Author's Note: Well I decided to make my first fanfic a crossover between Miracle Girls and Harry Potter. My reason I chose that anime/manga to go with Harry Potter was because it would make sense, Miracle Girls is about two girls with psychic powers and Harry Potter is about a wizard. This fanfic however will make it seem as if the two main characters of Miracle Girls have psychic powers in addition to being witches. They will start at age 11 in this fanfic and a new one will be created each time a new term starts at Hogwarts. It will start with the anime/manga first and once the girls are in London, Harry Potter will actually be there.

At the Morgan House

"Toni! Mika! Wake up or we'll miss our flight to England", yelled Mrs. Morgan.

Toni says, "But mom, school doesn't start until September and it's only June."

"Yeah, why do we have to go now, it's not like we'll get pentalized for being late on the first day", said Mika.

"Well if you don't wanna make the feast, then fine by me", said the tired mother Mrs. Morgan.

"The letter didn't say anything about a feast!" said the twins in unison.

"well then let's get going so we can get your textbooks", said Mrs. Morgan.

At the Airport

"I can't wait to get to England!" exclaimed Toni.

Mika replied, "That's only because Jackson is'd be down in the dumps if he wasn't."

"I would not!", yelled the agitated Toni.

"Flight 647 to London is now boarding", said the announcer over the intercom.

Toni yells, "No!".

Jackson comes out of nowhere

"Hey guys! Wait up!", yelled Jackson.

"Jackson!", exclaimed the relieved Toni Morgan.

"Hurry up you lovebirds if we don't board now we won't be able to go", yelled Mika.

In London

"So where is Diagon Alley anyway? And where are those people who are supposed to be helping us", Mika Morgan asked her friend and twin.

"Hagrid, they're over there!" exclaimed a skinny boy with black hair and a scar the shape of a lightning bolt on his forehead.

"Thanks for the help Harry, Dumbledore would be furious if they had gotten lost", said a big man that apparently went by the name of Rubeus Hagrid.

Harry said as they were walking over to Mika, Toni, and Jackson, "No problem."

"All right, I'm Hagrid and I'll be helping you find your way around until September when you'll be departing from London to Hogwarts all you have to do is follow me", said Hagrid calmly.

"Okay", exclaimed Mika, Toni, and Jackson in unison.

"Well what are you waiting for? You won't be able to buy anything if you're just standing there, but I guess I can wait", said Harry.

"Who asked you?", yelled the aggravated Mika Morgan.

All of them walk out of the airport and Hagrid takes them to a place called the Leaky Cauldron, which is where they'll be staying until September.

"Okay, this is the place you have to come back to every night. Harry will help you find your school supplies in Diagon Alley which is right through that doorway", said Hagrid.

Harry yelled to Mika, Toni, and Jackson, "Follow me!".

The three of them followed Harry to a shop owned by witch that went by the name of Madame Malkin, which was where they would be buying their school robes.

" must be here for some new school robes", said Madame Malkin.

"Yes we are", said Mika.

"Well then you three can follow me, Harry already has his since he came here a few weeks ago, but since you're all first years you obviously need some", said Madame Malkin.

After two full hours Mika, Toni, and Jackson all had been fitted into their school robes. Then Harry led them out of the shop and took them to Ollivander's so they could buy their first wands.

"So, are those the three new students that Dumbledore told me would be coming?", asked Ollivander.

"Yes, they are", answered Harry.

Ollivander pointed to Mika when he said, "We'll start with you", then he grabbed a box and handed the wand in it to Mika, "Just give it a wave".

Mika did as he said and then Ollivander said, "That's a first, usually it takes more than one try for me to find the correct one for somebody." then he gave a wand to Jackson and surprisingly it was also the right one first try,
same thing for Toni.

Then they went to Flourish and Blotts where Harry pretty much took care of everything so they didn't spend too much time there, they left within half an hour since Harry still had to look for the books. After that they went to the closest Quidditch supply store and Harry had bought the three of them brooms, he did have a lot of money inherited from his parents after all.

Okay I'll write the second chapter soon but it'll take place two months later,
just to inform you. Get ready for a big surprise in the next chapter...or if you want to give it away just click back and see the description.