Sakura changes

Title: Sakura changes

Author: HakuSasukeLover

Email: Mature, no one under 16 years old, please don't read it.

Genre: Action and Adventure and humor and romance

Summary: What happens if Sakura has the power to control all elements, why is everyone after her? Will she keep the elements or will she gave them up? Pairing is Sakura and Sasuke.

Chapter 1 the change

Sakura woke up and got dress to meet her team mates. Sakura walk around the river bank and though, how she could improve her fighting skills. Sakura look up and saw Sasuke.

"Good morning Sasuke" said Sakura

"Oh great" He thought leaning against the tree.

"Good Morning Sakura "screamed Naruto.

"Shhh Naruto not that loud, shee "said Sakura.

Like always Kakashi wasn't there.

"You know Sakura, you look pretty today" said Naruto.

"Whatever" said Sakura just walking to her own place.

Sasuke looks at Sakura; she hasn't come up to me yet and asks me out? I wonder?

"I'm going some where, of a minute, so tell Kakashi of me" said Sakura walking some where.

"Sakura what me to go with you? Asked Naruto.

"NO Naruto" said Sakura walking away.

Sakura walking to her grandma house. Sakura knocks on the door, her grandma opens the door.

"Sakura my dear how are you? What brings you here? Asked Sakura grandma.

"Grandma can you help me get stronger than I am now? Asked Sakura.

"Sure Sakura, when do you what to start? Asked Sakura.

"Not right now I need to go back to my team mates, but tonight is okay for me, what time do you want me here? Asked Sakura getting up to leave.

"7:00 pm tonight, sounds good to me what about you sweetie" said Grandma.

"7:00 pm good, what do you want me to bring? Said Sakura.

"Bring your self" said Grandma.

Bye Grandma. "Said Sakura walking out the door.

When she got back to her team mates, Kakashi sensei wasn't there yet.

"Sorry I'm late. I was helping an old lady and then she offered me some soup, I couldn't be mean, so I said yes" said Kakashi.

"Whatever and it took you 3 hours to have one bowl of soup" said Naruto.

"Anyway there's a tournament coming up and it is in the land of sound, Team 7 is going to be in the tournament" said Kakashi.

"Cool" said Naruto.

"We leave in two weeks from now" said Kakashi taking out, his orange book and opening to his favorite page.

"Kakashi do we have a mission today or not? Asked Sakura looking up at her sensei.

"Yes we do, we have to bath some kids at the homeless shelter and then we have to walk some dogs and then we have to help a store with the boxes." Said Kakashi walking to the first assignment.

"Oh great, I'm take the girls, you three get the boys" said Sakura walking up to the homeless shelter.

4 hours later Kakashi come out with bubbles in his hair, Naruto got all wet and Sasuke was looking like he was about to kill someone. Sakura came out and laugh at the boys.

"You guys can't bathe small children "said Sakura looking at them.

"Sakura be nice to us." Said Naruto.

"Let's go to the second assignment "said Kakashi.

3 hours later all the dogs have been walk and the went to the third assignment, at 6:30 team 7 was done their assignment's for today.

"See ya guys' bye Kakashi sensei see ya tomorrow." Said Sakura running back to her house.

"So see ya "said Sasuke walking back to his house.

"See ya sensei "said Naruto.

When Sasuke got home, he went to the back and started to train for the tournament.

When Sakura got home, she ran to the bathroom and took a shower, when she got out and got an apple and she was out the door again to her grandma's house.

When Sakura got here, she knocks on the door, her grandma came out, they walk to her grandma's training area and started to train.

"Okay Sakura what can you do?" asked her Grandma.

"I have exceedingly control if my chakra but that's all I have" said Sakura looking at the ground.

"Oh okay, so I have to train you to do more things, first 100 laps around konoha "said Grandma.

"Yes ma" said Sakura.

She started to run 100 laps around Konoha, when she pass, Sasuke house, she stop and though, Sasuke I will became stronger for you.

Sasuke look out side and saw Sakura, what is she doing here?

"Well better get back to running" said Sakura getting ready to running again, but was stop, by Sasuke.

"What are you doing? Sakura" asked Sasuke walking up to her.

"MMMH Sasuke, I got to go now. Bye" said Sakura running away from him.

Sasuke look at her and followed her.

"Grandma I'm back now, so is next in my training" said Sakura.

"Okay good job with running 100 laps around Konoha, now we go to mountain Konoha, so you can climb up it" said Grandma walking to the mountain.

"Yes Grandma" said Sakura.

Sasuke who was behind a tree heard this and followed her to the mountain.

"Sakura you can start now" said Grandma.

Sakura forces her chakra to her feet and run up the mountain, she got more than half way.

"Mr. Uchiha, I know you are there" said Grandma.

"So I sense me or my chakra" asked Sasuke stepping out from his hiding place.

"Yes and no, so why are you here to watch Sakura train or something else? Asked Grandma looking at him.

"Why is she training? Asked Sasuke.

"I have no clue but has her Grandma to be my duty to train her if she wants it" said Grandma.

Sakura land back down.

"Grandma "said Sakura looking at her Grandma.

"Sasuke what are you doing here? Asked Sakura looking at him.

"Sakura can I ask you something?" asked Sasuke look at her.

"Yes "said Sakura.

"Why are you training? Asked Sasuke.

"Mmmh "said Sakura looking at the ground.

"Sakura answer me" said Sasuke stepping up to her.

"You will find out later, I'm not ready to tell you Sasuke I hope you can forgive me" said Sakura.

"Sakura please tell me" said Sasuke.

"No" said Sakura backing away from him.

"Sorry but you have to go now" said Grandma.

Sasuke just left without his answer and he though of Sakura training.

"Sorry Grandma let's get back to training, I made it more then half way" said Sakura.

"Good now Sakura I'm going to show you some thing that has been in your family for years. "Said Grandma.

"Sure "said Sakura.

Sakura Grandma does some hand seals and summoned the five elements.

"Wow Grandma, I know that each Haruno will have one Element but I didn't know that you had all of them "said Sakura.

"I know that my dear but it is time to pass them down to you" said Grandma.

"What? I'm not old enough yet" said Sakura.

"Sakura who told you that" said Grandma.

"My mom and dad" said Sakura.

"Oh okay but has the lead Haruno clan, you can have the five elements now, will you take them" said Grandma.

"Yes I will take the five elements now" said Sakura.

"Sakura okay" said Grandma, she does some more hand seals to transfer the five elements to Sakura.

"Now Sakura you can't tell anyone, okay "said Grandma.

"Yes grandma but why?" said Grandma.

Because we have some people after us for the five elements that we have" said Grandma.

"Thanks for letting me know Grandma, I'm tired now" said Sakura heading home.

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