What if James had a child that he didn't know about? Meet Harry's older sister Raye. What happens when Raye tries to find out her father dead and she has a younger brother? What about Harry?

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A Sister's love

Chapter one: A Sister's Tears.

It was a pretty normal summer's afternoon on Privet Drive. The well cut lawns were the perfect shade of green, a few bees buzzed around aunt Petunia's fully bloomed rose bushes. The front window was open to allow the none existent breeze in. In number four the Dursleys were all watching a game show on TV. Uncle Vernon's deep voice could be heard making comments on the stupidity of the contestants every time the buzzer went off indicating a wrong answer.

"Honestly don't they screen these people before the go on the show? I bet half of them are lucky just to know their own name." Another buzzer, another wrong answer. Aunt Petunia laughed politely.

Harry thought it was funny how his uncle would guess the answers and get more of the questions wrong then the contestants. Harry wasn't in the living room, instead he was in the kitchen re-washing the lunch dishes. He had gotten into trouble when he used the dish washer without permission in hopes of getting his chores done before the evening news came on. His aunt and uncle didn't like to use the dish washer. "It costs too much money to run and it makes too much noise when it does and it doesn't even wash them properly" were the reasons why, according to his aunt.

The sound of the doorbell woke him out of his reverie.

"Dudley answer the door." Vernon said.

"I don't wanna, make Harry do it."

"Get the door, boy!" Vernon's voiced boomed throughout the house.

Harry sighed and tossed the towel he was using to dry the plates on the counter and headed into the hallway before he heard his aunt's worried voice.

"Vernon what will our guest think if he answers the door, we don't want them to think we're like that too."

There was a moment when he heard his uncle give a grunt and another chime went though the house. Harry was almost at the door when his uncle appeared in front of him, "Never mind. Get back into the kitchen!"

Harry was anxious to see who it was at the door, they had long since strong ringing the doorbell and had started to knock on the door rather rigorously. Perhaps it was a package, not for him of course, lately his aunt had taken on buying things by catalogue. For a wild moment Harry thought maybe it was the Weasley's come to take him to the Burrow for the rest of the summer.

"Yes?" Vernon said impatiently answering the door, but Harry couldn't see who it was from his uncle's vast body. He could hear a woman's voice though and whoever she was she made his uncle nervous.

"No there is no James living here, I assure you dear." His uncle said using the voice his uses when talking to customers. Harry couldn't believe his ears, she couldn't be talking about his father, could she? he thought wildly.

"Oh then what about his wife, Lily, or their son, Harry?"

Harry's heart jumped into his throat, someone was asking for his parents fourteen years after their deaths. Uncle Vernon turned a deep shade of purple and shook his head unable to trust his mouth. Harry knew that if he didn't act now he would never know who this stranger was.

He rushed to the doorway and was able to squeeze past his fuming uncle.

"I'm Harry" he said stupidly.

The woman turned and looked at Harry a slow smile on her face. She was very pretty young lady a little older than Harry with long brown hair twisted into a ponytail that rested on her right shoulder, behind frame-less glasses she had blue eyes and a kind, round face. "M-may I speak with you Harry?" she asked tenderly.

"Um sorry, but who are you?" Harry asked. There were tears in her eyes. Harry hoped that she wasn't going to cry all over the place, since that time in the Room of Requirement with Cho last year, Harry had had enough of a woman's tears.

"Oh yes of course, my name is Raye Potter, I'm your sister!" she exclaimed and she enveloped him in a massive hug.


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