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Time: Reset

"All right. We only have three days...and...we're not even past River country." Yashamaru thought as his hands scratched his head. He snapped his finger in realization.

"We'll just travel by flying won't we?" The others stare at him in confusion except for team nine. Yashamaru gave out a cheeky grin before biting his thumb. Team Nine sighs in unison before ducking out of the way. The others were confused. He made his hand signs and placed his palm on the floor

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

A huge dragonfly suddenly popped up. The others including the future Naruto were off guarded with its large wings. Team Nine sweatdropped when he saw the giant dragonfly. It had a scar on its back and an eye patch over his left eye with a giant toothpick on its mouth. He yawned and saw his master which made him sweatdropped.

"You again? A'ight, where off to this time?" it grumbled. Yashamaru's grin grew and stood on its back. He gave out a peace sign with his hands and told them

"My hometown, Tonbotatsu!" Tonbotatsu, the dragonfly, gave a grunt. The others flew onto his back as the dragonfly sped to his hometown.


Apparently, Yashamaru did not tell them his dragonfly can go up to 800 miles per hour.

Hidden Sand Village

All the teams are present in front of the sand siblings. They were awaiting Team Seven and Team Nine with the future Naruto. Hinata has her pointer fingers touching, both Kiba were petting their dogs anxiously, Ino was leaning against Chouji as she fell asleep while Chouji was eating some of the pork that he packed on the trip, the Future Sasuke was playing shogi with the future Shikamaru, both Neji were meditating, Tenten was sharping her weapon, and Lee was practicing with his tai chi.


The Kazekage looked in annoyance as he heard the crash behind him. Temari and Kankurou gaped at the hole when a giant dragonfly came crashing threw the window but then the dragonfly disappeared with smoke. Ino was awaken and the others were startled from the giant noise. Dust was everywhere but someone came out of the dust.

Yashamaru coughed and gave his cheeky grin while scratching his head. He chuckled and wave the dust around. The Kazekage's eyes went large. Although Yashamaru has a stupid grin plastered on his face, he was the splitting image of his uncle.

Yashamaru has the bandage tied on his forehead where his forehead protector laid on. He has short blond hair and the same bone structure as his uncle. The Kazekage stared in shock as did Temari and Kankurou. Yashamaru noticed them and waved

"Yo! Sorry about the window, I'll get it fixed. Tonbotatsu needs to work on his landing."

The Kazekage regain his posture and cleared his throat

"I see. What is your name, young man?"Gaara said politely. Yashamaru chuckled and slapped the Kazekage on the back

"You know me dad! I'm your son, Yashamaru!"

'You idiot!' was the thoughts of everyone

The sand siblings could not believe this. Yashamaru noticed this and looked confused


A few minutes later...

"'re from a time ahead of us...and you're my son?" Yashamaru nodded. He held up his forehead protector and removed the bandage. He pointed as he forehead showing a kanji of love. He then tied up his forehead and put back his forehead protector.

"As you see we need to cut our time short so we have to bring back everyone." Yashamaru explained. The others nodded.

"My cousin, Aburame Hikari, is down as well as the ANBU and most of the jounin. Right now, Sakura, Hinata, Tenten, and Ino-sensei are helping out the ANBU and the jounin. The war is turning most grave so I was sent back to bring you guys back." His eyes narrow down at the future Naruto.

"Well, Rokudaime, this is your time to shine. We need you to lead us and how are we going to defeat the one called Orochimaru," All stared at the future Naruto. He stared in shock but then broke down with his fist clenching.

"Why must you say that? I'm not fit to be-"

"Who are you fooling Rokudaime?" Yashamaru interrupted. He sighed and told him

"You're young, I know, but you do realize the only one who can lead us is you. Godaime is on her knees right now. I know after she's gone, you'll be the one to take her place," the Future Naruto glared at him

"No...I know she won't die. When I become Hokage, I want her to see me as Rokudaime. We have to get back now," Yashamaru looked serious for one second but then laughed out loud

"Yeah you're right! What was I thinking, she'll die? Psh! Come on let's go back!" Everyone just fell with drops of sweat rolled down their face.

'Hikari is in trouble? I hope it's not too bad,' Takashi thought grimly

"Say your last words before we go," Yashamaru grinned but Gaara placed his hand on his left shoulder after he stopped talking.

"Before you go, what is it that you wanted to say?" Neji said seriously. The future Neji sighed and leaned towards his ears

"The Hyuuga council do not approve of Tenten despite of my words and Hiashi-sama's. You may come to think rejecting Tenten is the best but it's not. Your heart will be full of guilt and you will become...a caged bird once more. When I married Tenten, I felt being free again. I'm telling you now if you rather have Tenten in your life become a caged bird again. I told you before, you will make decisions you'll regret."

Neji said nothing as he begin to collect his thoughts. The future Neji stepped back with Yashamaru.

The future Sasuke stared down at Sasuke. Sasuke only glared back while the future Sasuke smirked. It looked like his past self wanted to fight him.

"Stop denying yourself," the Future Sasuke said suddenly. Sasuke didn't change his expression.

"You know well as I love her." The future Sasuke said softly. Sasuke still didn't change. The future Sasuke sighed.

"No matter. I'm you anyways so whatever happens I'm still going to be with Sakura," Sasuke flinched as the future Sasuke smirk grew bigger

"Why did you quit your quest to kill Itachi? Why...why her!" Sasuke growled. The future Sasuke rolled his eyes

"First, I didn't quit. I merely postpone it. Don't be such a brat," 'I can't believe I just said that to myself,'

The future Sasuke thought. "Second, why her? I want you to look at her right in the eye and say I hate you. Before the Uchiha massacre, we were always admiring Itachi...always wanting to be better than him. Even after the massacre, we want to be better than him. He's a S-Rank criminal and is known everywhere. You want that fame. You want that acknowledgement from everyone. When Naruto raised up, you couldn't take it. When he brought you back to Konoha, you were shamed by everyone. The only ones who acknowledged you are...Naruto and Sakura.

That's when I decided to better myself. You know it as well as I want fame...not kill Itachi. You're a selfish little brat," Sasuke was about to attack his future self but the future Sasuke backed away with Yashamaru and gave a goofy grin. Sasuke's eyebrows twitch.

'Is everyone in the future that stupid?' (note: He just called himself stupid.)

Sasuke relaxed though. He took a quick glance at Sakura before rolling his eyes.

'However, I could give her a chance,'

The future Kiba gave a thumbs up at his past self before walking back at Yashamaru. The future Shikamaru yawned before moving back to Yashamaru. The future Naruto gave his Uzumaki Grin and a good guy pose.


"Listen...kaa-san." Takashi hesitated at the last word but went on. "You may not remember me after this but I want you to know. Sometimes saying goodbye is hard to say, especially if I'm older than my mom,"

Takashi chuckled softly with Sakura.

"This is probably a chance in a lifetime but you know I love you right?" Sakura nodded with a soft smile. Takashi leaned in for a hug as did Sakura.

"I'll see you in the future," Takashi turned to Yashamaru.

"Well Mom it's been real," Tori said to Tenten. Tenten gave a light giggle while Tori put up a soft smile. "Always put your hair up mom. It makes you unique,"

Tori returned to Yashamaru with a nod at Tenten who nodded back. Hana began to tackle him from the back with a grin. Tori returned it with a smile.

Daisuke tackled Naruto and Hinata together with a grin.

"I love you both! It's not like everyday we get to see your parents at this age." Daisuke gave a loud laugh and held both Naruto and Hinata's hands together who both blushed.

Daisuke returned to Yashamaru. With everyone collected, Yashamaru put his hands together. He dropped his headband down at the floor and removed his bandages.

"I'll see you in the future Otou-san," Yashamaru said with a grin. "Bye Uncle! Bye Auntie!"

Temari and Kankurou waved back as Gaara nodded at Yashamaru.

He made his hand seals while biting his thumb. He placed his palm down to summon a mini dragonfly. He whispered into the ears of the mini dragonfly

"Tonbo, just erase the minds of the past." The dragonfly did so and returned back to where he belonged. Everyone fell except the ninjas in the future unconscious.

"It's time to return," Everyone nodded. He bit his left thumb and shouted

"Reversal Kai! Michi Kiri: Knou Kyuuseishu no Jutsu!"

The team disappeared in the smoke...however a group of small shadows were hovering over the unconscious ninjas...

Two Hours Later...

"Why are we the kazekage's office?" groaned Naruto who was getting up while rubbing his head. The last time he remembered was training with Sasuke...then it was all a blank. Sasuke's eyes open slowly as his vision began to come back


Suddenly, everyone else began to awaken as well. They had confusion written all over their face and wonder what was going on.

"It's about time you guys are awake," a low voice said from behind. The ninjas immediately turned to the owner of the voice who was sitting on the kazekage's desk. The ninjas were shocked of what they're seeing.

Their 12 Year Old Selves Again.

"So...what's going on?" said a twelve year old Uchiha Sasuke with his arms crossed and his left eyebrow lifted.


Sage: The End? Well most likely. I plan to end it sooner but let's see what happens. I'm pretty sure the next chapters consist of the future and switch to the past again.