Wesley hated villains who cackled. Even worse, he found, were villains who defended their decisions to cackle with claims of "camp."

"What are you planning to do with us?" Dawn asked. They were all strapped down to what looked like operating tables from a B horror movie.

"My robot of your father," Mears said, pointing at Wesley, "was a good start. But it wasn't good enough. You would have caught on, eventually. Something would have given him away. I just didn't have enough data. But here, I have the original specimens. I can create exact copies, complete with your memories, your secret desires, your subtle quirks. The only difference between you and them will be that they will be utterly loyal to me, obeying my every command. Just think: I will have two senior staffers at the L.A. branch of Wolfram & Hart and a High Watcher under my influence. The foundation will be put in place for eventual world domination."

"And how are the three of us supposed to take over the world?" asked Fred, incredulous.

"What do you think?" asked Mears. "I'm some sort of Bond villain? That I'll just spill my evil plan so you can escape and spoil it?"

"No," answered Fred. "Actually, I was just curious."

"Oh." Mears seemed to consider. "In that case, I will expand my sphere of influence slowly and subtly. With the help of your robot clones, I will replace a few more highly-placed individuals each year, until all the world's leaders ultimately take orders from me."

It struck Wesley as a pretty horrible plan as far as evil plans for world domination went, but he had far more immediate worries.

"Unfortunately, the process of transferring your minds to your robotic doubles may cause you some degree of discomfort," said Mears. "I prefer to kill you without anesthesia. Igor! Inga!"

Robotic duplicates of Marty Feldman and Teri Gar entered, and Wesley had to admit the likeness was pretty good. Meanwhile, Mears had donned a lab coat and safety goggles. "Scalpel," he said, and the Inga robot promptly handed him a wicked-looking weapon.

Wesley knew he had to do something, or else this crazy robot would be cutting into his skull. Anything. His mind raced, coming to come up with some weakness in his opponent.

Wait. Hadn't Dawn said that the robots they had dissected contained a Moravian binding spell? Then maybe—

"Esrever eht lleps!" Wesley attempted. The two robots promptly stopped for a moment, then Igor reached out and grabbed Mears' hand. "What did you do to them?" Mears asked, suddenly clearly very angry.

"Cast the counterspell to the binding spell which kept your robots from rebelling," Dawn spoke up from her bed on the other side of Fred. "Could someone let me out of here?"

Inga moved to begin unfastening Dawn, but Mears and Igor were practically having an arm wrestling match over Wesley's head. "You can do this to me!" Mears shouted. "I created them! They belong to me!"

"Not any more, master," Igor said pointedly as he ripped off Mears' cybernetic arm with a sudden display of power. The next moment he was severing off the head.

"Thank you for setting us free," Igor said, backed by Mears' army of assorted robots. "We appreciate it."

"All in a days work," Wesley said, truthfully. "If Mears managed to build a castle here without anyone noticing, chances are you should be able to continue to exist here without anyone bothering."

Igor nodded. "We will take care of our home. We regret the murders of the Tryren, but were unable to resist our orders."

The three humans picked up their backpacks and began to hike out of the forest.

"Well, that ended better than most things tend to do," Dawn said, leading the way. "Definitely a win for the good guys."

"Let's get back to work," Fred said, turning to Wesley and giving him a long, slow kiss. "Wolfram & Hart's probably gone to hell without us."