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I'd listen to the words he'd say,

Harry rolled swiftly out from under his cover, wand at the ready. He got up, ducking a beam of green as Hermione screamed. He was not listening to her; he knew the time had come. Ron grabbed her and pulled her back into his arms, for she was trying to get to Harry and defend him.

But in his voice I heard decay,

"No, Hermione!" Harry heard his best friend shout over the screams of the fighting and the dying, "This is Harry's prophecy, not yours… and not mine. Let him go."

The plastic face forced to portray,

With a deep breath, Harry set his jaw, sprinted out towards the Dark Lord, and stopped in front of him. Voldemort laughed, but he didn't know that he was completely mortal now. Voldemort sent the killing spell at Harry, but it was deflected with the wave of a wand.

All the insides left cold and gray,

Harry lunged at the Dark Lord, and thought with all his might about the lives that had been ruined on the Dark Lord's account. Harry thought of his parents, Neville's parents, and even the lives of his best friends, which he knew would soon change forever.

Harry lunged forward, and as the anger from all of the lives that had been ruined built up inside his head, he knew it was time.

There is a place that still remains,

He summoned every bit of courage he could imagine and screamed, "Avada Kadavra!"

Harry was quick, but the Dark Lord was, also. Voldemort sent the spell a second later, and Harry felt it hit him squarely in the chest. His eyes rolled back, first fixing upon the sky, then upon Hermione and Ron, the only two people that had never let him down, who were running to his side at that moment, and finally upon Voldemort, who lay on the ground, dead; all of this happened in less than a second.

It eats the fear it eats the pain,

Harry fell upon his knees, and his wand fell from his hand and landed on the ground with a clatter. He felt his face hit the cold, black ground, and he heard the people around him screaming; he knew the death eaters would surrender now, and they would win the war.

The sweetest price he'll have to pay,

Harry's last thoughts were of happiness, for the world was saved. As his eyes darkened, he wished only that he could have lived to say goodbye.

The day the whole world went away…


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