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I sat down on my new couch with a sigh, staring around at the new apartment. It was bigger than my old one—but I was beginning to miss the cramped rooms that were overflowing with stuff…

I smiled a little, remembering the goodbye party we'd had. Terrance had brought his boombox, and we played loud rock music the whole time. All sorts of people had been there—Sonja and Damien Edachi, the owners of our favorite karaoke bar and my favorite music supply store respectively; Mikey Labrador, who we'd met when Terra dragged us all to the mall on a shopping spree, and Marik Rama and Samantha Parker, who we'd met while helping Damien and Sonja open their shops. And, of course, my usual buddy group.

And now, they had all been left behind…

I stared moodily out the window. I was grateful that we weren't actually in the city—more in the suburbs. I could see the skyscrapers of Chicago rising in the distance.

I slid my hands into my pockets—and blinked, pulling out a YuGiOh card. It was a bit crinkled from being in that pocket for so long, but still in pretty good condition. It was a trap card, titled Pharaoh's Treasure.

I was confused. As far as I knew, I had no card by that name. Where could it have come from?

I thought hard. There had been one case in sixth grade where a boy had kept sending a girl cards like Love Letter and Hidden Wish, and another of a girl who had given her crush the card Maiden in Love. Maybe it was something like that.

But…Pharaoh's Treasure…that title has nothing to do with love or secret admirers…

My mind reasoned that, if I had gotten the card Pharaoh's Treasure, then someone who was a pharaoh considered me precious. But that was absurd. There were no pharaohs nowadays—and besides, I had never been to Egypt. I didn't even know any Egyptians or Arabs.

Except for Yami…

I nearly laughed aloud at my own fanciful dreams. Yami was just an anime character, albeit a handsome one. There was no way.

Heh. Unless he just happened to fall out of my TV…

My mind turned to dreams I'd been having lately—dreams so real, they seemed almost like memories…

Suddenly, I sat bolt upright. Something had snapped inside my mind, and memories were flooding back.

They had come out of my TV—Yami, Yuugi, Ryou, Bakura, Malik, and Kaiba. Later, Jonouchi had come out of John's TV. And we all had so much fun—

Even with all the fights—

And then they had left. Yami had given me the card, because I was his beloved—his treasure. And we'd…

I closed my eyes, trying not to remember. It hurt, thinking about him.

And then, I had cast the forgetfulness spell—and the book had seemed to disappear. I vaguely remembered it shrinking away into nothingness.

My cell phone rang. I answered it. "Yeah?"

"Miriku. You're going to think we're crazy."

I blinked. "Terra? Why? What happened?"

"Mikey, Sonja, Damien, Marik, and Sam are all here. We're all getting memories that conflict with the ones we have, but we know they're true, even though."

I nodded. "The YuGiOh people?"

Terra took a deep breath. "Yeah. Them."

I sighed. "It really happened." I looked at the card in my hand. "I know it did."

"So do we," Terra confirmed. "Mikey had that half of a Change of Heart Ryou gave her, laminated and on a necklace."

I smiled a little. "We're all crazy."

"Like we didn't know that already?"

"Good point."

"Hold on a second—I'm putting you on speaker."

I waited for a second or two. Then; "Hey, all—how's life back in Florida?"

"Boring," Sonja said unhappily.

"It was a lot more fun with you around," Mikey agreed.

Marik sighed. "I wish you hadn't moved…"

I looked out my window again. "Guys…do you think we'll ever be able to see them again?"

"I sure hope so," Sam murmured. "Man, I miss Bakura already…"

"I wanna see my Malik again…" I could just see Marik pouting as she said this.

I heard Damien laugh a little. "That's not going to happen, guys—not unless they come back, or we go there."

"I wish we could go there," Sonja sighed, longing in her voice.

I smiled. "Well, thanks for calling…do so often. I don't know how many friends I'm going to make this year—knowing my luck, none."

I could almost see Terra rolling her eyes. "Come on, Miriku, that's exactly what you said before you met us."

I laughed. "Good point. Anyway, I have to go—after all, my computer won't set up itself!"

There was a ripple of laughter from the other side, and a chorus of goodbyes—then the click of the receiver being hung up.

I slipped my phone back into my pocket, smiling a little. My friends knew exactly how to cheer me up.

But none of them could replace Yami…

My eyes hardened. I was not going to fall into despair, like I had done before. That had been disastrous.

I'll just keep living. And dreaming.

And maybe—just maybe—we would meet again.

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