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Chapter 1

Arthur ran for his life. This was hard to do for a middle-aged, slightly overweight male smoker. To tell the truth, he was actually running faster than he had thought he could. He rounded a corner and ducked into a dark, dirty alleyway.

There were a lot of these in Gotham, and now that he was in one, his mind flew back to a time, many years ago, when his mother had told him that he would one day end up there. Well, she was right. He laughed humorously. That woman had always been right.

The sound of footsteps behind him brought him painfully back to the present. He whirled. To his horror--but would perhaps seem so innocent to others--a tiny, pink rubber ball rolled and came to a stop at his feet.

"Ah! No!" he gasped, backing away.

"Naughty, naughty, Arthur," came a sickeningly sweet voice.

Author felt his back press up against a cold, slightly damp, and very solid brick wall.

"Don't do this!" he begged.

Stepping out of the shadows in front of him was a figure with blonde, curled pigtails and a frilly pink dress. Her little black shoes clicked as she skipped over to her lost ball. She picked it up and shoved it in between her left elbow and her side. Then, sticking up a pudgy little finger, she clicked her tongue disapprovingly.

"Why did you run from her? Now, Naughty Mister Arthur has gots to be punished," she said, inching toward him. "Oooh, it's gonna be bad. Bad, bad, Arthur."

She lifted her ball high over her head, holding it with both her hands. Arthur slid down the wall, turning away from the ball he knew that was going to be launched at him. There was no possible way of knowing what horrors were held inside that ball.

"Baby Doll…no!" Arthur moaned.

Suddenly, a thin, feminine hand, with fingernails filed sharp and painted red, came from out of the shadows to rest on Baby Doll's shoulders.

"Oh!" she said, turning and looking upward.

"I'll punish this bad little boy," came an equally sweet voice.

"No! NO!" Arthur began to scream.

He knew what monster stood beyond those shadows. He knew now, for sure, that he had no hope. The monster came out from behind Baby Doll, the little one now grinning a horrible, most wicked, grin. The monster's shadow loomed high over Arthur as she descended.

Suddenly, Arthur was screaming as he felt a sharp pain. Then…nothing.


Commissioner Jim Gordon shoved his hands exasperatedly inside the pockets of his brown trench coat. He shook his head as he looked down upon the body of a middle-aged, white, slightly overweight male. The man was dead. There was evidence of a struggle, but cause of death? The only evidence of that was two puncture wounds in his neck, crusted over with what appeared to be dried blood.

The slightest bit of a rustle caused the good commissioner to look up. Joining him now was the infamous Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman. Batman knelt over the body, examined it, and then took some evidence of his own. Gordon could not help but wish to close the deceased man's eyes, which were frozen open in horror. However, the coroner had not arrived yet. He knew better.

Batman stood, putting the evidence he had collected into his utility belt, and looked at Gordon.

"He appears to have died from a large loss of blood," the Dark Knight stated.

Gordon sighed. "I'm almost afraid to ask. How much?"

"All of it."

The commissioner sighed again. "Well, that's not really the half of it."


Gordon pulled out a piece of evidence that had already been bagged. Inside the transparent bag was a single sheet of paper with very closed-knitted and neat handwriting upon it. Batman took it and read it aloud.

"Signed, The Princess of Gotham? That one is new to me," he said, handing the letter back to Gordon.

"Once again, almost too afraid to ask, but…how much trouble do you think this is going to be?" Gordon asked, taking the letter.

"The usual," Batman replied, disappearing into the shadows.

Gordon sighed yet again. "I was afraid of that."

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