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Summary: CEO Seto Kaiba has found out that if he doesn't marry before his next birthday, his company will go to his cousin, Noah! Not wanting this to happen, a professional spouse finder, Yami Mutou, is hired. Yet as Kaiba goes on his search for a wife, he realizes he doesn't need to look no further than Yami, but is it too late to confess his love?

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Chapter One: Remembrance

Rain. Everywhere. Pouring down on me. Washing away any hopes I carried. Although by now I didn't have many.

A car speeds by, splashing a brown puddle onto my defeated soul.

When I came here, I imagined I would see you sitting on a wooden bench in this park. And you'd look up at me from some hapless romance novel, and give me that radiant smile that always sends my stomach soaring. You would throw down your book and come running towards me. My arms would open and catch you as you jumped onto me, embracing me. Then you'd whisper in my ear with that sultry voice, "I missed you." And I would tell you that I love you and wanted to spend the rest of my life waking up next to you. Then we'd kiss; a chaste kiss at first, then a passionate one that's only seen in movies. We would live happily ever after. But, that never happened.

Now as I walk through the drops of sorrow, I wonder how this even started. The memory of when I first saw you and everything leading up to this tragic day springs into my mind.


"Why have you called a meeting with me?"

"Well, um, you know you have a public image that is shown to young children who admire you."


"Uh, lately you have been doing things that are not quite appropriate."

"You mean my dating women?"

"Well, you . . . dating more than one woman."

"How is that a problem?"

"Since you're a role model to younger kids, we think it would be good if you had a monogamous relationship that would eventually turn into . . . marriage."

"Marriage? I'm only twenty four!"

"We know, sir! You don't have to marry her right away."

"And if I don't want to?"

"Um . . ."

"And if I DON'T WANT TO?"

"In your father's will, it states you must marry by the age of twenty five, or the company will be forfeited to your cousin Noah."

"How come no one told me this?"

"We had not realized this either until Noah called us."

" . . . Well, how am I supposed to find someone?"

"We've already found someone who can help you with that."


"Come in Mr. Mutou!"

He walked into the room, his astonishing amethyst eyes holding charisma of pure intelligence. His black slacks over slim legs were adorned with a maroon and a black, silk tie. Even his hair screamed unique sophistication with its perfect style of angular triangles that had no strands out of place. I had never simply been impressed by anyone from mere looks. Not until then.

"My name is Yami Mutou. I am pleased to meet you Mr. Kaiba."

He held out his slender, manicured hand.

"Hello, Yami. Just call me Kaiba. No formals."

I shook his hand, his eyes filled with a knowing look.

"You say no formals, but wouldn't that mean I could call you by your first name?"

He was a smart bastard, too.

"How can you help me?"

"Well, Kaiba. I have spent the past three years finding suitable spouses for my clients. Not once has my client not been able to find a match. The best part is, each couple is perfectly matched and has not had any problems."

"Not yet, anyway."

The scowl he gave me was a look I would not often see. I returned the favor with a smirk.

"Like I said, each couple is perfectly matched and has not and WILL not have any problems."

"How do you find the 'perfect match'."

"I start with a survey on what kind of women you like. You do like women, right?"

He raised an eyebrow and stared at me with those unnerving eyes. Yes, I, Seto Kaiba, thought they were unnerving. Of course I'd never show it.

"Yes, I like women."

"Good, then let's begin."

He opened a dark blue folder and pulled out a sheet of paper. He looked around and spotted the living area in my office. I sighed and walked over to the set of chairs. As I sad down, he sat across from me. I waited for him to explain.

"I'm going to ask you several questions that you need to answer honestly."

He cleared his throat and began his interrogation.

"Do you prefer brains or beauty?"

"Well, I have never tasted brains, and it's hard to have beauty on the outside and inside, so I'll say chocolate."

"I'm not here to play games, Kaiba."

"Oh you aren't? I was really looking forward to playing Candyland. It's my favorite game."

He shot me another scowl along with a flare of the nostrils.

"I'm here to find you a wife - NOTHING ELSE!"

I just observed as he closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. This was very amusing.

"Now lest start over. Do you prefer brains or beauty?"

"I prefer brains, but she has to have some looks."

"Do you like a woman who likes to party or spend time at home?"


"Do you like older or younger women?"

"Younger but legal."

"Do you want her to know how to do house work?"

"She doesn't need to, since I have maids."

"Of course," he mumbled.

"What are you trying to imply?"


"No, tell me."

"Oh, just that you seem like the type that doesn't do any house work."

"Why should I? Do you?"

"Of course. I can't afford maids."

"So you're blaming me for having money?"

"I'm not blaming you. I'm just thinking."

"Thinking about what?"

"Oh, nothing."

I took a frustrated sigh and rubbed my temples. He was scribbling something on his paper.

"What are you writing?"

"Just a little note to find a woman that can handle your bickering."

"I don't bicker."

A smile was tugging at his lips.

"Alright, last question."


"Are you looking to fall in love before you marry?"

Fall in love? I don't know if I want to fall in love. I just want to marry some tolerable woman.

"Or do you just want to marry, so you can keep your company?"

I didn't answer for a few seconds. I felt guilty that I was going to deceive a woman into thinking I really loved her and truly wanted to marry her. But the guilt disappeared when I remembered that it would be a privilege to marry a rich, handsome man like me. She wouldn't care less about my love if I bought here diamonds.

"The latter," I finally responded.

He paused for a second and glanced at me. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure!"

He hesitantly wrote on his paper.

"Well, that wraps today up. Tomorrow I'll stop by and plan a few things with you.

"Talk to my secretary for a time."

We both stood and Yami held out his hand.

"It was nice meeting with you."

I shook his hand and he began to walk away. His slender form confidently walked out the same way he came in.


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