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There was no two ways about it, these objects were coffins.

Edward Elric just stared in stunned silence for a second. Coffins? He thought, perplexed why would coffins be in this house?

"Brother?" Al interrupted his thoughts, "Brother, are those what I think they are? Those are coffins, right?"

Edward sighed, "Yeah, Al, it sure looks like they are."

"Any idea how, or why they're here, brother?"

"I wish I knew Al, but I can't really think of an explanation right now. Except for maybe a crazy murderer who killed all these people."

Alphonse gave a frightened squeak "Murderer?" He repeated tearfully.

"Oh! But don't worry Al!" Ed tried to reassure his younger brother, "Why would a murderer go to all the trouble of getting coffins for his victims? Not to mention, we don't even know what's in these coffins, it doesn't have to be people!"

"I guess, but shouldn't we see what's in them? Just in case?"

Ed glanced distastefully at the grimy cases; he really didn't want to see what was in them. It would probably be better to go get the military or someone to come here and investigate. He reasoned.

"I don't think so Al, let's try to get out of this hole, and go get more of the military to come back with us."

"But we can't!" Alphonse protested, "What if the stone's really here? Then what would we do?"

"I really don't think it's here Al."

"But you don't know!"

"Al, really let's go. It's getting dark." Edward cast a nervous glance at the coffins; they were starting to creep him out a little.

"Okay" Alphonse said irritably, "How are we supposed to get out of here?"

Ed surveyed the hole, "I got it!" He said suddenly. "Hoist me up out of here and…"

"What about me!" Alphonse demanded.

"Al! You interrupted me! What I was going to say was you hoist me up and I'll-"

"No! How about this-"

The brothers were so preoccupied with arguing how to get out of their predicament, that they didn't notice when all the coffins in the room behind them suddenly creaked open.

"Brother, look, you know perfectly well that if I get out first then I can just pull you out."

"Yes, that's true Al, but we can also-"

Slowly, ever so slowly, dark figures eased themselves out of the coffins, and started to sneak up behind the Elrics. The boys didn't even notice until a sly voice behind them spoke up:

"Well, well, looks like our dinner came to us today, doesn't it?"

The brothers whirled around and came face to face with a living skeleton. Or at least that's what the creature that was leering at them most closely resembled. He had sunken calk-white cheeks, and long, dirty matted black hair. His red eyes were like the pits of hell, searing with hatred and something that Ed didn't want to acknowledge as hunger. He licked his teeth, and from inside his mouth, Ed saw long, deadly pointed teeth. The ripped garments that served as its clothes hung loose on the frame, and its hands were death white as well, but strong.

Behind this man there was more of his kind, their eyes all gleaming with excitement and hunger.

"Let's see," The first man was saying, "Which one of you are we to eat first?"

"The one in the armor!" The other's yelled. "He's the biggest, too bad the blond has to be so small!"

Al glanced in horror at his older brother, he could almost see smoke coming out of Ed's ears.

"Who are you calling so small he could only be an appetizer?" He yelled, while taking a swing at the nearest offender.

He caught the man by surprise, and Edward's right hand made a sickening crunch as it collided with his pale face.

Ed smiled with satisfaction, but the creature smiled even wider, and before Ed knew it, the man was laughing. Laughing! The others behind them joined in, and soon the walls shook with the scratchy laughter of the creatures.

"Idiot!" The first one said, still chuckling, "You cannot kill us! You cannot harm us! I thought you would have figured it out by now!" He leaned in close to the brothers, "Do you what we are?"

Despite the fear creeping in on Edward, he said defiantly "Do we care?"

"You should, child. For we are the damned, Satan's children, the one who are neither living nor dead. The ones who must dine on the humans to survive." He raised his hands to indicate the ones standing behind him as well, and then he whispered, "We are vampires!"

Alphonse took another step backward in horror, but his older brother stood his ground.

"Not true," he said, "Vampires don't exist!"

"HA! Keeping on believing that, little boy. You'll realize how wrong you are after the last drop of your blood has been drained." The vampire turned to the others, "Tie them up"

Alphonse was certainly strong enough to fight off regular humans, but against these ones he would never win. So Ed whispered to him just to stay calm, and they'd get out eventually. He wasn't about to become some monster's snack, he said.

After they were tied up, the leader came forward again.

"Are we all ready to dine?" He asked the crowd.

"Never been more ready." A vampire answered from the front, his eyes gleaming as he licked his fangs. The others agreed with him.

"Good." The leader turned back to the boys, who, despite Ed's plan, were still struggling against they're bindings.

"I'll take a sip first" He said, and he bent down to Edward's eye level. "I think I'll change my mind," He said cheerfully, "I think we will eat you first, as an appetizer, just like you said."

The vampire leaned down; his fangs only inches from Edward's neck, when all of a sudden there came a voice. A women's voice.

"What have we got here?" She asked, her voice was low, and sultry, "Were you all going to have a buffet and not tell me about it?"

The man vampire turned away from Ed's neck reluctantly.

Welcome back, master." He said grumpily, but bowing low just the same.

The others also bowed to a figure standing in shadow at the far end of the room. Edward craned his neck as best he could with his bindings, but he couldn't see her face.

"You all caught something and you weren't going to wait for me? Your master? How rude!"

The women stepped out of the shadows, and Ed and Al both gasped. The lady was beautiful; her hair was black, like the others, but tinted with brown and hung down her back. Her eyes, although red, had a softer, more human look to them.

Her skin was pale, like the ones standing around her, and contrasted sharply with those crimson eyes. She was not wearing rags, the women was clad in a low-cut, tight black dress that draped itself gracefully about her feet. And tight, elbow length black leather gloves. Also, she had a flaming red cloak that was just as long as her dress. Around her neck, he had a delicate silver chain, and that's it, nothing was attached to it.

This woman is their master? Edward thought in wonder, but she can't be a vampire! She's too human looking!

The raven-haired lady approached the captured boys, "Hmm, kind of small, but nectar is nectar." She smiled, and Edward could see fangs, just like the other vampires. She's one of them all right. He thought dryly.

"Nectar?" Alphonse asked, despite his fear, was puzzled.

The women rolled her eyes, "Blood, I think is what you humans call it." She turned to look sternly at her fellow vampires, "I am really disappointed in all of you, do you not respect your master enough to save her food?"

Obviously not, Edward thought, after noticing the looks of disgust and hate the woman's followers had on their face as she lectured then. I wonder why?

"I shall be the first one to drink, and while I feed I'll think about whether or not you all deserve to have some."

"Yes master." The others mumbled, and she turned back to the boys.

"Now I think I'll drink from you first" She said, and approached Alphonse. She reached down to pull off his helmet, and Edward held his breath, what happens when she sees there's nothing there? He wondered.

Her black- gloved hands were just inches from the steel, when the women noticed the red caduceus on Al's shoulder. For a moment she just stared at it, then turned away from Al.

"You will untie these boys immediately." She said, her voice flat and expression-less.

"But…" The other vampires started to protest.

"NOW" She commanded, a note of warning in her voice, and they moved forward instantly to unbind the Elric brothers.

The women watched them in silence, then when they were both free, and Ed was rubbing his wrists were the rope had scratched, she said "All, of you, go out and feed tonight, and do not come back until I call you. Understand?"

"Yes, master." And too the brother's astonishment, all the other vampires turned into bats with a poof of black smoke, and flew out of the hole in the ceiling.

The lady vampire waited until the last one was out, and approached the boys, a small grin growing on her lips.

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