"I think I was a bit off beat at that."

"You're always off beat Naruto."

Naruto's cerulean blue eyes glared at the brown haired boy.

"Shut-up Neji. I'm not the only one that needs improving."

Neji's eyes hardened.

"At least I'm better than you, moron."

Shikamaru sighed as he walked into the room.

"By what I've heard all of you need improving."

"Finished with the sound check already Shikamaru?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah, it'll sound better next up. Sorry about that one."

"It's fine. Just try not to do it again." Sasuke's voice came out as he walked in drinking from a water bottle.

"Oh, by the way. You're guitar needs tuning." Sakura stated as she watched him wrap an arm around the blonde girl who in turn snuggled into his chest.

"I'll take note."

"Sakura, you know Megumi will have a fit when she finds out you did your hair again."

Sakura rolled her eyes at Shikamaru. He just had to remind her didn't he? Honestly, it was starting to bug her. Shikamaru just had to echo after their mom even though she knew the consequences. But before we get any further, what was this thing about Shikamaru and Sakura's mom? No they weren't related but they were step-brother and step-sister. After the divorce, her mother began to see someone else a year later. It turned out to be Shikamaru's father.

"She can just go kiss my ass. I don't give two shits. Besides, she doesn't care about anything except for me to look like shit at school."

Shikamaru shook his head and sighed.

"I'll be back."

Sakura just nodded and then turned to the others. They were looking at her oddly. Was it something she said? Had something slipped out? Shaking her head from the thoughts she opened her mouth to speak.

"What is it?"

"What do you mean 'She doesn't care about anything except for me to look like shit at school.'?" Ino questioned frowning.

The bubblegum haired girl eyes widened. Had she said too much? They weren't exactly supposed to know about that. Her mother was quite mad. Looney if you ask me. I mean what kind of mother would want her daughter to be picked on and receive blows of insults and physical pain everyday? Sakura's mother would.

"It's nothing."

"Does this have something to do with how you dress?"

Ino released herself from Sasuke's hold and walked over to Sakura.

"Just forget about!" she snapped.

The blonde girl stood still. Her eyes never left the pink haired girl. Why was she getting so defensive about all of a sudden. It was like she was hiding something from them. Sakura was never one to actually keep secrets from them. She knew that they would help her no matter what. Shikamaru especially. He was her step-brother of course and he lived with her.

"Alright, alright. No need to get all snippy. Jeez." Naruto winced.

"You stay out of it Naruto. You don't go to our school so don't go acting like you know what's going on!"

They winced again. She was getting very defensive now. She really was hiding something. Neji was about to open his mouth to speak but Sakura beat him to it. After snapping at him too he calmly stood up and walked away.

Naruto and Neji in Sharingan were the only ones that didn't go to Seisho Senior High. Instead, the two attended Takatori High School. The band members had known each other since their elementary days, but since they lived in different areas of Tokyo, they were forced to attend different schools once they graduated. So in order to be sure they'd stick together, they formed a band.

They had known that each of them played an instrument. Sasuke had taken the guitar since he was young. Naruto had been on drums for quite some time and was pretty good. Neji himself, had been playing around with his bass until the sixth grade where he finally learned how to actually work it from persuasion from his friends. Finally there was Sakura. She too had taken the guitar when she was young. Sasuke and herself had taken lessons together but soon she switched teachers because he seemed to be more focused on the other boy than herself. How did she also get into singing? At the school talent show, she had wanted to do a guitar thing but when her strings snapped right when it was her turn, she turned to her voice, where she hoped it had sounded good.

At graduation the four had made a pact never forgetting each other and to keep it in tact, they would form a band and called it Sharingan. Sakura had asked her brother to help with the sound and technological things since he was always seen helping out the drama club with that. Ino…well she was there for moral support.

"Sakura, you're hiding something from us. Does it have something to do with how you dress at school?" Sasuke's calm voice cut through the tension.

"Drop it." Her voice had turned to steel. Hard and cold.

"We're worried, you know."

"There's nothing to worry about."

"We're your friends."


"You can tell us you know."

Why did this always happen? They weren't going to let go of it, she knew it. But moreover, her defensive mode had been knocked down by Sasuke. Always, it was Sasuke who was able to do that. It irked her to no end. Just once, she wanted to be able to stand her ground to him but it never worked.

"Fine. I'm just going to be pestered again anyways."

"That's a good girl." he smirked.

"I'm not a dog." Sakura scowled.

"Get on with it."

Sakura sighed and hesitantly looked at them. All waiting for her answer. She was on the spot. She had to tell them now or never. Maybe they could help her. Sakura was growing tired of having to cover up what her mother was doing to her. She was tired of looking like a total idiot everyday.

"You know how I started to dress like a total complete nerd since high school?"

The nodded. Quite obvious. Once they hit high school, Sakura had completely changed. When she was in the younger grades, she had dressed normally. She didn't wear those think glasses but her contacts or silver frames. Her skirt was always up to her fingertips and never down to her knees or ankles. Her hair…it was always well…it was always in some odd style. There was a time when she had gotten it done to have one side with bangs and the other without. Her hair had been totally dyed to something else, and instead of wearing her normal contacts, she changed them to colour ones.

As for her earrings, she was never seen without the many hoops around her flesh and cartilage. Even more daring was when she had gotten her belly button pierced. Sasuke had been with her at the time, and he had reported to everyone else how she had nearly shattered his eardrums from screaming. But then it had all changed when they made that giant leap as freshmen at Seisho. Every year they would ask her why, but she brushed it off. Now it was their junior year (11th grade) and still she brushed them off.


"Guys!" Neji yelled as he ran towards them.

Rolling their eyes, they impatiently looked at him. Of all times to randomly pop up, it just had to be now.

"What is it?"

"There's a guy out there. He wants to see us."

"Can't you tell him later?"

Neji shook his head.

"Not this time." he told Sasuke as the raven haired boy scowled.

"Who is it?" Sakura's voice piped up relieved that she wasn't on the spot anymore.

(I'm changing everything back to last name first.)

"Hatake Kakashi." he simply said.

Their jaws dropped. Eyes were popping out of their heads. Hatake Kakashi? The Hatake Kakashi?

"You've got to be kidding." Naruto laughed a bit.

"What does he want with us?" Ino asked. "Well, you guys."

Neji's smirk grew wider as he told his fellow band members the news.

"He wants to sign us."

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