Dedication: Kenny, Sakura (AKA Chibi Jess!), Daisuke (AKA Shy Qhy)

Story status: chapter one

Pairing(s): Neji/Tenten, Sasuke/Sakura

Minor Pairings: Hinata/Naruto, Shikamaru/Ino

Summary: Ten years in the future where the Naruto next generation has encountered the demon himself, Orochimaru. It had seem the demon sent the legendary four somewhere familiar yet not where they live. He sent them back into the past when the Naruto group are only chunnin!

The Uchiha Prodigy

"How did this happen?" whispers out a young boy, aged fifteen, with long hair tied with one ribbon and loose hair down over his forehead. He wore the Konoha forehead protector and bandages on his right arm like any ninja would have. He stood tall on the cliff while staring down at Konoha village with a scowl. The girl, aged fifteen, next to him crossed her arms across her chest and made a small smirk. She had long pink hair tied into a pony tail while parts of her hair loosed on the front of her headband and had dark emerald eyes. She activated the sharingan and her smirk grew wider

"This could be fun," She almost took a step forward but a hand casted in front of her making her halt her movement

"Fun nothing. Deactivate your sharingan Hana," the voice beside her said coolly. Hana scowls while deactivating her sharingan and scoffs at the man who was closing his eyes. She always had a problem while activating sharingan when she's either angry or when it's just random.

"Sensei-chan, how are we going to get back now?"

Silence. All he did was stare at the Konoha village until another member of his team spoke up.

"Well sensei, I think we should have a little fun while we're here," another voice behind them said proudly. The boy, aged fifteen, had blond-brownish spiky hair with dark blue sea deep eyes. Like Hana, his hair was loosed on the front of his Konoha headband but his headband was different from everyone else. Its tie was longer than everyone else and it moves with the wind as did his hair. He wore a black and orange sweatshirt with dark orange pants while having bandages tied on his right leg

"Beside, that battle with Oro-"

"That's enough, Daisuke...we should go," the man cuts him off who still had his eyes closed while crossing his arms. He had a stern face with lines around the eyes and wore the headband around his arm and a blue bandana on his forehead while parts of spiky hair was loosed like the others. He wore a black sleeveless jacket with a fishnet shirt and black gloves. The man made a curve on his mouth and opened his eyes

"It would be fun to see tou-san as a kid," He made the same smirk as his team made before they disappeared into the Konoha village

"So Sakura...still want to go on that date with me?" smirked the blond kyuubi boy. She glared at him before crunching her knuckles

"What did you say...?" The evil grin appeared on her face and the boy's smirk faltered while shaking his head

"Want to go check if Sasuke want to train with us?" he chuckled nervously. Her grin turned into a smirk while chuckling "That's what I thought you said,"

As they were walking down the village to Sasuke on their old training place, they spotted a man and a blond hair boy whom they had never seen before. Naruto wanted to ignore them but Sakura wanted to welcome them in the village

"Neh Sakura-chan, they're only looking around," he said irritatedly but he found out he wasn't talking to no one when he saw Sakura talking to the strangers "EH Sakura-chan?"

Naruto flew over to Sakura when he noticed something familiar about one familiar boy in the group. He pointed out and said "Hey you're wearing the same outfit as me,"

The boy made a smile and waved his arms wildly. He was about to say something until the older man covered his mouth making him shut up

"Hey!" a voice cried out. Their heads shifted to the voice and it was a young boy and young girl running to them

"Hana-chan! Tori-san!" screamed out the Naruto look-a-like while waving at them. The man next to him sighed "Time to go guys,"

Naruto and Sakura were confuse and waved them goodbye "What's your name?" Sakura was referring to the man who seems to be the leader of the group

"Just call me Takashi," All four of them disappeared on that site with wind scattering around all of them. Naruto and Sakura shuts their eyes with their hands up in defense. They both stared at each other when the dusts and wind cleared up but then shrugged it off

"Come on, let's go get Sasuke-kun," said Sakura sighing

The man and the other three were standing on top of the building spying at them with the same smirk they had earlier

"Let's go,"

"You don't have to tell me twice,"

"SASUKE-KUN!" screamed out Naruto with a smile. Sasuke glared at his best friend when he screamed out his name. Sasuke was angry. Why?

He wasn't mad that his friends interrupted his training

He wasn't mad that Naruto interrupted Sasuke's Chidori move

Oh was way worse than that...he was pissed off because...

"Naruto...get off of me!" he growled. Here, Sasuke was training in hope to defeat his brother and Naruto comes out of nowhere! Naruto and Sakura had successfully pulled Sasuke back before he could go to Orochimaru but Sasuke still felt the anger in his heart so he trained in Konoha village. He promised to not go to Orochimaru and he will remain in the village

Naruto made a silly grin and Sakura stifled a laugh while Sasuke glared at the both of them. Naruto got off and Sakura made a wave towards Sasuke when she approached him


"Sakura-chan," he nods at her

"So you're Uchiha Sasuke," The three ninjas shifted their head toward the voice. It was the same guy from the village earlier accompanied by his team. All three guys are standing tall with a smirk while the girl was sitting down happily on the branch swinging her legs

"Itachi!" growled Sasuke. Takashi raised his left eyebrow before moving down to team seven

"Itachi? You've got to be kidding me," he scoffed but Sasuke moved toward after him with a roar. Takashi's eyes widen when he saw him moving after him

"Sasuke!" said his former teammates

"Shit!" Takashi cussed while dodging his moves. Sasuke growls when he made a roll and stood up. He performed hand seals

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" He drew Chakra into his mouth then starting to exhale a fire stream but then started to explode into a large sphere of flames. Takashi's eyes widen and he dashed out of the way. Sasuke stopped blowing and glared at him

"Come on Itachi, activate your sharingan," Naruto and Sakura began to worry for Sasuke while Hana, Daisuke, and Tori began to worry for their sensei

"sharingan..." Hana whispers while having confusions in her eyes

"I'm not Itachi!" Takashi tried to convince him while Sasuke sneered at him

"Right, now..." Sasuke threw shurikens at Takashi but Takashi started to move until Sasuke made hand forms

"Housenka no jutsu!" The shurikens began to emit fire while Takashi stood there making hand forms

"If I can't convince you..." he growls. The shurikens hit him but it was replaced by a block of wood. Sasuke moved his eyes around trying to find him

"Kuso! Kawarimi," he hissed. The other three flew down to Sasuke and his other teammates while they began to form their stance of battling but Hana approached them with a friendly wave and they began to cool

"Please don't harm our sensei," said Daisuke with a plead

They were confused

"What? Sensei? That bastar-" Sasuke was cut off by the girl

"Don't you finished that!" She growled. Hana looks down at the ground with a small whimper and the guys, meaning Tori and Daisuke, began to hold their laughter. Hana glared at them as they froze and smile nervously with a wave while turning back to Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto

"You don't understand. We're not around here-" Hana got cut off by the blond Kyuubi boy

"Hold on you're wearing the Konoha headband. What do you mean by that?"

"Yeah, maybe we should tell them-" Daisuke started out until Hana and Sakura smacked their teammate down

"ITAI!" they screamed in unison. Tori made a smirk and crossed his arms

"Stereo..." he said amusingly. Hana's left eye twitched and her fists balled up

"Ok...let me finish..." She started inhaling then exhaling "We are not around here, you see-"

"Katon: Karyuu Endan!" screamed a voice from the trees. Hana sighed while slapping her forehead

"SENSEI SHUT UP!" He was to exhale fire until he trips when he heard her scream his name

He landed in front of the group with a groan while everyone sweatdropped

Hana started huffing while her bangs covering her green eyes. She was a little bit annoyed about the fact her teammates are such a pain. One's a goof, one never listens to her, and the other thinks he's too cool for them. DAMN! How she wished she could just...ARGH!

"Hana...chan...?" whisper out Daisuke. An evil grin appeared while laughing manically but then when she stared at them. Naruto, Sakura, and especially Sasuke were extremely shocked when they had a look at her eyes



This is kind of a role play story from my friends and me so read and review if you like. It's a story about the kids going back in time while battling with Orochimaru. Well why did Hana's sensei going to use his fire move even though they were talking and civilized with the Naruto cast at the time? He was in the forest and couldn't hear nor see them. He is trying to shield his abilities so all of the Katon moves he used are considered...weak I guess but it's his signature move. I might delete the story because doesn't seem interesting enough lol. So basically this is just about the Naruto kids traveling back in time and had no idea to go back xD overused I guess. Well

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