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Chapter 1


"He is such a slut." I muttered towards myself, practically hurling my books into my locker.

"Who is?" Manny's familiar voice asked.

I spun around and faced her, "Who do you think?"

"Em, please. Just let Peter go, we'll figure out how to get him back eventually, just chill." Manny said soothingly.

I glanced over towards Peter, who was standing against a tenth grader's locker, his arm against her door, practically pinning her in.

I wanted to gag.

I gave her a posed smile and grabbed my notebook that I would need for homework and shut my locker, straightening out my white camisole top that lay under a black sequined shrug.

"Ready to go?" Manny asked with a slight smile.

I nodded before we started off down the hallway.

Peter glanced up at me for a second, giving me one of his small smirks and I felt my heart hammer before I practically smacked myself for it.


"Spike, I love Jack and all, but can he please tone it down a notch?" Manny asked, holding a hand over her left ear as she tried to finish her history homework.

My mom glanced over at us apologetically as we sat at the kitchen homework, "I'm sorry girls, I don't know what has gotten him so upset."

Manny sighed before standing up, "No problem, I'll go get my iPod."

Mom looked at me awkwardly, "Is she okay?"

I shrugged, "I just live here."

Manny came back up to the kitchen, now with her iPod in her hand.

"Isn't that the same as noise?" My mom asked with a laugh.

Manny eyed her dumbly before slightly nodding, "Well it's kind of better to hear Nickelback then crying…no offense or anything."

I laughed, "Manny, Jack may never forgive you when you get older."

Manny laughed before turning back to her homework.

Mom sighed, "Emma, would you mind heading down to the store?"

"Me?" I asked.

"No, the other Emma." Manny replied shortly and then turned back to her homework as if she hadn't heard anything.

I rolled my eyes before standing up, "Sure."

"Well do you have your homework done?" my mom asked.

I could hear Manny in the background, "Someday…somehow…gonna make it alright but not right now…"

I then nodded my head, "Not that it makes a difference." I stated and grabbed my black purse off of the coat hook and slung it over my shoulder, "What do you need?"


"Diapers! She sends me to the store to buy diapers." I muttered bitterly as I walked through the local grocery store, grabbing a package of Pampers and throwing them into my basket before glancing back down at the list she had wrote me up:

Apple juice





Carrot sticks

"Those are some serious party supplies." A slick guy's voice said from behind me.

I stopped walking and turned around, seeing the oh-so-familiar blonde that I loved to hate.

Peter Stone.

"Hi." I said shortly before spinning on my heel.

Peter, of course, followed behind me, "So, Emma Nelson's shopping list involves diapers, apple juice, and eggs…interesting." He stated, looking down at my shopping basket.

I looked towards his basket to see what he had, Sports Illustrated, a pack of batteries, and a bottle of Mountain Dew.

Of course.

"Never really took you as the Sports Illustrated reading type." I noted.

Peter glanced down at the magazine, "It's the swimsuit issue."

I rolled my eyes and walked off.

Peter followed after, "I'm kidding. It's for that stupid project in MI."

I suddenly remembered; Dad had assigned each of us a topic to make a webpage on.

"So what's your topic on?" I asked.

He held up the magazine, where a picture of a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs stood.


Peter nodded, "I personally wanted to do one on how useful a Blackberry is, but Simpson assigned the projects so…"

I nodded in understanding.

"What's your project on? Baby care?" he asked and then gave me a sarcastic smirk.

I squinted my eyes at him, "If you don't mind, the diapers that you seem to be so fascinated about are for my baby brother."

"So you don't have a kid!" Peter proclaimed.

My eyes widened, "Please tell me you didn't seriously think that I did."

He chuckled, "Well based on the way you acted at my party-"

"Oh, shut up." I cut him off, remembering how I had practically slept with him at his party a few months back.

Peter smirked, "Well I gotta head out, so I'll see you around."

I scoffed, "If you're lucky." I stated before giving him a playful smirk and walking off down the aisle.


I lay on my bed, Hawthorne Heights blasting on my iPod as I mouthed along the words to Ohio is for Lovers.

"I have a brilliant plan!" Manny declared, bounding the basement stairs and into our room.

I looked up at her, "For what?" I questioned, removing the ear buds my ears and seeing them fall onto my bed beside me.

"To finally get Peter back." She stated and hopped beside me on the bed.

I sighed, "What's the plan?" I asked, looking over towards her.

"Okay, well you know how Ms. Kwan is giving us that really weird writing assignment essay thing on somebody we don't know very well?"

I nodded, "Yeah, what about it?"

"Pick Peter and find out all of these really crazy things about him and tape the interview or something and we'll send it to everyone!"

"That's like sinking down to his level." I stated.

Manny stared at me in shock, "You do know what he did to me right?"

"Manny, I know…but isn't that-"

She gave me a pouty expression and puppy dog eyes.

I rolled my eyes, "Fine, I'll do it, okay?"

She grinned, "Yes!" she squealed and hugged me, "We'll finally get him back."



"So today we will pick our partners for our new essay assignment, My New Best Friend." Ms. Kwan stated, walking back and forth in front of her class, "I assume you all have an idea of who you will be partners with."

Manny nudged my elbow; I looked up towards Peter, who was writing something down in his notebook.

"So everybody get up from your seats and pick your partner." Ms. Kwan said and motioned for all of us to stand up.

I stood up and glanced towards Peter, who just so happened to be glancing right back at me.

"Partner?" he mouthed.

I could feel a smile twitching on my lips that he had considered me as a potential partner before I smiled back and mouthed, "Partner."

Manny nudged me in the arm once more before walking off in search of a partner.

Peter walked over towards me and leaned against the counter I was standing beside, "You're house or mine?"

My eyes widened and I turned to him, "What?"

Peter chuckled, "For the project. We can start tonight; just pick the place and time."

"Oh." I laugh, "Uh…my house I guess."

Peter nodded, "Okay, after school?"

I rub my lips together before nodding, "Sure."

"Alright, back to your seats." Kwan stated and Peter and I broke apart.

I walked back to my seat beside Manny and sighed.

"So you guys are partners?" Manny questioned.

As if she hadn't been watching when we picked each other.

"Yep. He's coming over after school."

The happy look on Manny's face fell, "Coming over? To our house?"

I nod, "Is that a problem?" I ask slowly and confusingly.

Manny nodded, "Uh, yeah! I live there, remember?"

"Go over to your partner's house." I state mindlessly.

Manny rolled her eyes, "Why don't you just go over to his house?"

I thought back to Peter's living space before eyeing Manny, "I can suggest it to him, I guess."

Manny groaned, "Never mind, forget it. I'll head over to his house, I guess."

I eyed her curiously, "Who's your partner, anyway?"

Manny wiggled her eyebrows, "Toby."

My eyes widened, "Manny, this project is for people you don't know very well. You've been friends with Toby since grade seven!"

Manny grinned, "I know that…but Kwan doesn't." she stated in a singsong voice.


I watched as Manny walked outside of the school with Toby, chatting up a storm, before I gave her a slight wave and jogged down the school steps, walking down the main walk of the school.

"Emma!" a voice called after me.

I spun around and saw Peter jogging towards me, "Planning on leaving without me?" he questioned, giving me a dopey smile that made my knees wobble.

I rolled my eyes at him, "The thought did cross my mind."



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