Disclaimer: Sailormoon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. I belong to myself. The beta-reader doesn't really exist so she belongs to me too.

Author's Notes: This isn't a continuation of Lucky Break. It's a silly extra of sorts. I got the idea while I was editing the actual story. Didn't intend to add it at first, but then again someone might just have some fun by reading it. Enjoy.
Oh, hello there. I'm trying to brew a comedy potion, would you like to give me a hand? It won't take long. Thank you. I've been told it's a fairly easy one to make, but I still have some trouble. Maybe I didn't read the instructions properly? Let's see… Take a person that always second-guesses her fanfics because she doesn't have a beta-reader and none of her friends want to get involved in something so bothersome. Done. Add a fictional peppy beta-reader. Did that too. Spice up the mixture with a few stereotypes about boy-girl (or in certain cases girl-girl) interaction and nudity that are usually found in romantically inclined manga. Uh-huh… Stir nine times clock-wise. Okay, here I go. One… Two…


Now why did the cauldron explode?


Elmedir proudly (?) presents


Lucky Break – Behind the scenes:

the perils of being a fanfiction writer


Author (bounces excitedly on her seat): So what do you think? Is the fic any good? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Beta-reader: Well...

Author: Yes?...

Beta-reader: It's... different.

Author (hopeful): Really?

Beta-reader: Just kidding.

(Author falls over)

Beta-reader: It's same old, same old actually. Haruka and sleep. Again. You always have her doing something related to sleep.

Author: Not always.

Beta-reader (ignores the interruption): It's almost like a pattern of sorts in your fanfics. I wonder... Could it be that you have a Haruka in bed fetish?

Author (sputtering): A WHAT!

Beta-reader: Sleep requires a bed usually. It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Author (suddenly smirking): Sure it does. It makes perfect sense that your dirty mind would come up with something like that. Which makes me wonder... Could it be that you have the Haruka fetish?

Beta-reader (trying to sound innocent): What makes you think that?

Author (evil grin): Oh, I don't know... Maybe the piles of Haruka plushies in your bedroom... Or maybe the Haruka stickers and posters all over the walls and ceiling…

(Beta-reader starts to feel uncomfortable)

Author: Or maybe the fact that I had to read the story to you while you were waving a stick and yelling "Space Sword Blaster"…

(Beta-reader starts to feel very uncomfortable)

Author: Or maybe the fact that you had little Harukas stitched on your underwear…

Beta-reader (cracks): All right! All right! You don't have a Haruka fetish! I do! Ruka-sama! I love you! (Breaks into a tirade of increasingly corny love proclamations)

Author (groans): Oh no, I got her started again...

Several hours later

Beta-reader: Sigh... Ruka-sama...

(Notices author unplugging her ears)



Author (sweatdrops): That's because you're prancing around in them every time I come to visit.

Beta-reader (checks what she's wearing): Kyaaa!

Author: Eh? What's wrong?

Beta-reader: Nooo! Don't look!

Author (rolls her eyes): I've seen you plenty of times already so quit playing shy. If you're that embarrassed just wear some clothes dammit. We have serious work to do here. Besides, it's not like you have something that I don't - ow! What was that for?

Beta-reader (tackles author and proceeds to give her a good whacking): Pervert!

Author: Ouch! Hey, calm down! Get off of me!

Beta-reader (keeps whacking): Shut up! Hentai! Sex-maniac! Lecherous old man!

Author: I'm a girl!

Beta-reader: Molester!

Author: Who's molesting whom here?

Beta-reader: DIE!

The life of a fanfiction writer is harsh indeed…