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Hi my name is Alicia, and I have been blackmailed by a number of people to write out my story. For some strange reason they believe that people will actually be interested in reading it. But that is family for you, you can't live with them but if you leave they stalk you. (Got you there Georgia) luckily I have managed to convince a couple of the people it involves closely to write out their parts saving me some work.

Anyway I might as well begin by introducing myself,

As I said my name is Alicia, but I am more commonly called Miss Evans, no I'm not a snob I'm a school teacher English Literature and visual arts to be exact. So I spend my days teaching hormonal teenage girls with over active imaginations how to write and paint.

I am not a very large person being five foot small as my brother puts it and rather slight.

I'm not what you would call willowy slim (what with being hopelessly addicted to chocolate in all its forms and butter shortbread) but I take ballroom dancing and martial arts lessons to work off the inevitable results so most of what little bulk remains is muscle not fat.

I have brown hair, brown, not chestnut, not hazel, not chocolate, or any other romantic name for it just brown and wavy not quite curly and not quite straight and it drives me insane.

I normally cut it short but at the commencement of this story I have been growing it out for two years in expectation of having to do it up at my brothers wedding (kid number 3 and counting and still no wedding) so it's a little past my shoulders.

My eyes however are a bit more interesting, I'm told the color is called hazel but it looks to me like a mixture of different shades of brown I think they are my best feature cos it only takes a little bit of mascara to make them look great.

Anyway I'm rambling so back to important stuff, the story also involves quite closely two rather mad girls from my classes they are in both my art and literature classes Sarah and Rachel Harper the twin terrors.

14 years old and as blonde as they come.

Addicted to lord of the rings and in love with Orlando bloom, to the extent that they each carry around a printed and sighed pact agreeing that if one manages to snag him they promise to share.

There good kids for all that just more than a little mad.

The story really begins one Friday lunch time I am sitting in the staff room reading my autographed copy of lord of the rings trilogy in one book (yes I love lord of the rings too but not to the extent that I write love letters to the cast of the movies and actually SEND them) when I got paged to go to the library urgently, I dumped my book in my bag grabbed the last half of my sandwich and headed downstairs.

When I arrived I was greeted by a very strange sight indeed,

Sarah and Rachel were both waiting for me looking uncharacteristically serious they asked me really nicely if I could do them a favor, it was about then I got suspicious that something was very wrong.

"Please, Please, Please" begged Sarah "Please,"

"We just want you to come with us so we have adult supervision we know it would be stupid to trust a stranger so if you come we'll be safe it'll only take a couple of minutes please?" Begged Rachel.

I sighed and looked at them trying to decide weather to laugh or strangle them then I asked them again just to make sure.

"Let me get this straight, you met a woman in the street, correct?"

Both nodded,

"And she told you she had a way to send you to visit middle earth for a very small fee, correct?"

Nodding again,

"And you organized to meet her during your free period today behind the school, correct?"

Again both nodded in unison

"And you thought it would be safer to take your teacher with you so she couldn't trick you correct?"

And once again the two blondes nodded, it was beginning to get rather eerie.

I pinched the bridge of my nose above my reading glasses (did I mention I wore those ?) and decided that strangling would be the best option but I would leave that pleasure to their parent once I called them and told them what their little treasures had managed to plan.

Finally I looked at the pair and put on my best cranky teacher's voice,

"Do you two have any idea how dangerous what you're doing is"

"You could be killed, kidnapped or gang raped or something equally horrible."

"You are not to go to that meeting and I will be notifying your parents about your dangerous behavior and you had better not try and sneak around because I will check next lesson to make sure you haven't tried anything even more stupid."

At this the pair ran for there lives racing to be the first out of the room.

I sighed again as they left and began to laugh quietly, imagine actually being stupid enough to believe that someone could actually send you to a fictional country, even better believing them when they told you it would be cheap.

I chuckled evilly to myself as I went back to the staff room to collect my bag.

After gathering up the remainder of my lunch and grabbing a chocolate bar from the vending machine in the corner I headed for the back of the school to make sure that my scare tactic had worked on the terrible two. Sometimes those two were really hard to convince that something was a really bad idea.

As I rounded the corner I herd what could only be called chanting coming from a stand of gum trees at the far end of the building.

I was concerned that the two twits had ignored me and might be being used in some cult ritual so I headed straight for it.

As I entered the trees I saw a line on the ground that looked like it was drawn in something suspiciously like blood, it continued in a circle all the way around the group standing in the middle which included inevitably Sarah and Rachel.

The chanting was in a language that I could not understand but it made my flesh creep just to listen to it, the sound was coming from a hooded figure standing in the centre of the circle gesturing at the girls.

I stepped straight into the circle calling their names to get their attention over the chanting, they turned around and when they saw me they grabbed me by my arms shrieking that they were so glad that I decided to come too and thanking me for coming, I immediately asked them if they were insane.

"We are leaving right now and your friend had better hope that that is not blood because I am calling the police as soon as I get to a phone"

Unfortunately it seemed I had arrived just a little too late because at that moment the robed figure reached the crescendo of her chant and the world became fuzzy for a moment before solidifying again.

Only now the trees were wrong and there were a lot more of them, we were in a different place entirely.

For a second I was so frozen with shock that we had actually been transported somewhere else that I didn't realize that the robed figure had started talking again.

I was brought to my senses by Sarah's bloodcurdling shriek and immediately began paying attention again.

"Nooooooo you can't kill us were to young to die"

"You said it would be only a small fee not anything as big as one of our lives!!!"

The girls please fell on deaf ears as the woman laughed at their distress and threw back her hood to reveal her face.

It was disturbing to look at, she was unearthly beautiful but at the same time there was something indefinably filthy about her that made me want to throw up the longer I looked at her.

When she spoke again the girls shut up for the first time in their lives as her voice sent a shudder down my spine.

"A human life is a small price to pay in my opinion, after all human lives are worth so little it will be no great loss, and you weren't making good use of it any way."

"Now decide quickly which one of you two foolish children will survive."

The two girls were rendered speechless with terror and it took me a moment to fully understand what was happening, when I did I glanced at the two girls huddled together shivering having forgotten entirely that I was there. I couldn't help but pity them even if it was there fault that I was even here.

I stepped forward startling all three of them and answered for them.

"Both of them will you disgusting hag, if you have to take a life take mine I've just about had enough of it anyway"

I had expected her to look smug as she turned to me to collect her price but instead she looked utterly furious as though I had unwittingly thwarted some plan.

I didn't have time to contemplate possibilities as she turned a green light gathered in her hand and she faced me snarling an hurled it at me. I had no time to dodge and the ball of light struck me full in the chest and the world around me faded to black and white. I could see the girl's mouth's moving but I could hear no sound as slowly everything faded out and my vision went black. There was the sensation of falling from a great height. Then for a time there was nothing….