Disclaimer: If I'd owned Harry Potter, Mother would NOT have died without a chance to give her side of the story.

It is always cool and damp within these walls, but on the day my Mother died the air seared with heat for the first time. Those of my sibs that had lingered in their shells chose that day to hatch, encouraged by the sudden warmth. There were more males than my mother had expected. It did not matter much in the end. Without mother nearby to protect us, most of my sibs soon died.

That was also the last time the Caretaker walked among us. I remember her scent, and the pattern of her warmth. It was she who freed our mother from her ancient prison. Only then was Mother able to release our eggs. The Caretaker brought mother dead roosters to eat, and aided her when she shed. She was always kind to us, save for the times in which heat seemed to radiate from her eyes, and her voice would become menacing. Mother called her Master then, but Master left after Mother died.

I was the first to hatch, and that is why I still live. I had many days in which to feed, thanks to Mother. I was able to protect one of my brothers, another of who hatched before Mother died. Here in the cold, the bodies of our sibs were slow to rot. We did not need to venture out and hunt until the last corpse was consumed. Only Mother's body now remains. It was far too large for hatchlings such as us to consume.

We are growing now, my brother and me. We feed upon the mice and rats that come to gnaw upon our mother's remains. Soon, we will be strong enough to leave the safety of this chamber. Soon, we will be able to find the Caretaker. We will be able to serve her, as all basilisks serve their Masters.

AN: Ginny would have needed to command the basilisk using Parseltongue. I would like to think that she still can.

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