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"Cool place." Peter stated with approval as we stepped into my house.

I shrugged off my jacket and tossed it onto the coat rack, "Yeah, I guess. Let's go." I stated and briskly headed towards the living room.

"So how are we doing it?" Peter asked, following me.


"Excuse me?" I exclaimed.

Peter chuckled, "Will you just get your head out of the gutter, Degrassi?"

He did not just call me that.

"That was an accident, okay? Just let it go."

Peter laughed, "Whatever you say. Face it, you were totally into me."

I rolled my eyes, "Okay, Casanova. Let's just get this over with, okay?"

"Well back to my non-perverted question, how are we doing the project?"

My face paled, I was such a moron.

I thought back to what Manny had said, about catching everything on tape.

"Film it." I suggested.

Peter nodded in approval, "Not a bad idea."

"I would hope that you would think so, filmmaker."

Peter reached into his bag and pulled out his Sony camcorder, "You're in luck, we can get started today."

"Joy on my behalf." I replied bitterly.

"Oh don't be such a wet blank-"

I cut him off, "Okay, fine, let's just get started."

Peter nodded and pulled out the list that Kwan had given each pair; he read over it, "She said that our first questions should be favorites."

I rolled my eyes, "How creative."

Peter laughed, "My words exactly." He then preceded to setting up his camera and holding it in his hand, it covered up his left eye.

I could tell why Manny had hit on him back at the party; he looked pretty cute with a camera in his hand, well, in that artsy director way.

"So, Emma Nelson…what is your favorite color?"

I rolled my eyes, "Green."

"Like the grass or like the forest?"

"What's the difference?"

"Well the shade, for one."

"All shades."

"Okay, well that's boring." Peter muttered.

I rolled my eyes, "Will you shut up?"

"Favorite TV show?"

"Friends and the OC."

"Okay, then…" Peter mumbled as if he were taking notes, "bad taste in colors and TV shows…dare I ask what your favorite band is?"

"The All-American Rejects."

"Hmm…" Peter concluded, "Not bad. First or second album?"

"Both are good."

"First is better."

"Well in that case, the second is better."

Peter scoffed and looked down at the list, "Just so you know, don't ask me this question…who is your favorite celebrity couple?"

I spoke on impact, "Easy, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody."

Peter rolled his eyes, "Spoken like a true OC addict." He muttered.


Peter read over the list, "Favorite movie?"

"The Notebook or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

Peter sighed, "The Notebook, I understand, most girls that I know like that movie-" I found myself cringing as I thought about how many girls he probably knew-"but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?"

"Why is that so hard to believe?"

"The 2005 release with Johnny Depp?"


"Do you have no care for the classics?"

You're losing me, Peter.

I looked at him confusingly, "What?"

"You prefer Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?"

"Don't you?"

Peter shook his head vigorously; I could see the camera moving with him, "The new one sucked."

"It did not! It was great! Johnny Depp was-"

"Don't get me started on a conversation about him. The first one is just so much better, especially when it comes to the grandpa and the kid who played Charlie."

"Freddie Highmore is adorable, Peter."

"The kid from Finding Neverland? Whatever, he sucked in this movie."

I rolled my eyes, "Not having this conversation anymore, what's the next question?"

"The first one was bet-"


Peter rolled his eyes towards me, "Okay, fine. What is your favorite holiday?"

"Christmas or Earth Day." I replied truthfully.

"Earth Day? Out of all of the holidays you pick one of the most boring ones possible."

I rolled my eyes, "So I care about the environment, sue me."

Peter sat his camera down on the coffee table that separated us and walked towards the calendar that hung on the wall of our kitchen, he flipped through the pages, "That isn't even a listed holiday! Why didn't you pick Canada Day or Boxing Day or something?"

"Because I already picked the ones I picked, okay?"

Peter rolled his eyes and walked back towards the living room, grabbing his camera and turning it so it was facing him instead of me; I saw his face in the screen and practically giggled.

"Excuse the pun, but Emma Nelson is a bit insane…but don't worry, we'll get her help as soon as we ca-"

"Shut up!" I exclaimed and snatched the camera out of his hand, it was now pointing directly at him.

"I think we still have some questions left for you, Nelson. Give me back my camera." Peter ordered me.

I shook my head, "Nope, it's your turn."

Peter shook his head right back at me and picked up the list, "No. See, I still have to ask you…uh…your favorite season."

Yeah, right.

"You liar. That's not on the list."

Peter smirked, "Wanna bet? Take a look." He handed out the list towards me.

I let out a dramatic sigh and held out my hand, snagging the list out of his grasp.

I began to read it over and then felt something getting removed from my hand.

What the…?

I then noticed that the camera was no longer in my hand

"Peter!" I shot my head up and saw that he was holding his camera, a cocky smile plastered on his lips.

"Just had to sidetrack you."

I rolled my eyes at him, "Well that question isn't on the list, so give me back the camera."

I saw a cocky smile forming on Peter's lips as he shook his head.

"Come on, I have to ask you your questions too." I stated.

"Then ask away." Peter stated simply.

I rolled my eyes at him, "You have to be on camera, dipstick."

"Sorry, no can-"

"Okay, do you just want to fail the class or is this for my own benefit?"

Peter rolled his eyes and handed me the camera.

"Thank you." I snapped before pointing the camera towards him, "Ladies and gents, meet Peter Stone. Peter here is an aspiring filmmaker who-"

"Would like just get on with these questions." Peter cut in, finishing my sentence


"Well then, what is your favorite color?" I asked.

Peter acted as if he were honestly thinking about such a simple question before mustering, "Steel blue and silver."

"Well aren't we gloomy? How about your favorite TV show?" I asked.

"Fresh Prince."

"That's not even on anymore!" I exclaimed.

Peter laughed, "It is too. On Nick at Night…and some channel called The N."

I rolled my eyes, "So that's your favorite show?"

"Well that, Survivor, and NCIS."

"Not American Idol?"

Peter rolled his eyes towards me, "The auditions are funny."

"I know, aren't they?"

"Next question."

"Favorite band?"

"Sum 41, Nickelback, and the All-American Rejects."

"Favorite holiday?"

"Christmas and Boxing Day."

"A present person, perhaps? Why not just throw in your birthday while we're at it?"

Peter rolled his eyes, "Well maybe I'm more into giving than receiving."

I scoffed, "Yeah, right."

"You don't know thing one about me, I could be a very giving person."

"Okay, whatever. Favorite movie?"

"The Goonies, Project X, Hackers."

"Vintage galore. Go figure you would watch Hackers."

Peter smirked, "I'll take that as a compliment."

I looked back down at the list, "Well since you didn't want me to ask you about celebrity couples…we're done."

"Well that was easy." Peter stated, getting up off of the couch.

I smirked, "Oh yeah, totally easy."

"Well, hey. The night is still young; maybe we could go grab a piz-"

He was cut off by the door opening.

"Is Senor Asshole gone yet?" I heard Manny call out.

Peter grinned, "Nope, he's still here!"

Manny stalked into the living room, she shot me a wide eyed expression that I returned with a shrug.

"Well could he leave?" she asked, glaring towards him.

"Yes he could. But if he will is the more proper question."

Manny narrowed her eyes at him, "Don't make me throw you out myself, trust me, I will."

"Peter was just leaving." I stated, shooting a look towards Peter.

Peter shot me back a look that I could tell meant, 'I was?'

Manny nodded, "Good, then off you go." She stated, flicking her hand away.

Peter rolled his eyes before picking up his messenger bag and slipping his video camera inside it, "See you tomorrow Emma." He stated softly before walking out of the living room.

I listened as the door shut, lowering my eyes towards the ground.

"That guy is such an ass." Manny stated, "So you wanna go grab a pizza?"

I thought back towards Peter, he was going to ask me out for pizza.

I shook my head, "No thanks Manny, I'm just going to head downstairs." I muttered before brushing past her and hurrying down the stairs.

As I flopped onto my bed, I could only think of one thing. Peter.

What is wrong with me?


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