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This is AU as I haven't taken into account the events in the sixth book. This is set in Harry's seventh year and is Severus Snape and Hermione Granger pairing. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Hermione was leaning over her cauldron stirring vigorously and watching carefully, waiting until her potion turned a pale shade of pink. She then carefully chopped her mandrake roots and sprinkled them into her cauldron. Now all she had to do was wait five minutes until it turned deep blue, she sat down and her eyes began wondering vaguely around the classroom. Her eyes wondered vaguely around the classroom. She glanced at Professor Snape and was suddenly struck by the intensity of his gaze, she quickly looked away confused and slightly embarrassed (although she wasn't sure why) and concentrated on her potion, checking it for any sign of errors but there was nothing wrong with it, in fact it was perfect.

She heard mutter darkly to Harry who snorted with laughter and shook his head, Ron glared moodily at Snape's back and then at Hermione. She opened her mouth to ask what she had done to merit such a look when Professor Snape barked " Potter, Weasley it is no wonder that you two are barely averaging a mere acceptable in this class, now get back to work! Both of you" he added in a dangerous whisper as he received insolent stares from both boys. Harry and Ron bent their heads over their cauldrons. Hermione was starring at Snape, wondering why he had been staring at her.

"Is something wrong Miss Granger?" he questioned quite innocently as though he had been staring at her in such a peculiar way only moments before.

" I...er...nothing, sorry Professor." She replied quietly.

" Then I suggest that you watch your potion more carefully in future Miss Granger or you will fail this class." he commented cuttingly and strode to his desk with a satisfied smirk on his sallow face. Hermione yelped and quickly looked at her potion, it had turned a heinous orange when it was supposed to be lilac, she hadn't added the dragon heart strings in time because she had been distracted, she frantically tried to correct it before the end of the lesson.

Severus Snape sat down at his desk and observed Hermione Granger discreetly behind some third-year essays he was pretending to mark.

Merlin's beard she is beautiful he thought to himself. As she began grinding beetle wings vigorously he was forced to stifle a moan, he was profusely grateful for his long teaching robes, he rearranged them and crossed his legs surreptitiously. He couldn't remember the last time a woman had affected him like this.

What is the matter with me? She's my student for fucks sake and she's barely seventeen. This argument went round and round in Severus's head constantly but he couldn't stop himself from staring at her, she was captivating it was all he could do not to take her over his desk right now in front of the whole class.

Hermione sat back and sighed with relief as she finished her potion and it was now the correct shade of lilac, bottled on her desk waiting for Professor Snape to collect it. She looked at Ron on her left who was haphazardly chucking ingredients into his cauldron, his potion was bright scarlet. Neville's potion had congealed into a foul smelling orange lump in the bottom of his cauldron. Harry had just bottled his rather (dark purple) potion and was reaching over to put it on the end of his desk when Professor Snape swept past and 'accidentally' knocked it off the desk, sending it crashing to the floor. Harry was furious, his hands had baled into fists and he said quietly "You did that on purpose!"

"Pardon me Mr. Potter, did you say something?"Snape asked smirking.

"You knocked my potion off the desk on purpose!" he repeated more loudly this time.

Snape glared at him for a moment, his yes glittering dangerously.

"Do not accuse me Potter, you will serve detention in my office at eight o'clock on Monday and these will continue for the rest of the week is that clear?" he whispered threateningly.

"Yes" Harry muttered angrily

"Yes what?"

"Yes sir" Harry replied furiously, glaring at Snape's elegantly arched eyebrow.

"And clean this mess up...without magic!" Snape said the malicious smirk back on his face. Snape walked up to Neville's desk and peered into the boys cauldron, he looked up and surveyed Neville coldly, his eyes glittering.

"Why is it Mr. Longbottom that you cannot brew even the simplest of potions, a third year could brew the Dreams-of- Desire potion with their eyes closed?"he asked, obviously very annoyed.

"I...I...sorry Professor" stuttered Neville

"Clean it up you stupid boy!" he barked.

"But Sir it wasn't his fault he..."Hermione began but stopped in her tracks when Professor Snape turned round to face her , one eyebrow raised and a malicious glimmer in his eyes.

"Pardon me Miss Granger, do you wish to join Potter and Longbottom in my office on Monday evening?"

"No Professor" Hermione replied meekly, thinking of her transfiguration assignment she had to complete and knowing she would need as much time as finish it.

"In that case you should keep your mouth closed Miss Granger." he said pointedly, no longer smirking and returned to his desk in a swish of black robes.

She is so stupid sometimes! Severus thought angrily to himself once he had returned to his desk. Honestly she is a typical Gryffindor, always jumping to the defence of the dunderheads. Fool!

"Bottle your potions and leave them on the end of your desk, then you may leave."he ordered the class, he could feel a throbbing in his temple, a sure sign a headache was coming on and he wanted to be rid of them as soon as possible.

The class cleared their things away at the speed of light and dashed out of the chilly dungeons.

"Phew, I'm glad to be away from the Greasy Bat, he's in a worse mood than normal today." Severus heard Ronald Weasley, Potter's flame headed side kick exclaim loudly just outside the door. Insolent little brat! If he knew the trouble I go to keep him and the bespectacled one safe he wouldn't say a thing. Sighing he rose from his chair and swept out of the classroom in a swirl of black robes and headed towards his private living quarters.