A/N: So sad...my first mutli chapteredfan fiction completed.Thanks to everyone who reveiwed, I really appreciated it. Hope you guys like the end.

"Happy birthday R.J" Harry cried throwing his godson in the air. R.J. squealed in delight.

"Hello Harry" Hermione called from the kitchen. Ginny hitched her nephew up on her hip and followed Harry into the kitchen.

"Ma ma" R.J cried reaching out to hermione. She put down her wand; she was decorating his cake and picked him up.

"Hey big boy" Hermione said tickling his tummy. He giggled and tried to shimmy down.

"Where's Ron?" Ginny asked.

"He's outside with Charlie and Helen" Hermione advised handing her son back to Ginny. "Could you call them in, the cake is done and it's time to sing"

"Hey big brother" Ginny called. Ron turned and smiled at his little sister. "Cake is done, you come in and sing to your son"

Ron, Charlie and Helen all followed Ginny inside. Harry took time to greet the Weasley clan as they gathered in the kitchen. Harry looked around at his the only family he ever knew. Hermione put little R.J. in his high chair and Helen placed the cake in front of him.

They sang Happy Birthday to the youngest Weasley and when they were done, he promptly put his face in the cake. Hermione gasped in horror, Ron laughed hysterically and Mrs.Weasley fumbled to take a picture.

Hermione's parents weren't there but Harry knew things were getting better. Helen had moved to Romania with Charlie, Harry himself had proposed to Ginny the night before. Hermione took that moment to announce she was pregnant again, this time was hoping for a girl with her eating habits and manners. Exactly a year since he destroyed Voldemort, it was all coming together. They were all finding peace.