Dorfo Sackville Baggins walked down the tree-lined path.

It was good to be back in the Shire. He found this fact surprising ever since his return, nearly three months ago. He thought his return would be met by hostility and cold shoulders. He could not have been more wrong. The Shire-folk seemed very pleased to have him back. They had wondered where he was. They had been worried about him. Dorfo had never felt more welcome in his life.

He missed the adventure, though. His time with Sauron, Spanky, Zombie Gollum, and Ollie had been the best experience of his life. Sure, it ended sourly, and Sauron had basically been using him the entire time, but Dorfo had not known that at the time. He had been enjoying himself. And now, he missed his friends. He did not miss Sauron, of course, but he missed the others.

Plus, the whole adventure had given Dorfo a new outlook on life. Before, he had felt useless and unwanted. Now, he felt like he had purpose, that he could do things, that he was needed. He had destroyed the Dark Lord of Mordor, after all! He would never again feel like he was purposeless. Never again.

Dorfo and Spanky had renewed their frienship after Sauron was defeated. Spanky had finally given Dorfo time to explain what was happening when Spanky's father died – that they were trying to gain passage through Moria so they could achieve their goal of destroying the One Ring and defeating Sauron. Finally, Spanky relented and agreed that they had had no choice. The young balrog still mourned his father, but his thirst for vengeance had ended.

Soon after this, they had separated. Dorfo realized that the best place for him was back at the Shire, and Spanky wanted to explore the world some more before returning to Moria. And so the fellowship ended. Just like that.

Bordo "Razorwire" Baggins returned to the Shire with Dorfo. His return had the whole Shire in an uproar, and he has quickly become a folk hero of sorts. Bordo shrugs off any heroic claims (but Dorfo knows how much the other hobbit enjoys hearing them) and spends most of his time relaxing in his home and telling wildly exaggerated stories to the children.

Dorfo was pulled from his thoughts by a nearby voice calling his name. He turned and saw a familiar face approaching him on the winding road.

"Hello, Sam," Dorfo said.

Samwise Gamgee smiled and returned the greeting. The chubby hobbit then fished around in his coat pocket and pulled out a slip of paper. The edges of it were singed and it was covered in burn marks.

"Got a letter for you, Dorfo," Sam said, handing it to Dorfo. "Sorry to run off so quick, but I need to round up the kids for supper. Take care, Dorfo!"

Sam turned, peered into the forest, and began calling out the names of his children. "Elanor! Goldilocks! Frodo! Pippin! Faramir! Boromir! Denethor! Treebeard! Wormtongue! Smeagol! Shelob!..."

Sam's voice trailed off as Dorfo continued down the path. Dorfo looked down at the letter. It was written in a familiar, childish hand where anything that even resembled a verb was capitalized. Spanky never was any good with letters.


I Hope you are well. We are all Having a good time here at Rivendell. I Wish you could be here with us, but I am Glad you are safe and happy at home.

I am Sitting on top of Ollie right now, and he is doing much better. His leg Does Not Hurt nearly as much as it used to. He really Enjoys the wandering and adventuring. I Think he will live forever if we keep this up.

Dorfo, I Want you to know again that I do not Blame you for my father's death. I did not Understand back then that you had no choice in the matter. I Hope you will forgive me for...trying to Kill you all those times. I truly Am Sorry.

I still Think we should have Destroyed the Two Ring. It is Dangerous, and Linked to Sauron. But I Trust your judgment in this, and I Hope that the Ring is Doing Well.

I need to Go now. Zombie Gollum Keeps Trying to Jump off of Ollie's back to Catch some sort of ferret, and I am Afraid he will Hurt himself if I do not stop him. I will have to Come Visit you again sometime soon. Maybe the other Shire-folk will not Get Scared and Beat Me With Clubs like they did last time.

Keep safe, my friend.


Dorfo wiped a tear from his cheek as he finished the letter. He missed the balrog. He hoped Spanky would visit soon. But there was no use dwelling on his far-away friends when he now had so many friends here at home. For once, he was enjoying life.

Dorfo felt a tug on the leash he was holding in one hand. He had almost forgotten that he was taking the Two Ring for a walk. The leash really wasn't necessary, as the Two Ring had accepted Dorfo as its master. Well, not really master. More like a mutual friend. The leash just seemed to...work, and the Two Ring did not complain.

The Two Ring scampered down the path, with Dorfo Sackville-Baggins close behind.