Several years after being faced with Jack's near-death experience, the two cowboys still lived peacefully up at their ranch on top of Brokeback Mountain.

Jack and Ennis were married a week after the proposal by a friend of Jack's who was one of the few men qualified to legally marry them, wasn't against 'men who were lovers', as Ennis liked to call himself and his mate, and had promised not to tell a soul about how or where they were.

Lightning grew to be a fine riding horse under Jack's gentle care and was ridden in many rodeos, though never in the towns he and Ennis came from. Her blue ribbons from competitions were hung neatly by her stall, protected from the weather and are to this day Jack's pride and joy.

Ennis gained custody of his youngest daughter when Junior and her new husband came to live with them and Alma insisted she take Francine along with. News was heard that Alma and her husband had been having problems over the years after they were married and although Ennis felt inclined to shove it in her face that it wasn't just him, he remained a gentleman to the end and kept his mouth shut.

Junior and Francine were given young horses of their own after they moved up, (Junior and her husband shared), and the best time of the day, as Jack recalled to Ennis one summer night, was watching the shadows of the four horses nestling down for the night in the dying light of the sunset.

Ennis eventually ended up hiring a housemaid upon Junior's request when he got so caught up with Jack after their marriage that the house began to almost literally fall apart.

The five of them, plus their horses, lived peacefully on Brokeback for many years to come and as promised, Ennis and Jack remained fully loyal to each other till the day of their deaths. They were found in their bedroom one morning wrapped in each others arms, soft smiles on both their faces as had been when they both took their last breath the previous night. They had lived together and loved together for all of their lives and now live on still wrapped in each other's love forever.

The End