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Edward Elric looked down at the sheet of paper he held in one gloved hand, and then he looked back up at the address engraved on the crumbling stonewall. He sighed and called over his shoulder to his brother.

"This is it Al! Come on, let's go!" Ed impatiently crossed his arms as he watched the hulking figure in silver armor came walking slowly toward him.

"But brother! I think I heard something in the trees over there, it sounded like a cat. I wanted to help it!"

"Oh Al!" Ed hit himself on the head with the heel of his left hand, "Not another lost cat!"

"It sounded hurt, can't we at least try to find it and see if it is in trouble?" Alphonse pleaded.

"Trust me Al, I don't think there IS a cat! And if we do find it, what are you going to do with it? We can't keep you know!"

"Yeah, I know. It's because you're so mean." Alphonse sounded like if he could have stuck his tongue out at Edward, he definitely would have.

Ed just looked at his younger brother, who had turned his back on him; he always felt a guilty that Al couldn't have a normal childhood. That Alphonse, his brother and only family that hadn't died, or ran out on him, couldn't even have a pet growing up, he had always been tagging along with his older brother, doing military jobs, and looking for the philosopher's stone.

Ed's guilt always got the better of him, even though he knew perfectly well that Alphonse didn't blame him one bit for any of it, not even for the fact that it was Ed's idea that ultimately lead to his brother's soul being incased in that cursed shell.

Edward sighed, why do I always give in to him? He thought.

"Okay, Al, let's take a look."

I'm going to regret this, I'm sure of it.

The youngest Elric turned around "Really brother? You'll look for that cat I heard? " He sounded so happy that for a moment Edward had to smile, "Yeah, I'll look, but after this we really have to get moving."


Al led the way to a clump of bushes a few yards away.

"Here, this is where I heard the mewing" He pointed to a small hole in the mass of leaves.

"Al, you have to be joking, you don't want me to actually crawl in there, do you?"

"And why not? It's not like you can't fit!" Al said innocently.

Ed knew that his little brother was just joking around, that he would never actually insult Edward about his height. Not when Ed was so touchy about it, still, the blond haired alchemist pretended to be hurt.

"That's nice Alphonse," His voice was muffled as he tried to squeeze into the small, leafy passage, "Make fun of your older brother when he's trying to do something nice for you."

"I'm sorry Ed, but hurry, okay?"

" 'Hurry' he says!" Ed spoke out loud but he knew that Al couldn't hear him, heck; he could barely hear himself because of all the leaves that were in his mouth. He spit them out and continued wiggling through "If Mustang could see me now." He laughed in spite of himself, "Oh, he'd make fun of me forever!"

The oldest Elric imagined the Colonel roaring in laughter at the idea of the famous Full Metal Alchemist trying to squish into a passage looking for a cat that probably didn't exist. This image pissed Ed off, and it wasn't even real.

Why do I always let Mustang get under my skin? Ed asked himself, because, he answered himself, he gives you information on the philosopher's stone that no one else will.

"What good is his information if I don't use it?" Edward grumbled to himself, "that mansion behind that gate over there has the same address of the house that the colonel heard has some information about the stone! And here I am, not investigating it, but trampling the bushes next to it!"

This time his younger brother heard him "What'd you say brother?" Alphonse yelled through the small hole at the other end of the tunnel, "Did you find that poor kitty yet?"

"No Al! I really don't think there is one." Ed backed out. He straightened his red cape out and brushed the dirt off the knees and his black pants. "Sorry." He added to his brother.

"I really thought I heard one!" Alphonse sounded so disappointed that Ed had to go over and pat his brother comfortingly on the shoulder, or as close to his shoulder as he could reach. "Don't worry Al, as soon as you get you body back I promise we'll stop traveling so much and get you a pet, okay?" Ed smiled at his younger brother, hoping to cheer the boy up.

"Alright, you promise Ed? As soon as I get my body back?"

"Yup, and that may be sooner than you expect, if the information Mustang gave me is correct."

The young alchemists looked up toward the run-down mansion looming over them atop a steep hill. There was a high stonewall surrounding it, with a padlocked wrought iron gate just as tall guarding the pathway to the top.

"Are you sure this is the right place, brother? It looks kind of gloomy for an alchemist to live in."

"Or any one else for that matter." Edward agreed. "Look at these walls, when they were put up I bet they were great protection, but now they're so old you can almost break through them with your bare hands. Never mind having them keep people out you when you're hiding something in there everyone is after."

"The philosopher's stone?"

"Exactly Al. Now, whoever is in there is definitely not an alchemist. An alchemist would have made sure these walls were strong enough to keep everyone out. Who ever is in there is very powerful if he doesn't need walls to keep people from getting to the stone. Or information about the stone." Edward mused.

"You really think that we have to worry about the person, or people in that run-down house, brother?"

"Oh, I'm sure of it."

Alphonse gazed worriedly through the rusted bars of the gate to the mansion on the hill, large windows on the top floor stared out at him, cold and mean.

I wonder what waits for Ed and I in that creepy place, Al thought, it seems so foreboding, so unwelcoming, why is that?

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