'You shouldn't smoke sempai.' Ohtori said, leaning against the railing of the balcony.

Yuushi grimaced and stubbed the cigarette out on the concrete, before flicking it into the bin. 'I know,' he replied with a sigh.

Ohtori nodded. He wasn't the type to lecture someone. It would've been a different story had Gakuto walked through the door. 'Can I ask?'

Yuushi shrugged. 'It's nothing, disagreement at home… It was nice of your parents to have us over.'

'They don't mind. Mum thinks you're all nice boys…' Ohtori shook his head in disbelief.

'She's very deceived… happy birthday by the way,' he replied offhandedly.

'It's a good one.' Ohtori smiled, turning to look back into the lounge. The younger boy's gaze settled on Shishido, who was currently arguing with Gakuto over a set of instructions.

'Is it?' he asked inquiringly. 'Shishido bought you a Playstation… you play about as much as I do.' Which was to say not at all.

Ohtori flushed. 'I asked him for one,' he replied.

'You don't like video games.'

Ohtori looks away slightly.

'Oh, I see…' Shishido loved video games. A little pathetic, but Ohtori was soft hearted like that.

'What was the fight about?' Ohtori rested his elbows on the railing and leaned back, looking into the sky.

'Medical school,' he grunted. 'They want me to take entrance exams for Toudai, the high school has a medical university.'

'You don't want to?'

He shrugged and pushed his hair out of his face. 'Not really.'

Ohtori stretched out his arms and turned to face him. 'Toudai's far to travel, it would take more than an hour from here.'

'My parents want me to go into housing closer to the school…' He absently fiddled with the half empty pack of smokes. They belonged to his father, he'd swiped them last week.

'Do they have a good tennis club?'

'No, they're weak.'

'You'd make them stronger,' Ohtori pointed out lightly.

'I make Hyoutei stronger too… What do your parents want you to do?' he asked.

Ohtori shrugged. 'We've talked about it a little. There are a few schools I want to go to, good music programs… What do you want to do?'

'Chemistry at Keio, the high school is on the university campus. I could go into engineering in three years.'

'Oh,' Ohtori nodded with a smile that slowly grew wider, until he covered his mouth.

Yuushi frowned and looked at the junior. 'What?'

'Playstation,' Ohtori replied succinctly.

'Playstation?' he repeated.

Ohtori inclined his head towards the lounge where Gakuto was currently wrestling the controller away from Shishido. 'Isn't Mukahi-kun taking the exams for Keio?'

Yuushi shifted slightly and folded his arms across his body. 'Sure, but it's not… Playstation. That's not the reason I want to go to Keio.'

Ohtori shrugged, 'Okay,' he replied.

'It isn't Playstation. I'm not soppy like that.'

'It's Playstation.'

Yuushi huffed indignantly. 'I'm not going to continue this ridiculous conversation.'

Ohtori's long fingered hand rested momentarily on his arm. 'Oshitari-san?'

He glanced at his team mate. 'Yes?'

'I think Playstation is more important than any other consideration. I'd give up music for… ah… Playstation. So if your reason for wanting to go to Keio were Playstation-based, I think you're making the right decision.'

He looked at Ohtori and the boy solemnly looked back at him. 'I think that's the longest speech you've ever given me,' he laughed.

Ohtori smiled sheepishly, 'I guess I just believe in… Playstation.'

Yuushi slapped an arm around the younger boys shoulder and gave him a brief hug. They stood companionably on the balcony, Yuushi's gaze lingering on Gakuto. 'Playstation,' he murmured to himself. 'We are never going to repeat this conversation to anyone, right?'

'No, sempai, no one.'