Summary: Pudding has enough trouble babysitting her five siblings. Now she has three homeless aliens to deal with. Lucky her. TxP, KxI, PxR

Author's notes:
Hello, nyo! It's a new fic... which means I have decided to drop "Thirteen Days of Halloween". Throw things at me, hate me, I don't care. I just wasn't enjoying writing it anymore... I'm sorry. Please enjoy this fic. Note that it WILL get fluffier later on.


Chapter one: Agreement

Konnichi wa. I'm Fon Pudding, now 13 years old. My mother died when I was young, my father is in China, and I have four brothers and a sister. My brothers are now 8 years old and my sister is 7.

Three years ago, my team and I defeated the aliens Kisshu, Taruto, and Pai.

Three years ago... has it already been that long?

I let out a long sigh, then looked longingly out the window. How I had hoped he would come back!

My sister, Heicha, stood behind me, braiding my hair. I was her test subject.

"All done!" she announced, handing me my hair.

I observed the braids, then allowed my hair to tumble down my back. "It looks good, except your thirds of hair are uneven and it makes the braids look weird. Try again, na no da."

Heicha sighed and obliged, starting over. "So what were you thinking about?" she asked me, apparently having noticed my sigh.

"Just... him..." I muttered.

"Oh, Taruto-oniichan?"


Almost every night, I had sat by my window, hoping he would return. Almost every night, I would gaze into the stars, just praying that I could see him one more time.

Because I was in love with him.

Since then, there have been many boys that displayed an interest in me. Some were cute, some not so much. But nevertheless, I ignored them all. My heart will always belong to Taruto unless he turns me down.

Which he has yet to do.

A nice wind blew over my face and washed away some of my ache. Some days the ache wasn't so bad, but on others, it stung so hard I thought I would die.

Don't get me wrong. It's not like I'm full of angst now, just because I haven't seen someone in a while. I'm still a generally cheerful and hyper girl.

Just not today.

It was at this moment that I heard a tapping on the door downstairs. I jumped up and ran to answer it, in the process, undoing my poor sister's hard work (my braids).

I unlocked and cracked open the door a bit to see who was there. I was amazed to see none other than...

"Taruto, Kisshu, and Pai, na no da?" I asked incredulously.

I opened the door fully to make sure I wasn't just seeing things.

Nope, it was definitely them.

They had grown a little since the last time I saw them. Naturally, they were all taller. They all looked stronger too. Their hair was the same, except for Taruto's, who must have realized how girly the ponytails on his head looked and tied his hair in ponytails on the sides of his face, like Kisshu's.

Pai had his arms folded, Kisshu held his hands on his hips, and Taruto stood there idly, his hands dangling at his sides.

"H...Hi, Pudding-san..." Taruto began, being the first one to speak up.

"What are you guys doing here, na no da?" I asked slowly.

Pai spoke next. "We have been temporarily banned from our planet."

"For the next 5 years," Kisshu added cynically.

"What did you guys do that got you banned?" I questioned.

All three of them cast their eyes elsewhere, embarrassed.

"Er," Taruto said, "Well, it started with this soda machine..."

"And this goldfish..." Pai continued.

"And the rest is history!" Kisshu finished hurriedly.

I gave them weird stares. "So why did you guys come here?" If anything, I would have expected them to stop at the cafe.

Kisshu rubbed the back of his head. "Um... we need somewhere to live and we have no money. We asked Ichigo first, if we could live with her, and..."

"Show Pudding the mark on your foot from when Ichigo stomped on it!" Taruto prompted.

"No!" Kisshu exclaimed indignantly.

Pai cleared his throat loudly and everyone was quiet. He continued the story, "We asked Midorikawa-san if we could live with her, and she apologized several times that she didn't wish for us to stay. She fed us, then made us leave."

That was kinda weird. "What about Minto-oneechan, na no da?"

"When we asked Minto if we could stay with us, she slammed the door in our face," Kisshu replied, grimacing at the memory.

"And when we asked Zakuro, she stared at us with this strange face and made Kisshu cry," Taruto finished.

"Well, she was scary!" Kisshu defended himself.

"Anyway, we were kinda hoping you'd let us stay with you..." Taruto said shyly.

I rubbed my chin in thought. I was generally okay with the proposition, except that I might not make enough money to feed us all. "Alright. But you all have to get jobs and make some kind of income. And I set the standard in this house. Is that good, na no da?"

The three exchanged glances, then nodded unanimously. "It's agreed," they said.

"YAY, NA NO DA!" I initiated a group glomp.

So the deal was made. The aliens would live with me, and I was their babysitter.

Some crazy stuff was bound to occur.


Oniichan: Big brother. Can also refer to a male you're close to. Sometimes "cute" anime characters will call people older than them oniichan or oneechan (big sister) to be cute, even if they hardly know the person. Can also be "oniisama," which is just more respectful.
Oneechan: Big sister. See definition above.