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Chapter 40: "Finalie"

Day 9
Station Square
4:56 P.M.

	Chaima and the others stood before Shalita seriously. "We'll 
have to use all our powers that a chao can produce to heal him."
	Shalita shook her head. "That could drain you of ALL your 
	Chaima looked at Shalita. "If it'll heal Sonic, I'll take that 
	Pucha, the fairy, stepped up. "I would too!"
	Rupicha the penguin walled up. "And me!"
	"So would I" Chahura the dragon said.
	"And me!" Rukicha the beetle said.
	"Me too!" Pitecha the jester girl said.
	"I'd do anything to save Sonic," Chalcon the hedgehog said.
	Shalita looked at the chao with tears in her eyes and nodded. 
	The chao gathered in a circle around Sonic and held their hands. 
They closed their eyes and concentrated. The ring started glowing 
brightly and their energy started pouring into Sonic. He too began to 
glow. After a few moments the light died away, and the chao had changed 
back to their orginal shape before they left Station Square.
	They waited for what seemed like an eternity, until Sonic's eyes 
fluttered open.
	"Hooray!!!!!" the others cheered. Everyone started hugging 
Sonic, glad he was okay.
	Suddenly the emeralds that Amy had jumped into Bane's hands.
	"Whoa! What happened?" Amy asked.
	"That emerald must be tied to him," Shalita said.
	"It is?" Bane asked.
	"Yeah. Only special people can keep the emeralds, as the emeralds 
are tied to both chao and the ones who can use it to help the chao." 
Shalita said.
	"But....I never raised a chao..." Bane said.
	"Now ya do!" Chalcon said, leaping at Bane. Bane caught him.
	"Whoa buddy!" he somewhat laughed. "If you suppose so!"
	"There you guys are!" a voice cried. Everyone looked up and saw 
Sierra and Chip running towards them. "Y'all okay?"
	"We're fine!" Aleena said. Suddenly the purple Chaos Emerald 
jumped into Sierra's hands.
	"Uh, what's that all about?" Sierra asked.
	"It means...we're partners!" Pitecha said, walking up to her.
	"Partners?! For what?" Sierra asked.
	The yellow emerald Tails hand jumped to Chip.
	"Whoa! Cooool!" Chip said.
	"Guess that's you and me," Rukicha said.
	"So....what does this mean?" Sonic asked.
	"Means something's up, and the chao have to do something," 
Shalita said.
	Everyone heard a gasping sound and looked down to find Justin 
pulling Kalita on shore.
	"Help me up, you idiot," Kalita gasped, trying to catch her breath. 
Her hair, which was blond, had washed away to reveal her white hair.
	As they looked up, they stared into the faces of the Sonic 
	"Uh....sis...hiya..." Kalita half grinned in embarrassment.
	"Oh darn. I thought you would of drowned. Too bad," Shalita 
glared. "Amy?"
	"Allow me," Amy grinned wickedly, holding her Long Hammer.
	"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Justin and Kalita screamed, 
running away so fast, they kicked up a smoke cloud from heat.
	The others looked at each other and laughed. Havin their arms 
over each other's shoulder, they walked away from the flooded ruins 
of Station Square.

Day 10
Mystic Ruins
9:30 A.M.

	"It was a tearful time in Mystic Ruins. Everyone was parting 
ways to head home or do something else.
	"Sonic and Tails decided they wanted to take the Tonado 2 back to 
Robotropolis with them, and decided to fly it back themselves.
	"Shalita decided to take off with the chao to explore the world 
with them. She promised SOnic that she would someday return.
	"Bane needed time on his own to think. He was depressed that he 
was decieved by Kalita, and finally decided to hunt her and Justin 
	"Manic, Sonia, Sir Charles, Bernadette, Sierra, Chip, Big and 
Froggy all decided to take the van back to Robotropolis. Big was curious 
about what Sierra did in the City.
	"Knux was reunited with the Station Square Freedom Fighters and 
after a long discussion, they decided to come with Knux back on the 
island with him.
	"Amy became the new Mayor of Station Square, and she appointed 
Pepper Johnson the head of the New Station Square Freedom Fighters.
	"I myself returned to my travels, keeping an eye on my children, 
and someday hoping that we will become the Council of Four once again, 
and stay together for good."
Until Next Time
Queen Aleena


This adventure was written and produced by: Shayne Thames
Based on the game "Sonic Adventure" for Sega Dreamcast