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Darrys POV

Well we stuck with the psychiatrist for two weeks so far, and nothing has seemed to cease Ponys dreams, so we decided to stop going. It seemed to make Pony happier, he didn't much like his sessions with that Daily lady, I didn't like her either. Especially after her request that Pony be sent to live with a relative. First off im not sure I know any relatives much less any that live near. And I wasn't about to send my baby brother to some stranger for months or however long, besides something like that would probably kill Pony at the state hes in right now.

Two-Bit is watching Pony all day and night, even until tomorrow, since I sent Soda to go stay with Steve and I have to go to an old friends birthday party. I figured that me and Soda needed to get out of the house anyway, I hated leaving Pony but it was for the best. I needed to think about Sodas health too and him worrying about Pony so much was making him older looking. Two-bit arrived on time, which was unusual but I ignored it, soda and I were ready so I told Two-Bit the do's and don'ts and hoped I was making the right choice.

Two-Bits POV

I have to watch the kid for a whole day and a half, I finally got Darry and Sodapop to leave after a very long list of what no to do. I looked down at the list in my hand, he told me the rules and wrote them down, he really didn't trust me.

No going out of the house

stay inside.

Medication at 8

no rough housing

no parties

no going outside.

try not to eat us out of our food.

Make sure Pony eats something, he still needs

to gain a lot of weight back

you mess up and I will hurt you.

Please keep a careful eye on Pony.

Don't go outside.

He might have nightmares, just soothe him okay?

Don't do anything stupid.

We'll be back tomorrow.


He really emphasized on me not bringing him outside, sheesh where did he think I was gonna take him? To a party? In the condition he's in, im not that stupid. The note made me laugh and I placed it in my pocket, Pony was in the living room watching television. I walked into the room and found the couch empty, oh great I thought, cant that kid sit still? I called his name and got no answer, then I found a note on the night stand table, I read it.


ill be back soon, went out for a little

please don't worry. I'll only be gone

for a bit, see you.


I was going to kill him.

Ponyboys POV

I didn't like doing this to Two-bit, I felt bad enough that he had to watch me when he could be out having fun. But I had to do this, I needed to say good bye or else I would never feel alright. I finally figured out who the guy in my dreams were, and it made me think.

Flashback dream

The dream was happening again, not again.. I tried to wake myself up. I tried to stop it, but it was no use, I had to see it again. Then the end finally came, or at least this is where it ended every other time, the part where I go up to the black shadowy figure and turn around and see them all crying blood. After I turned around from the faces of my two lost friends and mother and father I came face to face with the black thing. Which was weird since every other time I just woke up. It was staring straight at me, but I couldn't see its face, it was just a hollow dark emptiness to me. I took my gaze away from its face and down to its hands, which were covered with the black capes long sleeves. My eyes continued downward and then they rested on the things shoes, it was wearing white canvas converses' that had a rip on the left side of the right shoe. I knew those shoes. I looked back up to the things face, it was crying again, but crying blood not tears.

"..Joey?"I asked it my voice shaking

there was no answer, and the thing started getting blurry

I couldn't wake up now, not now.

So I reached out my hand and got a hold of the things hood, I tugged it as hard as I could and it just flew off, so easily that I lost my balance and fell to the ground. I looked up and there was Joey, he had a bullet wound coming out of his chest and the shirt he had on was stained with blood. He was deathly white and his eyes seemed to sink it his face, causing a black shadow to circle around them. This was not the Joey that I knew , this Joey looked sick and like the walking dead. Wait. Maybe he was. He looked at me with tear stained face, but every tear he shed was blood.

"Joey?"I asked him again

and this time Joey smiled, or at least tried to smile.

I got up, I wanted to badly to hug him but when I took the first step close to him, he vanished right before my eyes and then I woke up. To Sodas face staring at me. And for once in my life I wasn't glade to see Sodas face, I just wanted to see Joeys.

End flashback dream

I walked down the street quickly, even though summer started it was somehow still cold out and I didn't bring a jacket. But it was no where near freezing, just a bit chilly so I was alright. I walked through my town and then into an alley way, I walked up to the wooden fence at the end. I grabbed one of the wooden fence pieces and squeezed myself through it, I went through easier than I ever had. I really did lose some weight. I stumbled to the end of this small hill, it was getting dark so the sun was setting. I walked up to the top of the hill, it was our small town cemetery, most of the graves were on the other side of the hill but only a few made it to the top. I stared down at the three graves infront of me. Two of them had new grass growing over the dirt and the other was still fresh. I read each name on the tomb stones, which weren't really big, because we couldn't afford much. Dallas Winston, Johnny Cade, and Joey Macarelli were the names that met my eyes. A tear tickled my eyelid and I didn't bother to wipe it away, I looked down at the three graves and smiled.

"Looks like you guys have a nice view of the sunset from here"I said out loud

then I waited half expecting an answer.

When no answer came I looked at the setting sun and smiled, then turned my gaze back at the stones where there was a golden glow settling on them. I thought things over, and replayed the events that have changed my life forever. Not much people can say that they lost two parents and three friends in the past year, but it's nothing im proud of. Then I wondered what it would be like it I was different, if I was like all other kids that didn't have to go through things like this. Then I remembered Johnnys words stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold, I never really appreciated those words until now. And now I don't think I will ever forget them, and my thoughts of being a different person vanished from my mind. Johnny was right, I did see things differently from other people but I don't think I would have ever really noticed it is Johnny hadn't told me. And when I did think about it, which was when Joey said the same thing, I thought that I had lost my "golden" look on life. But seeing me here now with my best friends, even though dally wasn't really my best friend, I don't think I lost it much.

"Don't worry Johnny, im as golden as ever, but I'd be like everyone else if it wasn't for you"I said softly

"Hey Pony.. You okay?"

I turned around and saw Two-bit standing behind me, how he found me I have no clue.

Then I realized that I was crying and quickly wiped my eyes

"yeah Im alright"I answered

"C'mon, let's get you home before you get even sicker, then I might as well start making requests for a tomb stone next to these guys"Two-bit said trying to smile

"alright"I said stifling a small laugh

We walked home in silence but it wasn't awkward, which is the feeling I love with a good friend, when you get to the point in the relationship where silences aren't awkward. I realized that the gang only consisted of five people now including myself, It was surprising how big a difference two numbers are when their your friends lives. When I got back home I went to sleep and it was the best nights sleep I have ever had in my whole life. I did have a dream, but it wasn't a bad one it was about all of us together back in the old days. Even if the events weren't even a year old yet they still seemed farther away then ever, anything that has ever happened before this year seemed like a blur.

Most people would look back on their 14th year of their life and remember that that was the year they got their first pet, or they made the football team. But I look back on it and say that was the year I lost both of my parents and three of my good friends. And I can still look at life in a way different from most people and while a crowd of people will see the sunset and be mad that another day is ending I will always look at it and think how it's amazing that the sky can make those colors. And I will always remember standing on the hilltop behind the church with Johnny and watching the sun sink behind the hill and I smile as I repeat the poem in my head that I told Johnny. Nothing gold can stay.. Unless you were lucky enough to have friends as good as mine, friends that are like brothers. But I know that I will never have better friends then those group of friends that I had when I fourteen.

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